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Sat Dec 18 20:45:17 EST 2004


It's scrolled off the board [on the
server to which I connect], but it
wasn't a "payloader". It was a
"Buldozer" -- with the letters,
"P", "R", "E", "J", "U", "D", "I",
"C", "E" piled-up, all skewed,
in front of its blade.

It's so 'interesting'... this month-
long "addressing" of that old

And it's funny, too. As a Child,
my favorite toy was my Cousin's
wheeled-buldozer. Man! That
thing was built sturdily. I basically
used it as a "shovel"-on-wheels.
My Cousin and I built "roads",
complete with "bridges" made out
of scrap wood and "buildings" made
from cardboard boxes, under my
Uncle's apple tree.

What's funny is the way that the
presentation-clip-art thing "got
wheels" as my nervous system
converged upon TD E/I(min) with
respect to the "payloader"-"backhoe"-
and-now-"buldozer" thing.

I've been spending a lot of 'time'
remembering way-back stuff these
'days'. [Slow-motion life-flashing-
before-my-eyes stuff.]

It's an example of the "prefrontal
constellation" stuff I also discussed
during this online 'life'.

The mixed "memories", with wheels
being substituted for the tracks of
the clip-art "buldozer", and my 're-
membering' it as a "payloader", are
an example of why the thing to do
is to follow Truth's One-Map, and
not to depend upon "boxed" stuff
[unless you're playing in the dirt,
building toy-stuff.].

Come to think of it, there was an-
other thing that got erroneously-
cross-correlated in-there. The mini-
Payloaders that I encountered while
out looking for work. These were
relatively-fresh in my mind [but
there've been a lot of Payloaders,
Buldozers, Backhoes, Crains and
Dump Trucks in my life].

It's these "addressing" dynamics
that are why I decided to post this
further-CORRECTION. They are
what I've been discussing whenever
I've discussed glial-mediated "super-
system configuration" [AoK, Ap5]
shifts. Study this stuff and you'll un-
derstand better what's in "TD E/I-
minimization", and the way that it
calculates "memory" by operating
upon "biological mass" [ibid] that
minimially-encodes 'memory' [AoK,
Ap5; "cerebellum"]. The minimal-
encoding is with respect to the
structure of the neural Topology,
and consists only of that which en-
ables reconstructive-"addressing"
via TD E/I-minimization. The
smaller the correlated "biological
mass", the more TD E/I-minimiza-
tion that's required to access the
correlated "memory". Everything
is maintained during sleep-consci-
ousness [as I've discussed in long-
former posts ["database-walking"]],
in rigorous accord with one's exper-
ience [with the neural activation
that actually occurs within one's
nervous system].

Can you see it?

It's why experience matters.

It's =why= the only "microscopic
trophic modifications" that are nec-
essary -- and, indeed, the only
such that can possibly occur -- are
those that simply encode the neural
activation that's actually occurred
within a nervous system.

This's why Lashley's work turned
out the way it did [his "Search for
the Engram"]. Lashley was looking
at "memory" as a sort of letters-
written-in-a-book thing. He was
working to find the 'letters' -- phys-
ical encodings of "information".

But that's =not= the way "memory"
"stored" within nervous systems.

Instead, modifications to the neural
Topology occur in ways that rigor-
ously-"reflect" the neural activation
that's actually occurred within a
nervous system, and TD E/I-minimi-
zation converges upon "reconstruc-
tions" of analogous neural Topology
via "supersystem configuration", in-
cluding the glial stuff that I've dis-
cussed over the 'years'.

What Lashley discovered -- his
principles of "Equipotentiality" and
"Mass Action" are =EXACTLY=
in accord with the above.

"Information" exists in the =Direc-
tionality= that's imposed upon,
and within, =TD E/I-minimization=.
[Think about it. Q. What's the
=sole= requirement of "memory"?
A. That the nervous system enable
its host organism to "know" how
to =ACT= with respect to internal
and/or external 'recurrences' of
"stimulus" sets. To "act" is to 'move'
[physically or "cognitively" [AoK,

"Information" is not "stored" within
nervous systems. Knowledge of
how to "act"-upon [how to 'move'
with respect to] "information" is
"stored" within the neural Topology
=AND= TD E/I-minimization.

It's all 'moving toward' and 'moving
away from' stuff.

Get it?

Even the "dance" of one's fingers up-
on one's keyboard as one is express-
ing an "idea" is all 'just' exquisitely-
orchestrated sequentially-"unfolding"
[AoK, Ap6] 'moving toward' that
"goal". As one so 'moves', one exper-
iences "feedback" from one's experi-
ential internal and external "environ-
ments" that occur as either TD E/I(up)
or TD E/I(down) within the neural
Topology of one's nervous system,
and TD E/I-minimization adjusts it-
self, accordingly, altering the neur-
al Topology that is being converged
upon within the "dynamic subordinate
coupling" of "supersystem configura-

[Remember, "TD" stands for "Topo-
logocally-Distributed", so, although
such sequentially-"unfolding" stuff
has 'momentary' TD E/I(up)s embed-
ded within it, the overall dynamics
"cascade" toward TD E/I(min), with
divergence from that =overall= "goal"
"signalling" Error [TD E/I "mismatch"
[AoK, Ap5 "dynamic subordinate
coupling"] conditions. It's the "multi-
Mobius-ed Klein bottle" stuff, again.]

It's all so extremely-functional be-
cause the one-way flow of energy
from order to disorder that is what's
=described= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T]
is as a universally-Reliant "constant"
within physical reality.

TD E/I-minimization Errors ["False
finitizations", AoK, Ap4] are auto-
correcting within TD E/I-minimization
be-cause they always occur as instances
of TD E/I(up) -- which 'contradicts'

'Course, the actualization of all of
this within individual nervous systems
occurs only to the degree that the
individual nervous systems "range
widely" within Truth's One-Map.
[Which is why it's useful to set one's
"volitional diminishing-returns decision"
threshold [AoK, Ap7] as high as is
possible [doing ['moving toward']
what's necessary to facilitate such
[for instance, by 'moving away
from' the "distractions" inherent in
"getting 'boxed' " for the sake of
'fitting-in' -- to paraphrase Shake-
speare, "to fit-in, or to solve what
needs solving, that is the question" :-]

Relatively-"cloistered" experience
allows the development of locally-
fabricated 'truth', and the relatively-
cloistered' nervous systems treat it
as if it 'is' Truth -- which is the Sad-
dest stuff I know of. It's what, in ex-
treme instances, induces folks to Kill
others, and leaves them feeling 'justified'
in doing so. It happens 'simply' be-
cause nervous systems do not "range
widely" enough with respect to Truth's
One-Map, and is an Erroneous 'eleva-
tion' of =Nothingness= to 'equality'
with Truth. And folks "fight" over such
'simply' be-cause, absent understanding
with respect to how and why nervous
systems process information via 'blind-
ly'-automated TD E/I-minimization,
the work inherent in achieving mutually-
inclusive TD E/I-minimization is exper-
ienced as 'being too great'. [This's the
fundamental essence of "stupidity" :-]

This's the stuff that underpins Thomas
Kuhn's discussion in his, "The Struc-
ture of Scientific Revolutions", which
is quoted-from in AoK's "Short Paper"
section, which focuses upon "behavior-
al inertia" and the way it 'forces' folks
to perpetuate "negative" behavioral

A recent, and recurring, example from
my own experience is the way that I
'cannot' just discuss Physics be-'cause'
I studied physical reality "outside the
box". [This's the "story of my life" -- 
because, before I understood =what=
needed fixing, I just understood that
=something= needed fixing, so knowing
that, if what needed fixing was known,
it would've already been fixed, I had
to "look elsewhere", all the 'time'. So
no matter what it is, I've "ranged widely"
with respect to it, which makes me a
TD E/I(up)-inducing "stimulus set" for
just about everyone, which gets me
'tossed-out' of just about everywhere,
which leaves me 'alone' -- for having
spent my Life doing what needs to be
done to Fix what needs Fixing. The
"story" of my 'life' :-]

It's all so interesting [including some
other stuff that's not relevant here in

Can you see it?

"Information" =always= exists only
=outside= of nervous systems. What
exists =within= nervous systems is
neural-topological "knowledge" with
respect to how to 'move' with respect
to external "information", and that
"knowledge" functions by cross-cor-
relating 'movement' with WDB2T.

It's WDB2T that keeps everything

Get it?

If you want to understand nervous
system function, =at any scale=, you
have to 'go' right through the middle
of this stuff.

So get it :-]

k. p. collins 

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