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Side-bar on what I'm doing

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Dec 2 02:08:29 EST 2004

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in
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If anyone 'wonders', yes ["of course"]
I'm using the 'state' of the "intensity"
that currently has Humanity in its Grasp
to seek-advantage with respect to folks
being able to Grasp NDT's stuff.

The "intensity" is =just= populations-
wide TD E/I(up). I could either 'cringe'
in its presence, or use it, and, since it's
happening, was happening, and will
happen, more, "anyway", why waste
what's inherent in-it.

[Folks who are 'troubled' by this might
recall that I've been against this War
all along, even before it was initiated,
and so on, back over the last 37

It's the only 'good' thing about War -- 
that it enables folks to experience its
Terribleness -- in the form of the TD
E/I that it imposes upon nervous sys-

It's just another 'Difficult' thing that's
fallen to me to do.

"War =is= Hell."

And it's out-there. Our Sons and
Daughters, Fathers and Mothers
are Dying in-it.

War cannot be 'wished-away'.

And it can =never= be "Won".

War literally breeds further War.

Or does anyone think that the
plain-as-day-visible generational
correlates of War are "nothing but

Sons learn War through their ex-
periencing the 'glory' of their Father's
experience in-War. [It rides the tides
of birth-rates and collective exper-
ience, shifting its re-generational
focus in a way that's correlated to
generations-prior War-experience -- 
so much 'blindly'-automated stuff.
[The 'stock market' behaves the
'same' way. Sons learning to 'play'
it, from the story-of-'glory' their
Fathers, or Grandfathers, tell. Soon,
it will be Mothers-and-Daughters.]]

War will Cease its Ravaging when
folks come-together to do what's
been, right-there, in-us to do, all along.

=UNDERSTAND= our Selves.

=UNDERSTAND= "others".

Lift "others" up in =UNDERSTANDING=,
rather than reacting to their Killing by

Rather than 'waiting' for populations-
wide TD E/I to augment to 'levels' that
trigger the low-'level' "supersystem
configuration" mechanisms [AoK, Ap5].

So, yes, if it's out-there, plain-to-see,
if there's Worth in doing so on behalf
of Humanity, I use it to try to communi-
cate the understanding.

K. P. Collins

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