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Being-observed-awareness Skewing

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Dec 16 03:28:04 EST 2004

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in 
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| [...]
| It's not hard to find published experi-
| mental results [and analysis] that are
| completely-Erroneous because the
| subjects are responding to "expect-
| ations" that're built-into the experi-
| mental design which yields exactly
| Zero actual "data".
| Can folks See how and why it's so?
| [...]

There was an example of the above
stuff in the Sunday, 2004-12-12
=New York Times Magazine=,
" 'Acting White' Myth, The", p. 52,
by Paul Tough. Perhaps it can be
found on the =NYT= web site:


The short article discusses a study
done by K. Tyson and W. Darrity, Jr.

First, I agree that the "acting white"
'box' gives short-shrift to what's act-
ually going [as do all such 'catch-
phrases', wherever they're resorted
to -- understanding is never that verb-
ally-cheap [return here, and consider,
again, that "language" is =just=
a communications-interface that's
"triggered" when Thought achieves
TD E/I-minimization ["language' is
not "Thought"; "Thought" isn't "lang-

But the article goes from this 'catch-
phrase' inadequacy to an implicit
"declaration" that neither individual
nor collective experience matters.

And that's just totally-Erroneous
B. S.

In the absence-of-understanding
with respect to how and why nerv-
ous systems process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiz-
ation that has prevailed, uncompre-
hended behavioral dynamics rout-
inely get 'grouped-together' under
inadequate 'catch-phrases' that, then,
take on 'lives' of their own within
this or that 'level' of 'knowledge'.

In the case of the "acting white"
'catch-phrase', what happened was
that group members sensed the
TD E/I(up) that =always= accomp-
anies encounters with relatively-
'unfamiliar' [relatively-non-TD E/I-
minimized] experiential-environ-
mental circumstances, and, not
understanding how and why nerv-
ous systems process information
[be-cause the understanding of
such has been actively-withheld
from them be-cause, since the nec-
essary understanding is, itself, rel-
atively-'unfamiliar' to them, it in-
duces TD E/I(up) within communi-
catiors' nervous systems, and they
'blindly' and automatically 'move
away from' it], folks converged up-
on the False "finitization" [AoK,
Ap4] that, when gated to the
"language interface", Falsely cross-
correlates the "acts-of-studying" TD
E/I(up) condition with the long-
'familiar' generalized TD E/I(up)
that's due to 'centuries' of intergen-
erationally-handed-down TD E/I-
minimization with respect to 'learn-

As I've reiterated in long-former
posts, when Blacks were forced to
endure Slavery, "learning" was lit-
erally "against the 'law'", and at-
tempts to acquire skills of reading
and writing were routinely punished

So Blacks 'learned' to 'move a-
way from' "learning", =not= in
any way that was correlated with
"inability-to-learn", but in ways
that were correlated with self-
preservation at the hands of Vio-

And, even after the bloody Am-
erican Civil War, fought for
their Imancipation [it =was=, if
anyone thinks otherwise, let's
discuss it], the "behavioral inertia"
[AoK, Ap5] that'd been built-up
as "biological mass" [ibid] within
Familial nervous systems over
'centuries' became relatively-self-
perpetuating. And this self-perp-
etuation was was greatly augment-
ed by lynching and routine Violence
that was 'blindly'-and-automatically
calculated [AoK, Ap6], via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization
within the nervous systems of
those who were 'unfamiliar' with

A former version of the "acting
white" 'catch-phrase' was "Uncle
Tom" [an ab-use of Harriet Beech-
er Stowe]. "Jim Crow" is another,
a bit more-complex, version of the
Same-Stuff. [An extreme case of
the Same-Stuff, which also reduces
directly to absence-of-understand-
ing with respect to how and why
nervous systems process informa-
tion via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization, is in the way that the
'insurgents' in Iraq are targeting
Iraqi Citizens who try to co-oper-
ate in the establishment of Democ-
racy in Iraq. Their version of it is
"acting American". The Same-
Stuff, in the Palestinian case is
"acting Israeli", or, from the other
'side', "acting Arab". The terrorists
must have something like "acting
infidel'. One can see the Same-
Stuff in =ALL= "War" that occurs,
=ALL= "War" that has occurred,
and =ALL= "War" that will ever
occur amongst Humans. Which, if
folks 'wonder', is =part= of why I
seem to be 'angry' all the 'time' -- 
which is 'just' my pushing-energy as
strongly as I can, while trying to
keep things below the collective
amygdalar TD E/I 'speed limit'. It's
an =outrage= that NDT's reification
of this Ravaging-Stuff is not communi-
cated but billions of dollars are
spent on 'waging' War. It's 'just'
an Outrage, and I've Obligation
to Stand-Against such be-cause
I do understand -- both as Neuro-
scientist and as Citizen.]

My point in this post is that the 'con-
clusion' stated in the =NYT= article
is False because it isolates on the
'catch-phrase' to the exclusion of
almost everything that's actually in-
volved. This's a case in-point re. my
prior post. It's easy to find articles
in the Research literature that fall-
victim to subjects "reading" experi-
menters' "expectations" because the
subjects are aware that their behavior
is being observed, so they give the
experimenters what it is obvious
they "want". [In which, if anyone looks,
can be found a "measure" of the sub-
jects' raw Intelligence. You know?
I've got an 'unfair' advantage with
respect to this stuff. I =Studied= it
every 'time' I've been 'incarcerated'
instead of heard :-]

I Apologize. What's here should be
much-better-stated. I'm both ex-
hausted and temporarily-malnourished.
[Ate some bad-stuff it seems.] That,
and that having to reiterate this part-
icular stuff, at this point, 'decades' into
the discussion, takes my breath away.

But I'm not 'worrying' about it be-
cause I know that folks who've been
reading will understand, and go further
in their own Good noggin' labs.

I just "wish" that this wretched "long-
distance-Education" would be at an
End, with Stalwart in-person inter-
action occurring instead.

Death and Savagery happening all
around, and there's no one who'll
meet-with-me to explore the Altern-

It doesn't Compute.]

k. p. collins 

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