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Why 'Un-Boxing' Knowledge Is Important

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sat Dec 4 00:14:41 EST 2004

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in 
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| [...]
| You see? When you connect the
| "boxed" stuff to a Student's ex-
| perience, then the Student's
| nervous system 'just' "lights-up",
| connecting the =entirety= of the
| Student's experience with the
| "boxed" stuff.
| [...]

Why what I'm discussing is Important:

I just watched a local Newscast. For
crimes he's committed, a Young man
was given 4 eight+ 'years' sentences,
to be served consecutively.

See? The =PROBLEM= is that Child-
ren experience 'education' as getting-
stuffed-into 'boxes', so they 'just' 'move
away from' this 'boxed' stuff, while
'moving toward' the merely-'familiar'
stuff that exists all around them within
their experiential environments.

Get it?

Be-cause absence-of-understanding
with respect to how nervous systems
work =permeates everything= within
'everyone's experiential environments,
our Children 'perceive' the merely-'fam-
iliar' stuff within their experiential envir-
onmnets as 'being good'. They're 'blind-
ly'-and-automatically [literally] attracted
to that stuff, even though all it is is hap-
hazardly-accumulated stuff that's been
handed-down, intergenerationally, go-
ing all the way back to Ancient 'times'.

This leaves our Children able to disting-
uish, but unequipped to do so.

The ability is innate within all 'normal'
nervous systems. What's been [ubiqui-
tously] allowed to go-missing is the
understanding that enables the innate

The remedy is Simple -- just give our
Children understanding with respect
to how their nervous systems process
information in a way that leaves them
'thinking' that whatever has become
relatively-'familiar' to them is 'good',
and whatever is relatively-'unfamiliar'
to them is 'bad'.

And the easiest way to do this is to
Un-Box Education by connecting
what's Taught to Students' exper-

=Light= those 'fires'-of-wanting-to-
'move toward'-Learning.

You know -- instead of 'thinking'
that 'ticking-off' 'boxed' stuff is a
'sufficient' form of 'education'.

It isn't.

=Connect= the 'boxed' stuff to
Students' experiences.

What a Teacher wants to lift Stu-
dents up to is Awareness with re-
spect to the way that merely-'fam-
iliar' stuff Deceives them into =not-
Learning= the stuff that they'll =need=
in their future Living.

And the only way to do that is to
Teach every Student how and why
nervous systems process information
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mini-

And that's =not= "hard". I've done
it, with great success, with Junior
High School Students. One just has
to understand their relative-experience,
and speak from =that= 'level'.

Everything that's necessary has been
in AoK all along.

Teach Students how their nervous
systems make 'decisions' that are
based =solely= upon topologically-
distributed ratios of excitation to
inhibition; how "biological mass"
develops as a direct consequence
of the neural activation that actual-
ly occurs within their nervous sys-
tems. Use =this= to lift your Stu-
dents up in understanding of why
what they Choose to experience
Matters -- to show them that it's
Important to Choose to exper-
ience stuff that approaches, little-
by-little, what they will want to
experience in their futures -- be-
cause it's the stuff that they ex-
perience 'now' that builds, within
their nervous systems, the capabil-
ities that will Determine what they
will experience in their futures.

And so forth.

See? When everything's left in
little-'boxes', with Students be-
ing left not-understanding what's
going-on in their nervous systems,
one can tell them that they'll "need
this stuff", and that it'll determine
their futures", but Youngsters just
'blank that out' be-cause they hear
it as just more of the "admonition"
stuff that they get from all Adults.

But when they are given the facts
about nervous system function,
they can =See= how Choice leads
directly to what they'll, subsequently

You don't have to turn them into

Tell them how "curiosity" works -- 
you know -- tell them about the
antelope feeding in some high grass,
and how the way its nervous system's
attention is attracted to novel move-
ment of the grass, and how that al-
lows the antelope to know the dir-
ection in which to 'move' [run] in
order to escape the attack of the
lion that's sneaking-up in the grass.

AoK has a useful collection of such
teaching-examples. Use them to
convey the gist of nervous system
function to Students.

Else they 'just' 'move away from'
getting 'stuffed-into-boxes' while
in School, stumble into becoming
'familiar' with this or that, and what-
ever it is feels 'good' to them -- 
even if it'll get them 4 consecutive
8-'year' prison terms.

You know?

Work to lift Students out of 'blind-
ly'-automated mode.

Develop your own way of doing

Just don't 'throw-boxed-stuff' at
them, and leave them 'blind' to
everything else.

Show them how and why their
Learning Matters in their exper-

And the =only= way to actually
=do= that is through giving them
understanding of how and why
their nervous systems work.

Sure, it's "hard" to have to "go-
first" [to have to do this when do-
ing it is so 'unfamiliar], but it just
needs to be done.

We're Losing our Children to "the
beast", "Abstract Ignorance".

They're maturing, in this 'shrinking'
world, in which the means to Dev-
astate Humanity is increasing, ac-
celeratingly, gaining Leadership,
and Losing-Children more.

So it just needs to be done.

k. p. collins 

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