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Some thoughts on truth and recognition

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Fri Dec 10 01:23:03 EST 2004

Japan's establishment of its puppet-state of "Manchuko"
in Manchuria. Furthermore, on 11 March 1932 the League of Nations
Assembly passed a Resolution officially adopting the Stimson Doctrine in
the following language: "[I]t is incumbent upon the members of the
League of Nations not to recognize any situation, treaty, or agreement
which may be brought about by means contrary to the Covenant of the
League of Nations or to the Pact of Paris."

The Stimson Doctrine and its subsequent endorsement by the League of
Nations became the origins of the elemental international legal
principle that the world community of states will not recognize any
fruits flowing from aggression. Yet that is precisely what the U.N.
Security Council did in its Resolution 1472 (2003) on Iraq. Historically
it would be as if the League of Nations had adopted a resolution
ratifying Japan's belligerent occupation of Manchuria; or Hitler's
belligerent occupation of Czechoslovakia and Poland; or Mussolini's
belligerent occupation of Ethiopia; or Stalin's belligerent occupation
of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia; etc. For all of its ineffectiveness,
even the League of Nations did not stoop so low as the United Nations
Security Council did in its Resolution 1472 (2003) on Iraq.
Disintegrating world order indeed. Sabotaging the International Criminal
Court In order to justify the Bush Jr. war of aggression against Iraq,
one contemporary U.S. Machiavellian argued that since the Kellogg-Briand
Peace Pact was a phantasm to begin with, so too the same must now be
true for the United Nations Charter itself because the Bush Jr.
administration wantonly violated it in their run-up to their war of
aggression against Iraq.56 The Gangster Theory of international law:
U.S. might is right. Or as President Bush Sr. quaintly put it concerning
his Gulf War I: ". . .what we say goes." The Bush Family's New World
Order.57 Hitler only envisioned a "New Order" for Europe. Not

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