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Being-observed-awareness Skewing

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Dec 16 23:38:31 EST 2004

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in 
news:oGbwd.130464$7i4.54048 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| [...]
| As I've reiterated in long-former
| posts, when Blacks were forced to
| endure Slavery, "learning" was lit-
| erally "against the 'law'", and at-
| tempts to acquire skills of reading
| and writing were routinely punished
| severely.
| So Blacks 'learned' to 'move a-
| way from' "learning", =not= in
| any way that was correlated with
| "inability-to-learn", but in ways
| that were correlated with self-
| preservation at the hands of Vio-
| lent-Ignorance.
| And, even after the bloody Am-
| erican Civil War, fought for
| their Imancipation [it =was=, if
| anyone thinks otherwise, let's
| discuss it], the "behavioral inertia"
| [AoK, Ap5] that'd been built-up
| as "biological mass" [ibid] within
| Familial nervous systems over
| 'centuries' became relatively-self-
| perpetuating. And this self-perp-
| etuation was was greatly augment-
| ed by lynching and routine Violence
| that was 'blindly'-and-automatically
| calculated [AoK, Ap6], via 'blindly'-
| automated TD E/I-minimization
| within the nervous systems of
| those who were 'unfamiliar' with
| "Blacks-becoming-Educated".
| [...]

Lest anyone misinterpret what I've
written, above, it is =not= some
sort of pointing-the-finger stuff.

It's just facing-the-facts with re-
spect to the way that 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization,
left uncomprehended, Victimizes
=all= of Humanity, and with re-
spect to the way that "biological
mass" is 'blindly' and automatic-
ally handed-down intergenera-
tionally, in a way that perpetuates
"behavioral inertia" that, itself, be-
came established via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization.

Leacing this stuff uncomprehended,
because, yes, it is 'Difficult', 'just
assures that it will go on 'blindly'
and automatically Ravaging Hu-

The "notion" that this sort of thing
"cannot be" worked-through, right
in the light of day, is, itself, some of
the formerly 'blindly'-and-automatic-
ally-established "behavioral inertia",
that derives in "biological mass"
that's been handed-down intergen-
erationally, and which acts, in the
main, to induce folks to 'move
away from' lifting themselves up
out of dynamics that coerce be-
havior in negative directions.

Truth is that =each= Human Be-
ing can only stand on her or his
own feet. But intergenerationally-
handed-down "behavioral inertia"
'Dictates' to folks that "what was"
will interfere with their standing on
their own two feet.

With respect to race relations [or
=any other= "us vs. them" inter-
active dynamics, to date, it's always
been the case that both 'sides' have
been Ravaged by "what was", even
though it was not of their own
Choice -- be-cause "biological mass"
was induced actoss generations.

The thing to do with such is to
=understand= how and why it hap-
pens, so that its 'blindly'-automated
'Dictates' can be 'lifted-out-of

There's nothing else that folks can
do with respect to Sorrowful dy-
namics that unfolded on Earth be-
fore their nervous systems began
to experience.

But this thing can be done. Every-
one can understand how and why
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiz-
ation, handed-down intergeneration-
ally, =Dictates= "what will be", when
the only stuff that has any Right to
determine "what will be" is folks'

[I understand it's 'Difficult', but it's
'time' for Humanity to lift itself up
out of such 'blindly'-automated
self-perpetuating interactive dyn-

You know?

When I wrote the above, I was
=not= doing "retrograde-recrimin-
ation" stuff, but 'just'-the-opposite
stuff. I was working to =Free= folks
from the 'Dictates' of 'the beast',
"Abstract Ignorance". And, yes, as
I always do when I address 'the
beast' directly, I Honored Truth.

Truth Is.

Honor it, and it 'tells' you how to

But 'covering-it-up' does the only
other stuff that's left possible -- 'moves
away from' Truth, leaving folks not
knowing the Direction in which to
'move', and, meanwhile, the 'blindly'-
automated stuff does what it does,
'blindly' and automatically.

You know?

I'd've not broached the topic if I
didn't Know that folks were ready
to Triumph with respect to its stuff,
not only here in America, but amongst
=all= People, everywhere. There're
Leaders standing at the Ready, across

It's 'time' to look-to-the-Future through
the lens of understanding -- instead of
allowing "what was" 'Dictate' "what
will be".

Folks're ready to take this step.

Be-cause we now understand.

Neuroscience needs to step up to
the plate and hit a Homerun on behalf
of Humanity.

[Again, I'm Sorry. What's here should
be better-written. Work it through in
your own Good noggin' labs.]

k. p. collins 

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