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Fluid-Mechanical Black-Body Radiation

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Dec 13 16:23:50 EST 2004

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| 'food' for Thought...
| To the folks who 'think' they can
| 'control' Infinity:
| Why do you folks think that I'm
| always referring back to "what's
| been in AoK all along"?
| I've worked, at a Sprinter's pace,
| for more than 35 'years', pushing
| myself as hard as I could be-cause
| I Saw that the future of Humanity
| will be Determined in the work I'd
| done by 1979, when was when AoK's
| atecedant paper, which is, basically,
| a rough draft of AoK, was written and
| distributed.
| Ever since, I've been working, but
| pushing myself ever-harder, and,
| in the past 'decade' my work began
| bearing-fruit "explosively" -- a real
| flooding-deluge.
| But I've only discussed stuff that had
| already come together by 1979.
| Yes, I've put some "pretty-faces" on
| some stuff, and discussed it in this or
| that particular light, but I'm still discus-
| sing stuff from 'decades' past.
| To enable folks to catch-up to the 1979
| 'level', would require about a 'decade' of
| 18-'hour' in-person "debriefing", five 'days'
| a 'week' [I need the rest of the 'hours' to
| do "walk-in-the-park" stuff].
| I'll discuss the the post-1979 stuff after
| folks've caught-up that much, which will
| never happen if in-person discussion does
| not occur. [And =please= don't 'think' I'm
| being 'this' or 'that'. It's as I've explained
| reiteratively. Despite all that's transpired,
| I routinely share stuff with folks as I see
| that folks're ready to receive it. Most of
| what I'm referring to in this post doesn't
| fit into that 'category'. I could discuss it,
| but doing so wouldn't make any difference,
| because, absent the "debriefing", it'd just
| be completely-incomprehensible -- be-
| cause you folks'd not possess the Nec-
| essary "biological mass". It'd all just
| "fly through" your nervous systems, un-
| detected.]

Any who think that this's "too much"
need only 'travel' back to the earlier 'days'
of what has been my interaction here in

Back then, everything I posted just "'[flew]
through' nervous systems, undetected'" "be-
cause [folks did not yet] possess the Nec-
essary 'biological mass'".

I understood what was going on be-cause,
the fruits of the work I'd done during the
previous two 'decades' were [are, ever-
moreso] "biological mass" within my
nervous system, which "biological mass'
allows my nervous system to Think NDT's

See how NDT's understanding works?

It Frees one from the "tyranny" of 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization, allowing
one to See beyond all the B.S. that rout-
inely gets heaped-up during the course of
'normal' interactive dynamics, and which
would, otherwise, coerce one to behave
only in ways that've been 'boxed' and
"sanctioned" within 'societal' circumstances.

Do you See the problem inherent?

The way things've been acts to 'contro-
vert' anything that'd allow Humanity to
escape its self-Ravaging.

Such happens be-cause, since folks re-
mained 'animated' almost completely* via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization,
folks've tended to react to =anything= that
was not already 'boxed' -- anything that
was not already 'familiar' to them -- as if
it is 'evil' that "must be" 'moved away

Which is pretty 'funny' because there =is=
Evil involved, but all of it derives =solely=
within the flesh of folks' own nervous sys-
tems, as a result of folks being Victims of
'the beast', "Abstract Ignorance" -- the ab-
sence-of-understanding with respect to
the way information is processed, within
their nervous systems, via 'blindly-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization.

The Sorrowful thing is that, be-cause of
what's discussed above, nervous systems
tend, strongly, to 'move away from' re-
ceiving understanding with respect to the
way that they process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

Do you see the Problem?

In absence-of-understanding, folks tend,
strongly, to 'move away from' not-perpet-
uating "man's inhumanity to man", instead
routinely 'moving toward' committing all
manner of 'safely-familiar' Evil against one
anothers' Beings, 'simply' be-cause the
'safely-familiar' stuff had become old-long-
since ["old lang syne"] TD E/I-minimized
within nervous systems.

The result has been the collective =Mad-
ness" that's referred to as "man's inhumanity
to man".

* I used an asterisk above, following "al-
most completely", be-cause Jesus Taught
all of this stuff ~2000 'years' ago. Look
and see for yourselves, it's True. No, He
didn't invoke Neuroscience. How could
He have? He Lived ~1500 'years' before
the Scientific Method became a glimmer
in Galileo's eye. But, if folks only look,
they'll see that Jesus 'just' traversed the
whole Problem, Mightily-Bridging be-
tween Darkness and Light -- between
'blindness' and Seeing.

So I had to use an asterisk [*] upon my
writing "almost completely" above, be-
cause, ever since Jesus Taught, there've
been some folks who've Lived on the
'side' of things to which He Bridged on
behalf of Humanity. No, these folks did
not so-Live because they'd any aware-
ness with respect to the specifics of
Neuroscience. But, look, and you'll see
that they Lived in complete accord with
such Awareness be-cause they Lived
in complete accord with Jesus' having
"carried them across" to the goal of

Their number remains relatively-few.

It's an Awesome-Sorrow that, in the
main, folks who've 'declared' to 'be
of' Jesus -- folks who've called them-
selves "Christians" -- have =not=, in
Truth, "been of" Jesus. Instead, they
never got what Jesus Taught, but did
a superficial "feigning" [AoK, Ap8]
of 'belief in' Jesus, while all they did
was give themselves over to the 'blind-
ly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
that arose within =their own= nervous
systems, 'worshiping' that Nothingness
as their 'god'. The result of such being
stuff like the Inquisition, the Crusades,
the Holocaust of the Jews, all manner
of war, and all maner of "man's inhu-
manity to man".

Galileo's 'trial' before the 'inquisition'
is another thing that's like the ending of
both Jackson's and Lincoln's Lives
immediately upon the completion of
their work. Like them, Galileo's tra-
vails at the hands of those he Served
was like "God's wispering", "Pause",
so that folks could have opportunity to

And the 'side' of 'science' has been
no less Sorrowfully-'hilarious'.

Giving itself over to the 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization that occurs
within the individual nervous systems
that comprise it, 'science' not only
ignored the True-Wonder Stuff that
Jesus Taught, 'science' actively 'moved
away from' even considering it, and
'moving away from' anyone else who
does, relegating such folks to the 'dung
heap' of 'science', laughing at them,
ridiculing them, when those who they
'laughed' at and 'ridiculed' were Ver-
ifiably Correct all along.

And not only that -- folks in 'science'
have actively ostracized all affiliation
with Jesus, to the point where, no mat-
ter the Worth of the Science an individ-
ual actually accomplishes, the individual
is 'stripped of his possessions, 'scourged'
and 'crucified' [IKTF].

So, under the pressure of the 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization inherent,
it's become as a 'prerequisite' of doing
'science' that folks 'must' 'move away
from' the Teaching of Jesus. And, in our
modern 'times', this 'prerequisite' 'mov-
ing away from' has spread throughout
the full spectrum of 'learning', even be-
ing 'officially' banned, even in twisted
and perverted ways that Jesus would
only Laugh at.

And, look at what the Costs of this
'moving away from' have been to

that's Necessary for Humanity's be-
ing able to Live in Peace.

He flat-out Nailed it.

So, when folks 'move away from'
Jesus, they 'move toward' the only stuff
that's left outside of Jesus -- War,
Devastation, suicide-Murders, Terror-
ism, Lying, Cheating, Stealing -- you
know -- "man's-inhumanity-to-man" stuff.

I wept when I long ago Realixed all
that's in the stuff I've discussed above.

I wanted to be "a great scientist".

I wanted "fame" and "fortune".

But I Chose Truth.

I Saw that Jesus Taught form a Profound-
Understanding of how nervous systems
process information, and that He did so
with Awesome-Love for Humanity.

How could it be?

I cannot 'explain'.

I just Believe -- because I've Seen it
with my own eyes -- seen Truth in the
Teaching of Jesus writ bold, right in the
Experimentally-Verified stuff that's heap-
ed-up in the Neuroscience stacks.

So I sold my '63 Corvette roadster,
and started out doing what needed to
be done.

And ever since, when I weep, I weep
for Joy.

Anyway, work on understanding how
and why it is that, absent "biological
mass", stuff just "flies through" nervous
systems, undetected.

Work, also, on understanding what
that means with respect to the work
inherent in constructing "biological
mass" that enables folks to See what's
in the stuff that'd, otherwise, "fly right
through" their nervous systems, unde-

It's some "heavy-lifting".

Get out your "Payloaders".

Move that "fake dirt".

You know -- instead of letting it de-
termine how you will 'move'.

[The rest of this post is unchanged
from it's prior 'state' [as far as I know :-]]

ken [k. p. collins]

| Meanwhile, I'm doing what I can, given
| all of the 'impediments' that routinely
| get thrown into the midst of my efforts to
| do so.
| And, if I get prematurely-Dead, that's
| a Serious matter, because, given the accel-
| erating populations-wide TD E/I and the
| accelerating means of mass Devastation,
| there's just no 'time' to waste in assuring
| Humanity's Survival. [Why do you folks
| 'think' that I, 'years' ago, Begged to be
| formally-Imprisoned in one of your
| 'tombs'? It was to enable this "debrief-
| ing".]
| And I'm already 58, with health that,
| as you folks know, shows the 'wear'
| of a Life Lived in 100%-Effort.
| So, you folks are playing-with-Fire,
| big-'time'.
| I'm "Alarmed" enough to tell-it-plainly
| to you folks [the 'impediment-distrib-
| uters'] be-cause it no longer appears
| to me that you folks will refrain from
| doing really-Stupid stuff that will End
| Humanity.
| I Understand that it's a =Crucial=
| 'moment' in your 'deliberations', so I'm
| strongly-Advising you folks to Choose
| on behalf of Humanity, not your Sorry-
| butts, which I have to do my Best to
| Save, despite their Sorriness -- be-
| cause you folks are still 'just' mostly-
| Ignorant.
| To anyone who receives this who's not
| privy to the 'clone-servering'::
| My ='Heart'-felt= Apologies to you
| other folks. This is the only way I can
| Communicate some stuff that needs to
| reach the 'think'-they-can-control-In-
| finity folks.
| K. P. Collins

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