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My Dilemma

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri Dec 3 13:25:32 EST 2004

""WSEAS Newsletter"" <marner2004 at canada.com> wrote in message 
news:20041203163533.DA7F41B8A61 at blue.snd.edu.gr...
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First, =Good= for you folks who
organize and carry-through the
WSEAS Conferences. I'd so
like to participate.

My Dilemma is that, with respect
to the "Mathematical Biology"
Conference described in the post
to which I'm replying [linked-to
above], the work I've done makes
strong original contributions in
every category that is announced,
but there's no way that I can attend
the Conference.

The same goes for just about every
Conference that's announced here
in b.n.

It kind of takes my breath away
that it's so -- you know -- these
conference announcements tell me
how much I'm Failing to commun-
icate worthy-of-their-attention stuff
to others, but, given my personal
circumstances, there's no way that
I can make it to the conferences.

So, I'm left being able to use my
personal resources to continue the
work I'm doing -- Publishing stuff,
here in b.n, that I worked-through
'decades' ago and accumulating
more and more work every 'day',
but which will never be communi-
cated(?) because, since it derives
in antecedant work that I've done,
which has not yet been communi-
cated, it cannot be fit into a paper
of a size that'd be considered with-
in 'normal' Publication processes.

It's as a "Flood".

And it's 'carrying-me-away' from
being able to Publish.

I've gotten "over the hump" with
respect to its "breath-taking-away"-
ness, and am sort of just "looking-
it-in-the-eye", which, I'm finding,
really "gooses" the ol' noggin' lab
into accelerated-productivity -- 
"riding-that-wave" of TD E/I(up).

Anyway, it's been these consid-
erations that've underpinned my
asking to be allowed to meet with
folks, in-person.

I've realized that folks might've
misinterpreted my so asking,
thinking that I 'want' to 'air-dirty-
linnen' in their pressence.

That's not it.

It's just that the work I've done,
and am doing, doesn't fit into
"regular" communications pro-
cesses, and the vast majority of
it is going to be Lost to Humanity
if I don't find a way around the
Dilemma inherent.

That's why I always "groan" when
I come across discussions of "The
Prisoner's Dilemma" :-|

I'm 'living' it.

k. p. collins 

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