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neuron connections

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri Dec 3 01:57:37 EST 2004

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|| In the visual system, neurons are
|| connected through several stages
|| in a directed manner from eye to
|| back of brain.
|| Is this true of most all brain cells?
|| Do they have a directed nature? And
|| if so, where can I get a map of the
|| FROM->TO sections of the brain?
| Such "maps" are given in any good
| Neuroanatomy text. The wholes of
| such texts are, literally, such "maps".
| My favorite is =Human Neuroanatomy=,
| by Carpenter and Sutin [before that by
| Truex and Carpenter]. I checked for it
| on amazon.com a while back, though,
| and could only find some used copies.
| [Anyone else know the Publication-state
| of this text?]
| To come up to speed in working with
| the "maps" given in such texts requires
| some devoted-study.

It's as Drs. Norman and Kirkcaldie
have discussed.

In the view I hold, though, there's
a single "rule" that I've never seen
violated, from gross Neuroanatomy
to sub-ionic dynamics.

Everything in a 'normal', orgaincally-
intact nervous system is mapped as
a single "multi-Mobius-ed Klein bottle".

[For those who have it, this is the
"spedial topological homeomorphism"
that's discussed in AoK.]

"multi-Mobius-ed": Like a bunch of
Mobius strips, intermapped, still having
only a single surface.

This mapping is what facilitates handling
of the problem of "being on the inside,
looking out", which is 'just' a big Dir-
ectionality-inversion problem.

And, when one looks at the gross
Neuroanatomy, one can literally see
this "multi-Mobius-ed Klein bottle"
in the great decussations, commisures,
and that it can only extend "all the way

The "can only"-ness is visible in the
way that the great decussations are
ordered with respect to the cerebellum,
the outputs of which are entirely-inhib-

So the neural Topology =must= be
evrywhere-ordered to function in
accord with the easily-visible [veri-
fied] action of the cerebellum.

If such were not the case, then, to
the degree that it is not, the cerebellum
would be rendered non-functional,
which would be readily-apparent in
behavioral manifestations.

[Yes, there is a =lot= more in the
analysis that's been done, but the
above is all that's necessary to
Prove everything, at all scales.]

"That's my position, and I'm stickin'
to it. :-]

Private note:

=Finally!=, "a Round TUIT" :-]

Cheers, Drs. Norman and Kirkcaldie,

ken [k. p. collins] 

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