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Sun Dec 5 10:23:20 EST 2004

"Mikael Bonnier" <mikaelb at df.lth.se> wrote in message news:cotj07$1p8$1 at news.lth.se...
> [I am an amateur and this is a senior high school level paper. English 
> is not my first language. Please report errors.]

Hej Mikael,

Ett trivialt påpekande är att man på Engelska skriver: 
"the sending _neuron's_ axon" (eller, i plural, many _neurons'_ axons).

I allmänhet tycker jag att många neurologiskt förankrade eller relaterade 
tolkningar av forskningresultat bör tas med en nypa salt. 

> Nicotine is a caricature of acetylcholine and binds only to one receptor 
> compared to acetylcholine that binds to many. Nicotine gives a stressed 
> condition, 

It specifically stimulates a part of the brain that during a stressed state focuses 
AND helps to block-out a sense of distress (or emotional suffering). 

> Ecstasy and 
> Prozac gives a sense of happiness because they increase the availability 
> of serotonin.

Consider the possibility that a truly contented person may not 
derive much addictive pleasure from such drugs. ;-) 

> The reason why one can be addicted to drugs is that the natural 
> sensitivity to a transmitter diminishes when one uses artificial 
> transmitters or prevents natural transmitters to be absorbed. Drug use 
> can also lead to that the production of the transmitter diminishes 
> because the neurons that are forced to overproduce the transmitter die. 
> One enters a spiral where one must increase the use of the drug in order 
> to achieve the same effect.

Consider the same (neuro)psychological premise.
M.a.o., en frånvaro av "primal pain" eller CCKHHURSES - "Conditioned-in Chronically 
Kept (selectively synaptically) Hibernated, Hence Unconsciously Remembered, Stressors [of SHITS-type] 
Effecting Symptoms.  


> The production of dopamine 
> is promoted if there are big amino acid molecules in the blood, which 
> you get by eating foods rich in protein e.g. fish. 

You may have meant to write tyrosine.(?)

> The production of 
> serotonin is promoted if there is the amino acid l-tryptophan and 
> glucose in the blood. L-tryptophan is one of the building blocks in 
> serotonin and can be found in pasta, popcorn and chicken. To get a 
> higher and stable level of glucose you can eat food rich in starch. You 
> sleep better if you have a lower level of dopamine and thus it is better 
> to eat food more rich in starch in the evening.

Complex carbohydrates is less likely to rapidly boost our energy level, but that is as far as 
I would dare to interprete this advice about the benefit of a starchy meal before bedtime. ;-) 
> Substances in green and to some extent black tea seems to inhibit the 
> enzyme that breaks down dopamine and can also prevent the manufacture of 
> faulty transmitters, plaques, which is the problem in Alzheimer's disease.

I would add a lot of salt to that last bit of speculation. ;-)

Inte bara kan forskares egna tolkningar av deras egna forskningsresultat 
vara så förenklade eller delvisa att de är i stort sett är
missledande. Än värre, vetenskapares tolkningar kan också vara ett utslag av att vi 
(människor i allmänhet) har, pga hur vårt naturliga urval 
is stort sätt (eller i princip) gick till, INTE vare sej vill eller kan förmå oss att föstå djupa och grundläggande 
samband mellan: våra medfödda instinkter; vad vi i vår uppväxt erfar och lär oss (oberoende av någon språkförmåga); 
och våra helt eller delvis därav uppkommna framtida (neuro)psykologiska (personlighetsrynkor) och (psyko)somatiska 
problem/symptomer, mm.    

[Från det ena till det andra tycker jag att du har great taste in music! :-)

Och kanske var det din great grandmother som jag hyrde rum från på Djurgården 
i flera månader 1972/73 när jag gick på Ackis. Och kanske var det din en förälder (eller uncle eller aunt) som hon 
bjöd in mej att ha några måltider tillsammans med?]


Partly inspired by MAD (cold war shaming acronym), I arrived at EPT
[e.g: eclectically Explanatory perversely Pert
philosophical Terminology] and by concEPTual lenses/tools saw/grasped how
and why AEVASIVE preoccupations (personalities) normally preclude making
in dEPTh sense (of themselves).
In the acronym for, Ambiadvantageously Evolved 'V-word' (e.g. Vital, Veritable or Vexed) 
Actention Selection (System) Involving Various Endoopiates, AS(S) stand for how we
think/emote/behave based on our individual repertoire of competing {by
mutual inhibition) whilst cheered and booed {by current and past
environmental influences) "actention modules", & AE refer to the didactic
division of the Evolutionary Pressure Totality into relevant dialectic
lifetime juxtapositions of:
1. Opportunity
2. Adversity - here especially SHITS [Synaptic Hibernation Imploring
{naturally selective AND 'motivating' of selective unconsciousness)
Traumatic {also tardily so) Situations] normally repercussively retained as
CURSES type memory aka "Pain" (Janov)

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