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An Experiment to do

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun Dec 5 18:20:10 EST 2004


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|| [...]
| 1. and 2. are actually the Same-
|| Stuff -- 'just' 'blindly'-automated
|| TD E/I-minimization left uncom-
|| prehended, but, in that absence-
|| of-understanding, nervous system
|| function becomes 'blindly' and
|| automatically aligned, subjectively,
|| to divide all that is experienced
|| into the two main "categories"
|| that are discussed in AoK, Ap4 -- 
|| 1. stuff that can be "finitized" [TD
|| E/I-minimized] by 'moving toward',
|| and 2. stuff that can be "finitized"
|| by 'moving away from'.
|| That's all there is. It's an either-or
|| dynamic.
|| [...]
| [...]

=BUT=, the behavioral observables cor-
related to 1. and 2. can be =greatly=
slowed-down, which is what happens
under the control of "volition" [AoK,
Ap7], and, more-critically, when nerv-
ous-system dynamics "enter" the "zone
of randomness" [AoK, Ap4].

This "slowing" is discussed as "stalling"
in AoK, Ap5 and Ap7, and is always
correlated to relatively-increased TD
E/I within the neural Topology.

The externally-observable "slowing"
is due to the increased information-
processing that is occurring within
the nervous system, and consists of
relatively-rapid ["counterbalancing"]
sensory- and motor-dominance ["pas-
sive-" and "active-"] "phase shifting"
during which convergence upon TD
E/I-minimization occurs.

The 1. ['moving toward'] and 2. ['mov-
ing away from'] alternatives are literal-
ly being "sifted" :-]

But these rather-wonderful [and ex-
ceedingly-powerful] dynamics are
still 'just' 1. and 2. It's just that 1. and
2. are being relatively-rapidly "counter-
balanced". The externally-observable
"slowness" occurs be-cause the inter-
nal processing is happening at rates
with respect to which behavior can-
not keep-up.

An observer would say that she/he
is observing "thoughtful contemplation",
and such stuff =is= literally that.

But it's still 'just' 1. and 2., above.

Part of why NDT's understanding is
useful is that it lifts one's nervous sys-
tem function up out of the tyranny of
'blindly'-automated "supersystem
configuration" [AoK, Ap5] thresholds,
which allows folks to "think" when
'fear' would, absent the understanding,
"compell" them to resort to "fight/flight"
behaviors -- which, literally, 'move
away from" Thinking.

This stuff is all very-Beautiful, and has
huge-Meaning with respect to Human
interactive dynamics, so it's worth do-
ing the work inherent in comprehending
it [in developing "biological mass" [AoK,
Ap5] that embodies it within nervous

My "problem" is that it's all been gently
communicated in AoK, all along, so I
don't know how it's "difficult" for folks
to understand. I don't know how to
say it better. Folks've never asked any
questions with respect to what's discus-
sed in AoK, or with respect to my on-
line discussions.

I've asked to be allowed to meet with
folks, in-person, =solely= for the pur-
pose of working-through this one thing -- 
not the stuff that's the subject of this
post, but the problem of its being in
AoK, but folks' not getting-it from
AoK's discussion.

I've not been able to get anything
Published. The Need for the com-
munication of NDT's stuff is great,
so I just want to do what needs to
be done so that all the "impediments"
to understanding can be Removed.
[The requirement for "Fair Witnesses"
is just to assure that Communication
will, in fact, occur, which my exper-
ience has shown to be a Necessary
"precaution" -- with respect to some
folks, and their ab-use of NDT's
stuff. I'm not out to "condemn" these
folks, but I cannot stand-by while
their Choices 'lock' the understand-
ing away from all others.]

Anyway, all there is are 1. and 2.,
but 1. and 2. can, and often do,
"counterbalance", within extreme-
ly-rapid dominance-shifts, which
is what "Thought" is.

ken [k. p. collins]

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