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Sat Dec 11 14:01:01 EST 2004

sea shells,
contaminated diving suits etc. But no matter how hard they tried,
the media moguls (New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles
Times) could not tie the Kennedys to them. This didn't seem fair
in light of all the mud heaped on Eisenhower, Dulles and the
Watergated Nixon. Unfortunately, not even the CIA's 1967
Inspector General's report, commissioned by Richard Helms for
LBJ, implicated the Kennedys.

No Authorization

The Inspector General's Report (which is quite thorough and
methodical), and the Church Committee's report dealing with
assassinations (entitled Alleged Assassination Plots Involving
Foreign Leaders) are both quite clear on this point. For
instance, when the former report was analyzing the published
details of a Drew Pearson-Jack Anderson 1967 leak about the
Castro plots, it labeled the Pearson-Anderson insinuation about
Robert Kennedy's "approval" of the plots as "Not true." It later
goes on to say that the role played by Robert Kennedy in
Pearson's story is "a garbled account." What had happened was
that through the FBI's discovery of a wiretapping favor done for
Maheu's contact in the plots (Chicago mobster Sam Giancana)
Hoover had learned of the CIA-Mob link and forwarded his
knowledge to Robert Kennedy. Kennedy turned it over to Courtney
Evans, his FBI liaison, and asked him to get back with all the
known details. He was finally briefed on it in May of 1962. There
can be no 

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