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Fluid-Mechanical Black-Body Radiation

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun Dec 12 13:46:53 EST 2004

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in
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'food' for Thought...

To the folks who 'think' they can
'control' Infinity:

Why do you folks think that I'm
always referring back to "what's
been in AoK all along"?

I've worked, at a Sprinter's pace,
for more than 35 'years', pushing
myself as hard as I could be-cause
I Saw that the future of Humanity
will be Determined in the work I'd
done by 1979, when was when AoK's
atecedant paper, which is, basically,
a rough draft of AoK, was written and

Ever since, I've been working, but
pushing myself ever-harder, and,
in the past 'decade' my work began
bearing-fruit "explosively" -- a real

But I've only discussed stuff that had
already come together by 1979.

Yes, I've put some "pretty-faces" on
some stuff, and discussed it in this or
that particular light, but I'm still discus-
sing stuff from 'decades' past.

To enable folks to catch-up to the 1979
'level', would require about a 'decade' of
18-'hour' in-person "debriefing", five 'days'
a 'week' [I need the rest of the 'hours' to
do "walk-in-the-park" stuff].

I'll discuss the the post-1979 stuff after
folks've caught-up that much, which will
never happen if in-person discussion does
not occur. [And =please= don't 'think' I'm
being 'this' or 'that'. It's as I've explained
reiteratively. Despite all that's transpired,
I routinely share stuff with folks as I see
that folks're ready to receive it. Most of
what I'm referring to in this post doesn't
fit into that 'category'. I could discuss it,
but doing so wouldn't make any difference,
because, absent the "debriefing", it'd just
be completely-incomprehensible -- be-
cause you folks'd not possess the Nec-
essary "biological mass". It'd all just
"fly through" your nervous systems, un-

Meanwhile, I'm doing what I can, given
all of the 'impediments' that routinely
get thrown into the midst of my efforts to
do so.

And, if I get prematurely-Dead, that's
a Serious matter, because, given the accel-
erating populations-wide TD E/I and the
accelerating means of mass Devastation,
there's just no 'time' to waste in assuring
Humanity's Survival. [Why do you folks
'think' that I, 'years' ago, Begged to be
formally-Imprisoned in one of your
'tombs'? It was to enable this "debrief-

And I'm already 58, with health that,
as you folks know, shows the 'wear'
of a Life Lived in 100%-Effort.

So, you folks are playing-with-Fire,

I'm "Alarmed" enough to tell-it-plainly
to you folks [the 'impediment-distrib-
uters'] be-cause it no longer appears
to me that you folks will refrain from
doing really-Stupid stuff that will End

I Understand that it's a =Crucial=
'moment' in your 'deliberations', so I'm
strongly-Advising you folks to Choose
on behalf of Humanity, not your Sorry-
butts, which I have to do my Best to
Save, despite their Sorriness -- be-
cause you folks are still 'just' mostly-

To anyone who receives this who's not
privy to the 'clone-servering'::

My ='Heart'-felt= Apologies to you
other folks. This is the only way I can
Communicate some stuff that needs to
reach the 'think'-they-can-control-In-
finity folks.

K. P. Collins

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