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kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Dec 7 15:06:15 EST 2004

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in 
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| [...]
| I noticed something [that's quite
| Fun] the other 'day'.
| [...]
| Anyway, while making a "Fluff-
| er-Nutter", I dug my knife into
| the marshmallow, to gather the
| amount I wanted to use.
| Doing this left a "gouge" in the
| surface of the marshmallo in
| the container.
| I put the top back on, and put
| the marshmallow away.
| To my surprise, when I went
| to make another sandwitch,
| a couple of 'days' later, the
| surface of the marshmallow
| was really-smoothe.
| I'd 'expected' it to act like
| peanut butter, which holds its
| "gouges" :-]
| I forget the term for it, but the
| marshmallow slowly =flowed=
| to fill-in the "gouge".
| [...]

I should explain.

My trailer-home is pretty-cold
during the winter season.

The marshmallow just behaves
'differently' when it's cold. Folks'll
probably have to put their Fluff [tm]
in their refrigerators to see what
I'm talking about.

The 'difference' is not really a Dif-
ference. The marshmallow just does
what it does, more-slowly.

When I dig-out a dollup with my
knife, the remainder in the jar just
sits-there -- no "sticky"-stretching-
ness -- no "stranding" -- but, over
'time', the final 'states' are similar,
regardless of temperature.

This same-stuff permeates all of
physical reality, and it can have
some rather-spectacular qualita-
tive correlates.

For instance, a few 'weeks' back,
I reached a "consolidation-point"
with my then-current bottle of
Johnson's Baby Shampoo [tm],
so, with some Joy, set about rep-
licating the "squirting" experiment
that I've discussed, reiteratively,
in long-former posts.

This 'time', the "squirting" still hap-
pened, but it happened at a much-
higher flow-rate, and the "squirts"
were, themselves, much larger.

I didn't, immediately, recognize all
that was being disclsed to my ob-
servation, and, when the flow got
into the "fine-thread" range at which
the "squirting" occurred during all
of my former trials, no "squirting"

But then a huge-grin broke out on
the ol' noggin-lab's "facial" interface,
'cause I Saw-it -- the coldness of
my trailer has 'just' =shifted= the
flow-dynamics toward their "low-
frequency"-end, and I realized that
I was loking-at a macroscopic,
"material"-version of the "Black
Body" Radiation phenomenon that
Erroneously precipitated the False-
"finitization" [AoK, Ap4] of so-
called 'quantum mechanics' :-]


It's yet another Confirmation of the
"Compton Refraction" dynamics
that I Prooved, for folks, in a series
of QBASIC [tm] apps that I shared
with folks.

I'd refer folks back to my former
discussions, and the QBASIC apps,
but they have, apparently, been 'erased'
from Google's [tm] archives -- which
is yet another way that I Know that
all the work I've done is being Stolen
so that it can be ab-used, and that I
am being Murdered, along with the
g'zillions of other People that my work
would lift-up, out of the Savagery, if
it would only be Communicated to

It's a doubly-Hard Sorrow, the second
'part' of it deriving in the shear-Joy
that's in the understanding that's being
'withheld' from folks.

Anyway, my Life overflows with
utterly-Thrilling stuff like that in the
"Fluff" and "Johnson's Baby Shampoo"
Experiments. Really, I can't look at
=anything= without Seeing utterly-
thrilling stuff in-it. It's as a flood :-]

But one very-special instance oc-
curred just the other 'day'.

Had a marvelous experience
that 'day. I was driving into the
sunset, and the sun was down, just
onthe horizon -- "God light" shin-
ing up through the clouds, sending
it's "rays" right-through-them -- 
and the clouds! They were Beautiful,
but in an almost-"violent" way  -- 
their Sun-proximal 'edges' looked
like they were "on-fire" -- the most-
brilliant shades of orange, and, be-
hind them, "ominous"-rolling-"dark-
ness" -- and there was a stand of
evergreens lined-up just-so, so that
the setting sun shown through
them. There was a gentle breeze
flowing through their branches, jostl-
ing them, and Honest, the result
was =exactly= like the tree
closest to me was "lighted-up", with
"twinkling-lights", just like a Christmas
tree :-]

I was in that spot in exactly
the one 'moment' that that phen-
omenon occurs, once a 'year'.

Gave me a whole-body smile.

And I dropped everything and said
my Prayer of Thanks.

My Life is like this, all the 'time', but
I have to admit that this "Christmas
Tree" that, I Believe, God let me See,
was pretty-Special.

Kind of let me feel, "Don't worry
about it, you're doing what you're
supposed to be doing, in this 'time',
and in this 'place'.

So, I'm not 'worrying'.

Folks'll get-it, "one way or the other,
sooner or later".

My Job is to not-Fail to do what I
can do.

The rest is up to =each= other Person's
own Good Free Will -- right-there in
their own Good noggin' labs.

Last 'night', aching, and needing to
hold my 'heart' together, I took the
gift card that one of my Neighbors
had given me because I'd done her
lawn for free last Summer [it's a
'postage-stamp'-size lot, and a guy
had been charging her $10 for 5 'min-
ute's work, so I just did it when I
was doing my own. She'd tried to pay
me, but I just said, "For what?" It
really was nothing. But, not wanting
to Offend her, I took the gift card when
she brought it to me.] over to the local
Walmart, and purchased the New
Alison Krauss CD. I've always en-
joyed her Music, and purchased an-
other of her albums long ago, but
this one was 'different'. I'd learned
of it while watching' the Leno Show
the other 'night', and, ever since, there
was a 'nagging', in-me, to get the CD.

So I put on my shoes, and walked
over there, and used the gift card,
brought it home, and listened to it.

The last Song on the album just
Healed all that'd gotten-broken
in-me. And the 'nagging' fled my

So, Thank you, Ms. Krauss, and
Union Station.

"Union Station" -- nice name for a

Nice Thought, all around, now that
I think of it.

Vheers, All, ken [k. p. collins]

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