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An Experiment to do

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Dec 6 09:20:42 EST 2004

One further note, below.

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in 
news:KIMsd.93888$7i4.38610 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| [...]
| The externally-observable "slowing"
| is due to the increased information-
| processing that is occurring within
| the nervous system, and consists of
| relatively-rapid ["counterbalancing"]
| sensory- and motor-dominance ["pas-
| sive-" and "active-"] "phase shifting"
| during which convergence upon TD
| E/I-minimization occurs.
| The 1. ['moving toward'] and 2. ['mov-
| ing away from'] alternatives are literal-
| ly being "sifted" :-]
| But these rather-wonderful [and ex-
| ceedingly-powerful] dynamics are
| still 'just' 1. and 2. It's just that 1. and
| 2. are being relatively-rapidly "counter-
| balanced". The externally-observable
| "slowness" occurs be-cause the inter-
| nal processing is happening at rates
| with respect to which behavior can-
| not keep-up.
| [...]

The "counterbalancing" is massively-
parallel, with g'zillions of 1. 'moving
toward' and 2. 'moving away from'
dynamics happening simultaneously.

TD E/I is relatively-high, and extern-
al manifestations become "quieted"
be-cause there's relatively-very-
much going-on, internally, and no
TD E/I-minimization that's "worth
talking about", =yet=. That will
happen, eventually, if only the
nervous system "hangs-in" with
"Thought" -- which is why a
nervous system's "volitional dim-
inishing-returns decision" thresh-
old [AoK, Ap7] is important -- 
why it should be set as high as
the nervous system can endure.

The most-common thing is, how-
ever, that nervous systems opt
to break-out of Thought by
"configuring" [AoK, Ap5 and
Ap7] themselves to do "pas-
time" stuff -- =not= "Release"
after getting "the problem" ro-
bustly set-up, which 'moves
toward' resolution of the prob-
lem, but active 'moving away
from' allowing "the problem"
being set-up. Such maintains
"volitional diminishing-returns
decision" thresholds at rela-
tively-low 'levels', and is
accompanied by superficial
external observables that
"feign" 'well-being'. But such
occurs =only= at a cost in
overall problem-solving cap-
ability, which accumulates
across populations that val-
ue superficial-appearances,
thereby creating a volitional
condition of societal-decline.
The essence of this is that the
information-processing pow-
er that is innate within nervous
systems 'avoids' solving the
problems that exist within
their host organisms' extern-
al experiential realities, and
this doesn't work be-cause
Truth does what it does, any-
way -- the TD E/I(up) that
occurs internally literally em-
bodies Truth's 'wispering'
of it's 'secret' stuff to nerv-
ous systems, and even if this
'wispering' is 'moved away
from', Truth keeps right on
'whispering', so TD E/I just
keeps right-on increasing.

Truth's 'whispering' - 'heard'
in the its driving of sensory
neural dynamics continuous-
ly, disrupts [of course, more-
so, or less-so, over 'time'] the
TD E/I-minimization that has
been previously converged-
upon. This creates, and aug-
ments, internalized "biological
mass" conflicts, which are
what "TD E/I(up)" is. So, if
a nervous system 'moves a-
awy from' TD E/I-minimiza-
tion with respect to such, the
nervous system still does as
much information-process-
ing work, but TD E/I 'just'
continues to build [this's
why so many folks're turning
to 'drugs' -- they want to
'blank-out' Truth's 'wisper-
ing' within them.

That's when things begin to
=really= go-down the waste-
shute, all manner of stuff that
Truth has bid a population to
do is left undone, TD E/I aug-
ments across the population,
and the population rends itself

Look and see -- it's been a
variation of this stuff that's
brought about the decline of
every once-dominant 'civiliza-
tion', throughout History.

In the U. S. 'a.', folks've even
come to, qiuite-uniformly, 'rid-
icule' problem-solvers. This is-
n't "humor". What it is is the
type of 'moving away from'
work that I wrote of, above.

It's "inverted" [AoK, Ap4] with
respect to Truth.

And it's exceedingly-Sorrowful
stuff -- kind of a collective ver-
sion of a News report I heard
[and viewed] 'years' ago. A
section of a bridge had dropped
down into the river below, and
folks were driving off the edge.

A motorist, seeing the danger,
had managed to stop in 'time',
and had gone back to warn

The reports told of this motor-
ist's being given the "one-fing-
er salute" by an occupant of
a high-zoot automobile that,
subsequently, drove of the
edge, to its own destruction.

Truth, and its constant aug-
menting of TD E/I within
nervous systems is like this.

Nervous systems 'move away
from' it at their own Peril.

Why not "swim" up that "stream"?

[I wasn't going to get-into this
stuff -- was going to only clar-
ify the "massive-parallelness",
but, as I was writing that brief
note, Truth 'wispered' to me,
so I reiterated this other stuff.

You know -- "Honor Truth".

Further note [to some folks]
Truth's " 'wispering' " is in
abstract TD E/I, not 'voices' :-]

Anyway, it's important to See
the way the massive-parallelness
works during Thought.

k. p. collins 

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