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Excerpts from a lecture on MC by Alan Scheflin

Allen L. Barker alb at datafilter.com
Thu Dec 9 06:58:40 EST 2004

Below are some excerpts from a lecture on mind control by Alan Scheflin.
It was given at a conference in Dallas, Texas in 1995.  Remember that
the victims of most of these experiments and operations were never
acknowledged, notified, or helped.  Many are still in the population.
These are human rights abuses, plain and simple, often conducted with
the complicity of psychiatrists (and people in other branches of science
and medicine).  First, a brief background description of Mr. Scheflin:


    Mr. Scheflin is a professor of law at Santa Clara University
    School of Law in Santa Clara, Calif. He is the only
    nonpsychiatrist to win the Manfred S. Guttmacher Award twice.
    In addition, Professor Scheflin has received five other awards
    for his work in the field of mental health, particularly
    memory and hypnosis.


CKLN-FM Mind Control Series -- Part 6

Lecture by Dr. Alan Scheflin
The History of Mind Control:
What we can prove and what we can't


A June, 1951 CIA memo says, "CIA interest is in the specific subject
of devising scientific methods of controlling the minds of

In the late 1940's, some essentially uncontrolled experimentation was
begun by various people within the CIA, and a more structured program
was also undertaken which had the name BLUEBIRD and that name was then
changed to ARTICHOKE, and under projects BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE, the
attempt was made to bring together all known knowledge of
interrogation techniques, truth serums, polygraphs and hypnosis to
create essentially an elite interrogation team with facility in all of
those endeavours, and have them do the work that would be
needed. First of all, to protect against infiltration by enemy agents,
and also to protect the minds of American agents who might get
captured by Communist individuals.

In the early 1950's, Walter Smith, the Director of Central
Intelligence in an EYES ONLY MEMO said he wanted to know the issue in
order to know the answer to the question, "...whether effective
practical techniques exist whereby an individual can be caused to
become subservient to an imposed control, and subsequently that
individual be unaware of the event." The purpose of the CIA
experiments by the early 1950's was to discover the ways to control
the minds of individuals. BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE were only one part of
it. There were other parts as well.


The goal of all 149 sub-projects was mind and behavior control. Some
of them involved botanical. Some of them involved psychosurgery and
electrical stimulation of the brain. 9 of the sub-projects involved
hypnosis. Some of the sub-projects involved things like voodoo. One of
them involved circumcision to create anxiety and then manipulate the
anxiety. Almost anything you could think of and things you wouldn't
think of were funded and studied.


Indeed, it was what happened to his father that led Harvey into
psychiatry and Harvey's conclusion is something that should be read by
everybody in the mental health field. "After all of the knowledge of
the CIA experiments, and the Army experiments and Air Force and Navy
experiments have come out, after all of what we know ... NOT A SINGLE
And indeed, this is most likely what has happened. Harvey's conclusion
is that if the professional organizations are not going to step up and
condemn this kind of experimentation, then it will be repeated and
other generations will suffer the horror that his family suffered.

Cameron's experiment was simply considered a part of a series of
brainwashing tests to regress people back to this infantile state. Now
the Greeks had sleep temples that had a similar focus, but modern
technology added to Cameron's work. He used a tape loop. He would
interview an individual. You have heard about Erikson's "power words"
... Cameron would use words that were important to his patients, and
he would program those words in messages that he would construct on
tape loops that would be played into their brain one half a million,
to a million to a million and a half times ... in fact these people
were quite literally "programmed".


The story of the intelligence agencies creating multiple personalities
to use as couriers and assassins may have begun with Estabrooks, and
indeed in CIA documents you can see Estabrooks' theories worked out
and discussed, but the genesis of the work begins in 1951 in the CIA
Office of Security where an official named Morris Allen got the idea
that CIA agents should be trained in hypnosis and in order to train
them in hypnosis, he arranged with them to go up to New York and get
training from a stage hypnotist. As soon as he and the agents got to
New York, the stage hypnotist spent an hour and a half with them,
regaling them with tales of hypnotic seduction - of how when the
hypnotist went on the road, the he would sleep with a different woman
each night - some of them he would give hypnotic hallucinations that
he was their husband, others he would use other techniques - but this
was a technique he had found very productive for his own sexual
favours. The CIA was of course delighted to hear all of this and
reported so in the documents. If he could use the technique to
manipulate people that way, this was what they wanted to learn and so
that's how they got trained.


The use of hypnosis to create multiple personalities and in general
for intelligence purposes appears in a number of confidential secret
documents just a few of which I will throw up on the screen. Some
stories have leaked out about how the CIA hid it, and they didn't tell
anybody about it. It's very simple. The CIA explodes the old theory of
hypnotic moral curb. They came to the conclusion that people can be
induced to do things that would violate their moral codes, and the
folklore that you can't get people to do things against their will was
simply untrue, and they carried those experiments further in to study
ways to create unwitting killers. CIA documents tell of a 1954 project
to create involuntary assassins. This is the end product of Morse
Allen's work. By 1954 he had exploded the moral code theory; he had
replicated all of the experiments of hypnotic coercision; and had
conducted other experiments on his own, but all of these were in fact
laboratory type experiments. He wanted to do more and see whether
operational use could be put to these principles. His group prepared a
film called, "THE BLACK ART". In the film, an "Oriental Character" is
having a drink with an American agent. A drug is surreptitiously
placed in the drink that causes the Oriental man to fall asleep. While
dozing, he is hypnotized and programmed. The CIA had already
experimented on hypnotizing people in sleep conditions and so
forth. The next scene shows the Oriental man opening a safe that
contains secret files. He removes the files and brings them to an
American agent who reinforces the hypnotic suggestion. At this point,
there is a voiceover by a narrator who asks, "Could what you have seen
been accomplished without the individual's knowledge? Yes. Against the
individual's will? Yes. With complete amnesia of performing the act?
Yes. How? Through the powers of suggestion and hypnosis."

Again by 1954, Morse Allen was pushing hard to have operational tests
of the thesis that you could construct a multiple personality and have
that personality commit crimes, come back, and have no knowledge in
the host that that act had been committed. In other words, The
Manchurian Candidate scenario had been worked out by the CIA five
years before the novel was published.

But would it work? In order to know whether it worked, you had to
conduct what Morse Allen called "terminal experiments". These were
experiments that could result in the death of the subject. The CIA
gave clearance for those experiments to be done and in reference to
one researcher who was asked if he would participate in them, he said,
"if you set up terminal experiments, I will do them for free." By
1954, the literature demonstrates that Morse Allen's concerns had
reached the higher levels of the CIA and that they were willing to
engage in a field test for the Manchurian Candidate type scenario. By
January, 1954, an ARTICHOKE memo says, "Could an individual of a
certain descent be made to perform an act of attempted assassination
involuntarily under the influence of ARTICHOKE?" Then later in the
memo it says, as a trigger mechanism for an even bigger project, the
CIA proposed that, "an individual of a certain descent, approximately
35 years old, well educated, proficient in English, and well
established socially and politically in a foreign government be
induced under ARTICHOKE to perform an act involuntarily of attempted
assassination against a prominent foreign politician or if necessary,
against an American official."

It was clear then, by summer of 1954, that the ARTICHOKE team said we
can create an artificial personality, program that personality to
conduct an assassinatiion, that assassination would occur. If in fact
the individual was captured, he would never reveal the knowledge that
he had engaged in the assassination, the host would know nothing about
the alter, the amnesia would be impenetrable, and even under torture
the host would not reveal the secrets. CIA research in many
universities around the country explored topics such as programming
people by way of telephone, whether somebody could answer a telephone,
a secret word would be given, they would slip automatically into a
trance, nobody around them would know they were in trance, they
wouldn't know they were in trance, so forth. Experiments on pain,
experiments on creating unconscious recorders, experiments were done
on whether people would commit suicide under hypnotic instructions,
and so on. Albert Mole had written one hundred years ago that it would
be possible to give people hypnotic instructions to have them commit
suicide. These were the subjects of CIA experiments. What ultimately
happened, we don't know because the government files closed up at the
point of reporting on the assassination attempts. But a year later, in
May, 1955, a top secret report called "Hypnotism and Covert Operations
begins with the following paragraph:

"Frankly I now mistrust much of was written by academic experts on
hypnotism, partly because this is because many of them seem to have
generalized from a very few cases, and partly because much of their
cautious pessimism is contradicted by Agency experimenters. But more
particularly because I have personally witnessed behavior responses
which experts have said are impossible to obtain." By l954, the
Manchurian Candidate scenario had already been thought of and was
already under operational testing.


Peter Watson's book (from England) "The Military Uses and Abuses of
Psychology" touch on but do not give in any detail the experiments
done by the CIA and Army, but do talk in general about the use of
psychology for military purposes. The classic works are of course,
Walter Bowart's book, "Operation Mind Control" which is hard to find,
and a collector's item, an extremely important book. John Marks' book,
"The Search for the Manchurian Candidate", and my book, "The Mind
Manipulators" -- these were the only three books to appear on the
subject of mind and behavior control by the CIA and the Army
experimental programs.

I want to move the story forward some more, from the CIA experiments
in the 1950's into the 1960's and beyond. The 1960's brought us a new
variation in operational utilization of the techniques of brainwashing
and sensory deprivation and so forth that had been explored in the
1940's and especially in the 1950's, and this is the religious cult


In the search for the unravelling of the human mind, mind control is
real. It has a rich history. I have only given you a fraction of the
history. We haven't touched on the physiological or pharmacological
aspects. We haven't talked about behavior modification and
conditioning techniques, and so forth, we have just concentrated on
the issues that are closer to the work that you will be doing. We
haven't talked about social influence theories in general, but the
existence of mind control its work in secret laboratories, its work in
CIA and Army experiments, its spilling over into religious cult
settings, and its use in freestanding populations are all validated
and that ought to give mind control the kind of respectability it
deserves, and give you the background to believe the kinds of stories
that your patients are telling you as at least possible. Thank you.

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Allen Barker

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