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Some thoughts on truth and recognition

AngleWyrm no_spam_anglewyrm at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 9 18:14:15 EST 2004

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
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> I =want= folks to receive everything.
> Folks will, or won't, to the degree that
> they Honor Truth, or not.
> That's 'just' Truth with respect to how
> and why nervous systems process in-
> formation via 'blindly'-automated TD
> E/I-minimization.

> Now, I Encourage you to 'go away',
> because you've been declaring your
> 'moving away from' Truth right in the
> light-of-'day'. The 'id' you 'think' is
> 'secret' was cracked even as you
> signed-up for it.

Does 'go away' seem in keeping with a desire to examine the universe, and see
clearly the things and relationships in it? Or does it seem more in keeping with
a different kind of want? The kind of want that a parent has for their children,
the desire to see that child succeed. Sometimes I experience this drive in my
programming projects, having invested much time and thought upon them. It seems
a waste, a loss of constructive processes, to start anew.

And therein is shed light upon want, to the mechanisms that drive us forward. I
don't actually want a brand new 60" wall-mounted plasma display, but I do
actually want the healthy young girl standing next to it. I notice that wanting
to breed is a process that seems to produce more children, ie

For me, I can substitute an '=' sign for truth, in that it takes matching two
things and finding similarities before I categorize something as true or false.
This automated process takes away the mystery, which at first glance makes it
appear to be such a humble categorization tool as to be downright repugnant. But
there is something rather beautiful involved, if we dare to stare upon it:
Expressed in this mapping is a relationship, rather than a thing. The 'thing' is
the association between two things, rather than the things themselves.

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