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More with respect to 'Boxed Knowledge'

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri Dec 3 16:03:16 EST 2004

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in
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| [...]
|[BTW, 'normal' Educational
| dynamics actually "throttle-down"
| this innate functionality, be-cause
| of the way that everything's stuffed
| into little 'boxes'. Students can't
| =just= Learn. They 'have to' Learn
| what's prescribed in the course-
| requirements, which, since all that
| stuff is already stuffed into little-
| 'boxes', 'forces' Students to Learn
| how to stuff stuff into little 'boxes',
| which "bans" the sort of "explore-
| everything" stuff that I'm discussing
| in this post. To be fair, Education
| couldn't feel Free to teach in such
| an open-ended way be-cause, ab-
| sent understanding of how and
| why nervous systems process in-
| formation via 'blindly'-automated
| TD E/I-minimization, Teachers
| remained unable to give Students
| the stuff of self-control-in-the-
| midst-of "exploring-everything".]
| [...]
| You know -- everyone's been stuffed
| into little 'boxes'. This occurs at Great
| Cost in Humanity-wide-absence-of-
| Discovery.
| [...]

It's not hard to remedy this problem.

The biggest part of the problem de-
rives in the absence-of-understand-
ing that's prevailed with respect to
nervous systemfunction.

The "boxed" stuff is =Necessary=
["of course"].

But, because of the absence-of-
understanding with respect to nerv-
ous system function, Teachers tend,
strongly, to treat "boxed knowledge"
as "the whole" of what's being taught.

This happens as a result of the dif-
ferent 'levels' of relative TD E/I-
minimization that Teacher and
Student have attained with re-
spect to the 'subject matter'. [A
sinister case occurs when a
'teacher' 'interprets' this Teacher-
Student TD E/I-minimization
differential as an instance of
When this happens [and it hap-
pens relatively-often], the Student
is, literally, 'moved away from'.
I've witnessed 'teachers' literally
=Slaying= Students' abilities-to-
Learn in this way -- for the sake
of Weltanschauung-'proving', in
which the TD E/I-differential is
Falsely 'interpreted' to 'indicate'
'superiority', when all it is is an in-
stance of differing-TD E/I that's
due to the huge quantity of exper-
ience that the 'teacher' has already
gained from his/her Living, relative
to Students' "experiential totals"
[AoK, Ap8].

=Work= to understand how all
of this reduces to 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization, so
you'll not do this in your Teaching
Responsibilities. [To be fair, it hap-
pens, a =lot=, within =all= forms
of Human interaction. An extreme
case was in the Terrorists' attacks
upon America, but =all= resort to
Violence reduces to the Same-

But such extreme cases Pale in
significance when the =ubiquity=
of 'blindly'-automated Weltan-
schauung-'proving' is explored.

Consider, for instance, the stuff
of the "commercialization of
Christmas" that's much in the News
these 'days'.

It happens because, in absence-
of-understanding of how and why
nervous systems process informa-
tion via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization, folks tend, strongly,
to do relatively-little real Explora-
tory TD E/I-minimization. Instead,
folks tend strongly to just take this
or that that's already known, and
"tweak" it. And doing so gives folks
a little advantage in 'status' -- in a
way that's =exactly= analogous to
"peacock's-tail" stuff :-]

But, since each person's "exper-
iential total" [AoK, Ap8] is indiv-
idually-unique [being the by-prod-
uct of each person's individually-
unique TD E/I-minimization dur-
ing their individually-unique ex-
perience], this "peacock's-tail"
stuff is spread over the complete
realm of Human experience.

In cases such as the "commerc-
ialization" of Christmas, what's
happening is that folks whose
experience [and TD E/I-mini-
mization] had developed most-
specifically with respect to 'finan-
cial' dynamics, do little tweaks
[their 'familiar' version of the
ubiquitous "peacock's-tail" stuff]
within the realm of 'financial' dyn-
amics. It's be-cause these folks
posess the vast majority of 'money'
that their "peacock's-tail" stuff
acts so 'powerfully' upon the
stuff of Christmas.

It's what Jesus was talking about
when He said ~"Where your
treasure is, there will your heart
be, also." [Yes, Jesus is an Econ-
omist, too, and, here, he was Warn-
ing folks about the way 'hearts'
become Disconnected from phys-
ical reality by their "fixating" on
'treasure' that brings them only
"misery" -- How so? Well, when
'hearts' see only 'money', they re-
main 'blind' to what they could,
otherwise, do to "love their neigh-
bors", "do good to those who
persecute you", be the "good
Samaritan" [even though you are
a "foreigner" [one who is 'unfam-
iliar' to others], ect. -- everything
that Jesus said speaks to this one
set of things that, when one looks,
one finds is right-in the way nerv-
ous systems, absent the Treasure
of understanding that Jesus Gave
to Humanity, 'blindly' and auto-
matically do :-] Look and See for
yourself. It's all plain-as-day-vis-
ible in Jesus' Teaching. Anyway,
when 'hearts' remain 'blind' to
what's right-there, within physical
reality, they don't do what they
can do, and this not-doing-what-
they-can-do =always= results in
Savagery like the Terrorists' attacks,
Suicide-Murders, War, Devastation,
Destruction, Death and Suffering
all-around -- you know -- "man's
inhumanity to man".

It's be-cause folks've remained
not-understanding the physical
reality of their nervous systems
that their "peacock's-tail" stuff
wreaks such Havoc within their
own 'living'. That's why I always
use single quotes around " 'pow-
er' ". To date, 'power' has been
Powerless with respect to all the
stuff that actually matters.

And the "commercialization" of
Christmas is pretty-much the
Penultimate example of the case

Don't get me wrong. Giving stuff
to others is Fun. It's Joy is built-
right-into our nervous systems.

It's good, though, to take care
in one's Giving.

[The wellspring of "giving gifts"
in celebration of Christmas de-
rives in Christian Belief that, in
Jesus, God became Incarnate,
literally, through a Giving of "Him-
self" to Humanity. The practice
of "giving gifts" at Christmas de-
veloped out of early Christians
being lifted-up in the spirit of
what they Believe is God's Giving
to them. Which is 'just' what hap-
pens, via 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization when one
is made-Rich as the early-Christ-
ians Believed they were. It's the
Same-Stuff that folks with a lot
of 'money' do, but there's no 'money'
involved. Which is why Christianity
Flourished. Folks got-it with re-
spect to what does, and does
not, constitute Treasure, and their
'hearts' became aligned, corres-
pondingly, with the result that
the Peace that Jesus Taught,
Flourished amongst early-Christ-

Jesus wasn't "kidding".]

Anyway, the "antidote" to the
problem of the "boxed" stuff is to
use understanding with respect to
how and why nervous systems
process information via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization
as a Guide -- to =Know= all
that's inherent in TD E/I-differ-
entials, to =Know=, before-
hand, about what folks' 'fears'
will be when TD E/I-differentials
exist within interactive dynamics,
and to do the work, =up-front=,
=before= the bullets [physical or
cognitive] are in-the-air, to be
=Prepared= with the means to
Guide folks to TD E/I-minimiza-
tion. Of course, folks who Dare
to presume to attain Political
Leadership positions need this

The "boxed" stuff has to be taught,
but that's not sufficient.

Teach the "boxed" stuff, but, as
I discussed in an earlier post,
=connect= what's in the "boxes"
with as much of Students' =exper-
iences= as you can.

You know?

Say you're a Maths Teacher.
Every problem that you use
to teach methods and techniques
should be cross-correlated with
with "applications" that occur
within Students' physically-real
experience. [I understand that,
in Maths PhD-'level' work, the
methods and techniques are
"abstract", but they =still= have
physically-real experiential cor-
relates =within= Student's nerv-
ous system dynamics. Maths
Teachers need to Learn some
Neuroscience [basically, what's
in AoK] in order to do this
TD E/I-differential-"bridging"
with respect to the realms of
Abstraction to which they lift
themselves and their Students.]

Get it?

In Neuroscience, just connect
the functionality of this or that
feature of the global Neuro-
anatomy with its role within =any=
experience. This's is given to folks
in AoK, but, in a Neuroscience
Classroom, the basics that are
presented in AoK are not suf-
ficient. Just do more of the same.

Anyway, what it comes down to
is that all 'normal' nervous systems
are innately Awesomely-capable

If, then, a Student is sitting-there,
with a 'perplexed' look on his or
her face [you can "read" them,
directly ["facial expressions", AoK,
Ap4], it is =solely= be-cause the
Teacher is "ignoring" the Teacher-
Student TD E/I-differential.

I'm not saying it's =always= "easy".

One Teacher might do all that I'm
discussing, but a Student will have
'fallen-through-the-cracks' while
she/he was the Responsibility of
former 'teachers'. [Until the under-
standing is generally-communicated,
this'll be the universal case.]

In such cases, just =understand=
the TD E/I-differential, and just
don't co-operate in what will be
the Student's 'moving away from'
behavioral manifestations.

You know -- "hang-in-there".

Sometimes, it just falls to one to
have to Start at the Beginning.

If I were the "Head-Teacher",
I'd "drop-everything", and =first=
Teach the Neuroscience [of
course, in a way that's commens-
urate with Students' age-ranges
[their "experiential totals"]. This
isn't "hard" to do -- because,
once one understands the nerv-
ous-system stuff, one already
understands the need to con-
nect the "boxed-stuff" to Students'

If I were the "Head-Teacher",
I'd Teach =all= Students, every-
where, the nervous-system stuff.

=Then= everything else becomes
"easy", and lifting Students up to
"Exploring-Everything" practically
takes care of itself because, once
a Student is shown how to exper-
ience the Joy of Discovery, then,
"Look out!", the Student's Learn-
ing =Catches= 'fire' [becomes
inner-directed], and he/she will
not be able to get enough of your
further Teaching.

[Which reminds me -- there was
a =really-funny= article in the
"Arts" section of today's [whoops-
a-daisies -- yesterday's =New York
Times=. It was about "Looking

Honestly. I almost fell out of my
chair I was laughing so hard.]

Anyway, if folks look-back, folks'll
see that, all along, I've been doing
what I've discussed above.

Knowing the relative-'unfamiliarity'
of what I had to Teach, I just "hung-
in-there", going over-and-over the
material, in as many different ways
that I could fit-in [because, being
'separate' from folks experiences,
I just had to  "broadcast" a spectrum
of experiential-connectedness.

[I'm =NOT= suggesting that folks
"emulate" what has been my tech-
nique. But I did the best I could,
given the absence of in-person in-
teraction, and the fact that I had
to go-first [so what I was Teaching
was 'unfamiliar' [TD E/I(up)-gen-
erating] to =everyone= else].

But a gentled-down version of the
approach I've used will work in
the Classroom. [And, BTW, I'm
still "just-beginning". 'Course, it
could be that I'll be prematurely-
ending, too. If nothing "breaks"
for the understanding.]]

You see? When you connect the
"boxed" stuff to a Student's ex-
perience, then the Student's
nervous system 'just' "lights-up",
connecting the =entirety= of the
Student's experience with the
"boxed" stuff.

Education that =Enables=, in-
stead of stuffing Students into
"boxes", leaving them forever-
artificially-restricted; 'thinking'
that stuff is "impossible", when
it's flat-out doable, but just not
"boxed" yet.

The "boxed" stuff should be as
"tools", to be used in extremely-
Learning dynamics, which can
also be Taught.

Then, "look out!".

War will Cease.

Diseases will be cured.

Population will Stablize.

Invention will Flourish.

And the Children will Know
what "Treasure" is.

Cheers, All, ken [k. p. collins]

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