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-selected for them by the pro-Israeli Straussian Neo-Cons and
the Big-Oil operatives of the Bush Jr. administration who were
responsible for fomenting this criminal war of aggression against Iraq
in the first place. America for the Americans Otherwise, U.S., U.K. and
foreign military occupation forces will be facing another type of
Vietnam War situation. Iraq could readily become a combination of Tonkin
Gulf, L.B.J., Vietnam, Nixon, Cambodia, Watergate, and Impeachment63 all
over again, rolled into one, and accelerated. History repeating itself
as both a tragedy and a farce.64 Only this time the American Peace
Movement is ready. We have seen this elitist "game" of Machiavellian
Power Politics before. Once again, it is up to the common sense and
decency of the American People to stop it. Our alternative is an
American Empire in Eurasia and an American Police State at home. The
Thousand Year Nazi Reich was purportedly defending its "homeland" too.65


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