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An Experiment to do

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Dec 8 01:43:46 EST 2004

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in 
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| [...]
| [Another, analogous, thing: I've
| not read it yet, but there is an
| Article in today's [2004-12-07]
| =New York Times= "Science
| Times" section, "String Theory,
| at 20, Explains It All (or not), by
| D. Overbye, p. D1. It should be
| available on the =NYT= web site.
| I'm going to read, and discuss
| the Article's discussion. So, if
| anyone's interested in Physics,
| perhaps you'll want to jump
| over to the =NYT= web site
| http://www.nytimes.com/
| and give it a read.]

I read the Article.

I've already discussed all the stuff
that folks told the Reporter remains
unresolved -- I mean what 'string
theory' is supposed to be, but isn't.

I'd say, "Check it out", but folks
can't because the discussions have
been 'erased'.

So, there was another Article in
the same issue of the =New York
Times=, "Say the Right Name and
They Light Up", by S. Blakeslee,
p. 13 [of a special, "Retail" section].

The Article discusses "marketing
brain imaging", which is more stuff
that's correlated to my prior discus-
sion in this thread [and which has
been discussed in a long-former
thread here in b.n].

It's a Certainty that the work I've
done is being ab-used in this 'mar-
keting-scanning' stuff.

It's not only that that's Sorrow-
ful, though. Every 'time' I come
across such stuff [and it happens
a =lot=] I also know that it means
that NDT's existence will be 'buried',

It's why, all along, I've been 'jump-
ing-up-and-down', in an effort to
reach folks about =not= ab-using
NDT's stuff -- =not= because I
want to "trash" anyone, but be-cause,
once folks ab-use NDT's stuff, they
feel they "have to" "feign" 'ignorance',
lest their ab-use of it  be disclosed
[which is pretty funny because it's

My 'jumping-up-and-down' has
been solely with respect to my know-
ing how and why such would 'block'
the Communication of NDT's under-
standing to the folks on who's behalfs
the understanding was developed.

You know, the folks who are being
Killed, Maimed and Devastated in
this War or that, on all scales of

When folks ab-use NDT's under-
standing, they, subsequently, tend,
strongly, to 'cover-up' -- "feign"
'ignorance' -- acquiesce to being
Cowards who Forsake the g'zillions
of their fellow Human Beings who

It's why I'm always decrying 'profit-

Geese! Use work that was developed
to lift folks out of their Suffering to

You know?

It's what Jesus was talking about when
He asked, "What profits a man if he
gains the whole world, but loses his

Think about it, and you'll See that He
wasn't "kidding". What do folks think
is in having to be a Coward? Take
a look -- folks' Freedom of Action
'just' being given-up, so they can cov-

That Spirit-Trap is what Jesus was
talking about [along with, simultane-
ously, much-more].

But folks 'wonder', still, why the
world is such a Hate-filled place,
with suicide-Murders, bombs and
fear over-flowing where only the
Children's welfares have Right to

It happens as it's been happening
with respect to NDT's understanding.

What =can= be done is Forsaken,
and ab-used, until there's nothing left
that can be done, except more Killing,
Devastation, Bloodshed, even of folks'
own Children.

"Homo Sapiens"?

Homo Ignoramus.

K. P. Collins

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