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Fluid-Mechanical Black-Body Radiation

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun Dec 12 10:11:15 EST 2004

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|I tried to post the following in
| sci.physics.research, but it was
| 'bounced'.
| Interestingly, my Inet PC was
| 'intercepted' =instantaneously=
| when I "connected".
| It's Murder, folks.
| Sad Cheers,
| K. P. Collins
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||| [...]
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The "M"-word.


Because it's what's happening, on
a Massive scale.

It's due to what's come to be 'ac-
ceptable' in 'academic research',
mostly be-cause of the group-
'think' mentality that followed-up-
on the so-called "success" of the
Manhattan Project". Vanevar
Bush wrote about it in his book,
"Pieces of the Action" [My copy
of this book was long-ago Stolen
from my apartment during one of
the numerous 'break-ins' that I've
endured [I stopped counting at
18. They're still going on.]]

Part of the Problem is derives in
the way that Students are so rou-
tinely stuffed into little 'boxes', so
that they can meet agreed-upon
'requirements' for 'graduation' [see
earlier in this thread for more dis-
cussion of such 'box'-stuffing]. So,
when Students 'graduate' and go
on to become Professors, they
hand-down the 'boxed'-stuff to
their own Students, ad infinitum.

The problem with all of this is that
the 'goal' becomes mastery with
respect to the 'boxed'-stuff, and
almost complete 'blindness' with
respect to what's going on within
physical reality.

Maths, for instance, has not only
been 'blind', but 'blinding'.

I escaped all of this as an Under-
graduate, largely because I was
Blessed with having a couple of
Supurb Professors, Dr. Henry Paar,
and Dr. Paul Congden, at Spring-
field College. There was also an
Art Professor whose Name I do
not, presently, recall [I was just
doing-Art in his classroom, and
never got to know him, but I do
recall his way of Praising Student's
struggles to create, which I, sub-
sequently, recognized as having
been Extraordinarily-Functional.
This Professor was a 'fire'-stoker.
I Apologize to you, Sir, but it's
plain to see that you Nailed your
Teaching Method. I'll try to re-
discover your Name.]

These Professors Banned 'boxes',
and, through such guidance, I es-
caped getting-'boxed'. [In a 'box-
ed'-world, such escape is Perilous
be-cause all the folks who were
stuffed into 'boxes' take offense
at one's not-being-'boxed', and
work to coerce one into 'boxes',
under the Penalty of 'denying' one's
Life [the individual-Murder that's
'blindly' and automatically done to
one who escapes being 'boxed'],
but I held-it-together. And, as I
did, I studied all of the dynamics
inherent, 'boxed' and un-'boxed'.

One of the main things that be-
came apparent is that Maths, as
it's taught in School, is both 'blind'
and 'blinding'.

So what's been going on with re-
spect to the work I've done is that,
'boxed'-folks, 'blinded' by their be-
ing stuffed-into-'boxes', mastering
'boxed'-Maths, that itself was 'blind'
and 'blinding', have been taking it
and 'translating' it into the 'boxed'
Maths with which they are 'famil-
iar', believing that, because every-
one else who holds 'power' in 'ac-
ademia' is similarly-'boxed', their
'borrowing' would go unnoticed.

The Sorrowful Truth is that this
sort of thing has become Rampant
within 'academia' -- so much so,
that, in its commonplace-ness, it's
become "habituated" into 'invisi-

But it's all 'just' so much 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization, so
one who's come up to speed with
respect to Seeing 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization just
Sees all of this Sorrowful stuff,
plain as day, because it's just vis-
ible -- like any other stimulus set.

See, the folks who're doing the
'translating' were left 'unable' to
'move toward' Truth be-cause they
had been stuffed into 'boxes' that
perpetuate 'boxes' to the exclusion
of Seeing physical reality.

So, so-'blinded', yet needing to "pub-
lish or perish", and 'understanding'
what they perceived, a bit correctly,
but mostly-Incompletely, to be my
outside-the-'box'-ness and the 'De-
fenselessness' inherent in it, folks
'just' took this or that from the work
I'd done, 'translated' it into 'boxed'
Maths, and 'published' it.

It's Rampant within 'academia', not
only with respect to the work I've
done, but with respect to just about
any work that's been done by any
Student who's not yet 'sworn-allegi-
ence' to the 'blind'-and-'blinding'

This's constitutes Egregious-Theft of
Life itself, and I Stand-Against =all=

But that's not the "Murder" I'm always
addressing in my posts. The "Murder"
that I routinely address has little to do
with the fact that my own Life has
been 'taken' from me. Rather, what I'm
addressing has to do with the ramifica-
tions, across Humanity, with respect
to the way that the Voice of one who
would Act to lift folks up out of what
has been "man's inhumanity to man"
has been 'Silenced' by the Theft of
the man's work.

You know?

I did my work in Physics, virtually
rewriting all of Physics, because I
was told that, before anyone would
listen to me with respect to NDT's
stuff I had to do that.

So I did that, only to experience the
'blind' and 'blinding' 'boxed' folks,
who could not See physical reality,
but who needed to "publish or per-
ish", ripping-off the work I'd done
in order to feed and shelter them-
selves at the cost of my being un-
able to feed and shelter myself.

It's been Ugnly, but I'd've been able
to just laugh-it-off -- it's =really=
Hilarious when one thinks about it -- 
if it weren't the case that, be-cause
of the Theft [Fraud, etc.] inherent,
billions of my Fellow Human Beings
were not being relegated to Suffer-
ing, and millions of them to Death.

There's the Murder occurring on a
Massive scale at the hands of "the
way things are supposed to be in

Such =CANNOT= be allowed to
continue, and while it does, 'academ-
ia' Declares, through its own 'choice',
that "Academia" has no Existence.

=IT CANNOT BE= that the work
of a devoted scholar is 'refused'
Publication, without its even being
reviewed, and, then, when a scholar
fights-through the 'boxed'-B.S., and
folks 'see' what's in the work that's
been 'refused' Publication, that folks
just 'think' that it's 'open-season' on
the work that the scholar has done,
and that his work 'is their work, to do
with as they please'.


You know?

Such =MURDERS= Humanity.

Such Destroys Hope.

Such Denies Academia.

Such Fosters Falsehood, literally
teaching it instead of Truth.

So, I Stand-Against such, observing
that there are some folks who 'think',
in thier 'boxed'-group-'think' way, that
all of this can just be 'burried' within
more layers of Deception.

It's these folks who I've been addressing
in all of my discussions of Truths One-

Truth Is.

Truth does what it does =regardless=
of what anyone does.

All anyone can do is 'move toward'
Truth, or 'move away from' it, and
receive the Consequences that are
inherent in their Choice.

The way things have been, it's been
plain-as-day visible that folks have
been 'choosing' in ways that will
Murder all of Humanity.

Such must Stop.

K. P. Collins

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