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neuron connections

Warwick usenet at affordable-afpers.co.uk
Fri Dec 10 19:39:22 EST 2004

In article <czoud.1069100$Gx4.1052141 at bgtnsc04-
news.ops.worldnet.att.net>, kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net says...
> "Robert Briggs" <Trebor.Briggs at BITphysics.orgBUCKET> wrote in 
> message news:41B9F640.EE50757 at BITphysics.orgBUCKET...
> | AngleWyrm wrote:
> | >
> | > "kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> | >
> | > "AngleWyrm" <no_spam_anglewyrm at hotmail.com> wrote ...
> |
> | > "AngleWyrm" <no_spam_anglewyrm at hotmail.com> wrote...
> |
> | > I have a 'thing' about identity theft. Please
> | > do not post using my name. This is the
> | > second time I have brought this matter to
> | > your attention; if it happens again, I will
> | > write to AT&T about it, and they will
> | > write you about it.
> |
> | AngleWyrm, I strongly suspect that the
> | garbage has *not* come from Kenneth
> | at all.
> |
> | The headers of Kenneth's article on my
> | newsserver include:
> |
> |    Path: news.fore.com!uunet!ash.uu.net\
> |         !news-feed01.roc.ny.frontiernet.net\
> |         !nntp.frontiernet.net!nntp.giganews.com.MISMATCH\
> |         !border1.nntp.dca.giganews.com!nntp.giganews.com\
> |         !newsfeed.stueberl.de!news-out.tin.it!news-in.tin.it\
> |         !news.cs.interbusiness.it!newsfeed.kabelfoon.nl\
> |         !news.glorb.com!wn13feed!worldnet.att.net\
> |         !bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net.POSTED!53ab2750\
> |         !not-for-mail
> |
> | It appears that either frontiernet.net or
> | giganews.com (I would guess at the
> | former) spotted that the article didn't come
> | from where it claimed to have done.
> |
> | A quick (reverse) scan of that path
> | suggests that (if it is true) the article
> | started off in the USA, then made its
> | way to Holland, then to Italy, then to
> | Germany, then back to the USA.
> |
> | I guess such a routing is *possible*,
> | but I think it more likely that everything
> | from "nntp.giganews.com.MISMATCH"
> | downwards is bogus.
> |
> | Try Googling for "HipCrime" or "Dipslime" -
> | news.admin.net-abuse.email is getting all
> | sorts of crud ATM.
> |
> | HTH
> Hi Robert.
> I had nothing to do with this ab-use.

well.. yes of course.

> It's a bit more-complicated than following
> 'the trace', not in the least because all of
> this B.S. assumes a 'life' of its own in
> 'cyberspace', and, within that, my Name
> has been Libeled.

I don't know which of the 5 or 6 injection points the bionet groups were 
targetted by this evening.

> I've saved all of the correlated data, and,
> if necessary, I'll Honor Truth in Court of
> Law, where I'll have Power of Subpena,
> which is the only circumstance in which
> one can have any hope of unraveling this
> sort of Jackass stuff [and even then, given
> the sorry-'state' of things, such hope can
> only be small. Which is not to assert that
> the ab-use was not cracked in real-'time'.
> It's a virtual-certainty that it was.]

You weren't the target. If there is a previous history then I can't be 
aware of it from where I stand in the targetted group.

> It's easy to see, however, that some indiv-
> idual or group is a bit "Desperate".

No, some individual is expecting lots of people to not notice where 
they're posting their messages when replying to the garbage posts.
> Perhaps the same folks who've been
> quite-avidly trying to 'hack' into my Inet
> PC(?).

maybe a subset of the type of individual
> The waste inherent takes one's breath
> away.

Deliberate waste in this case.
> But, at the same 'time', it Teaches.

Yeah.. currently it is teaching my filters a little more about flooding 

The message you're replying to was crossposted to bionet.neuroscience 
and to the group News.admin.net-abuse.email (dedicated to the fight 
against spam). You probably only saw half a dozen of the garbage posts 
in your group and they forged the name of a regular poster at a guess. 
The regular poster will likely have responded with an "I didn't write 
this!" post and maybe have been supported by other 
posters/friends/colleagues. Their post also went to NANAE becaus they 
didn't notice that the garbage created a link between the two groups. 

That sort of thing is usually fairly harmless.

There are 3 or 4 of those garbage posts crossposted to approximately 
45,000 newsgroups. All of them linking in to NANAE. 

I don't suggest you try to read a group with 45,000 new messages in it 
and filter out the real stuff by hand. 

The 3 or 4 messages in this group and the short thread so far aren't 
much traffic... for you. 

They aren't even much traffic for our group from yours for us.. but 
currently we're trying to use our newsgroup as normal and filter out 
10,000 messages a day from irate forged senders


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