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Mon Dec 6 09:20:45 EST 2004

Necessary Clarification, below.

I'm going to keep the whole
context, because this stuff
needs to be dealt-with of-a-

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|| [...]
|| One more thing -- the "special top-
|| ological homeomorphism" embod-
|| ies a =single= 'surface.
| This's why "Consciousness" is 'norm-
| ally' experienced as a unified-whole.
|| The inter-mapped "Mobius"-strip-
|| like stuff is tuned in 3-D from the
|| global scale all the way down to
|| sub-ionic scale, which is what
|| "loop-circuit-tuning" is.
|| [...]
| This's how [and why] "aspects"
| of "Consciousness" can be, and are,
| variable -- various subsystems are
| either being included-within, or ex-
| cluded-from' 'momentary' "Con-
| sciousness", and/or their sub-sys-
| tem configurations are being in-
| ternally configured and tuned -- 
| as is discussed throughout AoK
| [an easy example is the discussion
| of the amygdala's low-'level'
| "sypersystem configuration" dyn-
| amics in Ap5 with respect to
| a nervous system's "novelty"
| threshold].
| This is analogous to dynamically
| adding or subtracting, and/or set-
| ting the dimensions of, individual
| "Mobius strips", which results in
| modifications to the one-surface
| unified-whole's Topology, which
| results in some things becoming
| relatively-well-optimized ["ob-
| vious" within "cognition"] and other
| things being relatively-less-optim-
| ized [being "configured"-out of
| on-going cognition, relatively - for
| instance, gating "Joy", while block-
| ing Sorrow, or configuring walking
| behavior, or "language", or "active"
| or "passive" information-processing
| phases [AoK, Ap5 and 7].
| As is discussed in AoK, Ap9,
| the various pharmacological sub-
| stances exist =solely= for the
| purpose of simplifying the stuff
| I discussed above. That is, the
| various pharmacological sub-
| stances literally have =nothing=
| to do with information-content,
| or knowing, within nervous sys-
| tems. They are analogous to
| "good engineering" of a system
| that can be designed in many
| different ways, or a computer
| algorithm that can be written
| in many different ways, but
| only 'one' way that approaches
| an Optimal condition.

The Problem that the Biology of
nervous systems embodies is with
respect to the neural Topology's
becoming varied as a direct re-
sult ["effect"] of  [cause] the
activation that actually occurs
within nervous systems.

The Biology embodies growth of
this directly-guided-by-actual-act-
ivation kind.

This's a neat Problem [which
is worked-out in NDT -- it's the
one way flow of energy, from
order to disorder, that is what's
been referred to as 2nd Thermo,
[WDB2T], all the way down], but
it's one that's =very-different= from
what's been the traditional Neuro-
pharmacological emphasis.

The traditional emphasis, which
'looks for the brain in' the pharm-
acology, is 'just' so much 'alch-
emy' -- so much 'blind' wasting
of resources -- because what's
'being looked for' =isn't= in the

What's being 'looked for' is in
the neural Topology. [All Biol-
ogy is force-Topology, and it
all reduces directly to WDB2T.]

| Of course one can manipulate
| pharmacological aspects of
| this "engineering-design", and
| because doing so can modify
| the neural Topology, doing so
| can modify nervous-system
| function -- in the same way
| that one can alter any engin-
| eering design or the code im-
| plementing a computer algor-
| ithm.

It's not "Impossible" to augment
the efficiency of nervous systems
via pharmacological "intervention",
but this 'problem' is an exceeding-
ly-Difficult one, be-cause it can
=only= be achieved in a way that
replicates evolutionary dynamics'
operating-on-the-whole, preserves
the neural Topology, preserves
the pharmacological-embodiment
of trophic-modifications to the
neural Topology that are direct-
ly-correlated to neural activation
that actually occurs within nerv-
ous systems, while doing =every-
thing= better.

It doesn't do to 'pluck one thing"
out of the whole, alter that, and
'think' that one is actually doing
something that "enhances" nerv-
ous system function.

Such is analogous to changing
the engineering design of a part,
replacing a part in an automobile
with the altered part, and expect-
ing the automobile to remain a
functional whole.

This can be done, but =only=
to the degree that the replace-
ment part =preserves= the func-
tionality of the automobile as a
whole within its enhancement.

To do this with respect to nerv-
ous systems requires the "wis-
dom" of the Evolutionary-'En-
gineer', with respect to the

Get it?

This stuff matters be-cause ev-
eryone knows that 'drugs' are
being used in ways that do not
preserve the whole of nervous
systems' functionalities.

So-called "anti-depressants",
for instance, literally eliminate
the 'engineered'-in function-
ality of the mechanism of what
has been referred to as "depres-
sion" -- which leaves folks using
"anti-depressants" unable to re-
cover from "mis-takes", so they
'move away from' Truth, 'blissfully'.
[For further discussion, see AoK,

But that doesn't do anything that's
worthy of being done.

[NOTE: In this addendum, I'm
=not= talking about Medicine's
efforts against disease, whatever
it's form.

I'm talking about 'efforts' that re-
sort to foisting 'drugs' upon ful-
ly-functional, 'normal' nervous
systems, to 'seek profits', and
not to actually do anything use-
ful within nervous systems.

It's hard to think of anything
that's more-reprehensible than
this 'profit seeking' is.

It's sort of like allowing a chimp-
anzee work on one's automobile.
The chimp doesn't know any-
thing about automobile mechan-

And neither do these folks who
'seek profits' through the foisting
of 'drugs' upon 'normal' nervous

It's Disgusting that such happens
within 'civilized society'.

I'm also "pushing" this stuff, today,
because it's also Unfortunate that
the "chemical-soup" hypothesis,
that's coerced upon Students, is
'just' False, and has literally 'blind-
ed' folks working in Neuroscience
to the neural Topology that, when
its Seen, just discloses everything
that's going-on within nervous sys-

One of the main things that's 'blocked'
NDT's coming-forward has been
the prevailing 'allegience' to the
'chemical-soup' view of nervous
system function.

It's False, but everyone's been
banded-together to perpetuate it.

Folks give each other mutual TD E/I-
minimization, while, all the while,
'moving away from' Truth.

And woe to any who just Honor
Truth -- rather than just doing
Science with one, they literally starve
you to death.

Then, in the artificially-maintained
result, they say, "See? We must
be right because he died without
getting his work published."


Funny story: I heard part of one of
the amusing annecdotes that NPR
inserts at the beginning of its early
news segments. This one was some-
thing about a bomb amongst peace
signs [must've been 'art'(?)]. So the
moment came, but the bomb didn't
go off. Guess the peace signs are
still out-there :-]

And I laughed right out loud when
I read "Shoe" in the Sunday Comics
section 'yesterday' [2004-12-05].

"Me too :-]

The rest of this post is the same
as the last one. [One typo fixed.]

ken [k. p. collins]

| When considering nervous sys-
| tems, it's =necessary= to keep-
| straight the difference between
| such engineering-optimization
| stuff and the =net= functionality,
| which is unified-consciousness,
| which derives =solely= in the
| neural Topology and TD E/I-
| minimization within it.
| The specificities of the various
| pharmacological substances
| are superfluous. Except as is
| discussed in AoK, Ap9, =any=
| substances that maintained the
| same neural Topology would
| work just as well.
| For instance a 'brain' could be
| engineered using only two trans-
| mitters, but it would be huge,
| slow, and energy-inefficient.
| Neuropharmacology is =100%=
| engineering-efficiency.
| It has exactly-Zero relevance
| to information-content and 'know-
| ing'.
| Nervous systems are Topolog-
| ically-embodie[d] systems, not
| 'chemically-embodied systems'.
| The latter view, which has, of
| course, been the long-prevailing
| view, is =just= a 'modern' form
| of 'alchemy' that is Erroneous
| AoK, Ap4: "False finitization"].

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