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Some thoughts on truth and recognition

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Dec 9 14:44:39 EST 2004

I "released" on your behalf, Pseud.

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| > |
| > | Truth can be defined to mean that which
| > | matches an expectation.
| >
| > What you assert is False..
| >
| > Truth Is, regardless of what anyone does.
| Evidence that your expectectations don't
| match my definition, hence you say it
| is...False ;)
| Hey, it works for me.

I =want= a shiny-new C6 Corvette road-

I =want= a spacious Home, simple-but-solid,
on a couple of acres of land in a Commun-
ity where folks Honor Truth. I =want= it
to have an out-sized garage, so I'd have a
place for the mini-Payloader I =want= so I
could use it to sculpt the lawn, all-mounded,
with one 'secret' place where the lawn
flowed into its highest place -- so I could
smile while I was cutting the grass, think-
ing about Truth's One-Map, even while
sparing the flowers, and their blossoming..

I =want= a Woman to Love who'd Love
me right back [and who would understand
the big garage, too]. I =want= a Son and a
Daughter, who I could Love, Guide -- 
Teach about Honoring Truth.

I =want= War to Cease. I =want=
folks to stop Killing, Stealing-from,
and Cheating one another. I =want=
folks to See what's right-there in their
doing such to one another.

I =want= the Child in the Ghetto to
understand what's in Education,
instead of, as you say, "expecting" to
find a world that's as a prison-house.
I =want= that Child to Learn to fol-
low Truth's One-Map, rather than
fulfill her "expectations".

I =want= his Parents to understand how
it that they are Victims, who give Victim-
ization to their Children, as an intergen-
erational 'legacy'.

I =want= not to be cold in Winter
'time'. I =want= not to have to live
on $20/'week'. I =want= an Honorable
Job. I =want= to be able to work on
my 'computers' without seeing them
being pried-into while I sit-there ex-
ploring True-Wonder stuff. I =want=
to be able to buy Books. I =want=
good lighting to read them by. I =want=
not to be 'alone'.

I =want= not to be Murdered by folks
who =want= to do what they =want=
with the work I do.

What folks "want" may, or may not
be in-Truth.

One doesn't 'dictate' to Truth through
one's 'wants'.

Truth Is.

So, Seeing Truth, I Chose to do what
I could to lift-folks-up in Ability to See

I won't get my "house", but I'm beatin'
Hell out of 'the beast', "Abstract Ig-
norance" -- which gives the Child in
the Ghetto the Chance that's in-Truth
for him.

One's =wants= may, or may not, be in-
Truth, simply be-cause one is small and
Truth is Big.

But one can 'move toward' or 'move away
from' Truth, and as one does, one always,
receives what's in one's Choice with respect
to Truth.

When I Saw what's in-Truth, through
what's been my own "ranging-widely"
in-it, I 'scratched-my-head', a =lot=,
and Saw that it's in-Truth that nervous
systems were Key-Stuff, so I "ranged-
widely" within the Stuff of nervous sys-
tems, Seeing, for instance, that it's folks'
'honoring want', instead of Honoring
Truth, that Prevents folks from receiving
what they 'want'.

So I've Taught, and am Teaching, folks
about Honoring Truth -- be-cause a
Wonderful thing about the way nervous
systems work is that they Learn, one
from the other, and, if there's Honoring
Truth in one, Honoring Truth just flows
into them all -- eventually.

Yeah, it's not easy, this Honoring-Truth

I See, plainly, in the non-Privacy of my
'computers', that there're some 'power-
ful' folks who 'want' to ab-use the work
I've done, and who 'want' to keep 'truth'
a 'secret'.

But even these folks, despite their efforts
to 'erase-truth', will discover, in the Con-
sequences of their 'choices' with respect
to Truth, what's in-Truth.

It will be =Hard= Learning for them, and,
through their 'moving away from' Truth,
Hard Learning for all of Humanity.

But they will Learn what's in Honoring
Truth, "one way or another, sooner or
later" [a Sign Maker in East Hartford].

Yeah, it's been Hard for me, too. And
prospects are that it'll just continue to
be Hard.

But I've been receiving what's been in
my Choice with respect to Truth all

And I've been able to Share a bit of
what I've so received.

Whether or not I'll be able to Share
more of what I've received as a result
of my Choice with respect to Truth is
also in-Truth, and will occur in exact
accord with others' Choices with re-
spect to Truth.

I =want= folks to receive everything.

Folks will, or won't, to the degree that
they Honor Truth, or not.

That's 'just' Truth with respect to how
and why nervous systems process in-
formation via 'blindly'-automated TD

Now, I Encourage you to 'go away',
because you've been declaring your
'moving away from' Truth right in the
light-of-'day'. The 'id' you 'think' is
'secret' was cracked even as you
signed-up for it.

There's =nothing= 'secret' in 'cyber-

And no 'wanting' can change such.

ken [k. p. collins] 

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