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On Raising the Threshold

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Dec 2 02:08:28 EST 2004

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in
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| [...]
| =A= "key" is in understanding the
| "volitional diminishing-returns
| decision" stuff. In absence-of-under-
| standing, it "feels" 'right' to set
| the threshold "low", but when
| what's going-on in-there is under-
| stood, that "feeling" is Seen to
| just be a 'trick' that nervous sys-
| tems 'play' on themselves so as to
| regulate themselves, 'blindly' and
| automatically, with respect to the
| Demands of physical reality.
| Such was functional when physic-
| al reality was "raw" and un-'manu-
| factured', but, for reasons discussed
| above, it's no longer functional to
| give one's self over to the "feeling"
| of 'rightness' that results in one's
| 'thinking' that exploring-widely
| within physical reality is "too much
| work", and "too unpleasant".
| [...]

It's 'easy' to elevate one's volitional
diminishing-returns decision threshold.

But =DO NOT= attempt to do so
until you understand =ALL= of what's
in AoK, hammering-on Ap4 until you
just =KNOW= about the "zone of

All it takes is to not 'move away from'
any two things that seem "contradic-

Don't prejudge them.

Instead, learn all you can about them,
individually, and then just allow them
to exist within the "back" of your


Poverty and wealth.

Homelessness and Home.

Sorrow and Joy.

Hate and Love.

Competition and co-operation.

Tyranny and Freedom.

War and Peace.

Stonewall Jackson and American-

Jackson-Lincoln and team.

"Apples and oranges."

The last one always cracks-me-
up. I see it as:

Nutritition and apples-and-oranges.

Anyway, there's no 'trick' in-
volved in elevating one's volitional
diminishing-returns decision thresh-
old. All one has to do is as in the
paragraph above the list of ex-
amples, and, to the degree that
that's done, "prefrontal constella-
tions" [AoK, Ap7] are set-up,
and our brains just sort everything
out in the background, via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization.

It's =Necessary=, though, to under-
stand what the greater level of
TD E/I that you'll carry means.
All that's necessary, in this regard,
is in AoK.

Then, at first, 'months' or 'years'
later, the Fun-stuff starts happen-
ing. You'll be doing whatever
you're doing, and something will


The last "snippet" of "meta-phase"
TD E/I-minimization [AoK, Ap7]
occurs, and new-stuff pops-into
your "Consciousness".

Attend to it, and you'll See how the
individual things "shake-hands". And
all of it will be directionally-mapped
within your nervous system's internal
frame of reference, which maps back
out to directionality within your ex-
periential external enviroment, which
is why you know how to 'move' within
your experiential external environment.

When you do all of this as a matter-
of-course, the whole set of dynamics
will occur with increasing-rapidity
over 'time', until it'll routinely happen
in a "flash". This isn't because anything,
'magic', has happened. Your nervous
system is 'just' doing what it does -- 
=IFF= you take-in information.

The result is pretty-Spectacular,

You've, literally, given yourself a
different brain :-]

One with lots of "biological mass"
in-it, and that's why, after lengthy
ongoing "exploration", the "con-
nections" happen in a "flash".

Your brain's already sorted-things-
out, so, when a New thing is en-
countered, it's connectedness
just "happens".

There's no 'magic' in any of this.

But it does require work that's
commensurate with the quantity
of "individual" things that you
"cram" in-there.

Most folks don't do this sort of
thing because it's 'easier' to give
one's nervous system function
over to "pastimes", and stuff that's
already within 'normal' experience.
And, of course, doing this volitional
threshold-elevation stuff tends
to be mutually-exclusive with do-
ing 'normal' stuff -- like having a
job, being wealthy, getting Married,
raising Children, etc., which is why
folks tend not to do it with respect
to stuff like in the list of examples,
above. But they =do= all of this
with respect to 'normal' stuff, like
having a job, being wealthy, getting
Married, raising Children, etc.It all
happens 'blindly' and automatically.
What I'm discussing in this post is
that these dynamics can be willfully-
augmented [greatly], and how to do
so. [BTW, 'normal' Educational
dynamics actually "throttle-down"
this innate functionality, be-cause
of the way that everything's stuffed
into little 'boxes'. Students can't
=just= Learn. They 'have to' Learn
what's prescribed in the course-
requirements, which, since all that
stuff is already stuffed into little-
'boxes', 'forces' Students to Learn
how to stuff stuff into little 'boxes',
which "bans" the sort of "explore-
everything" stuff that I'm discussing
in this post. To be fair, Education
couldn't feel Free to teach in such
an open-ended way be-cause, ab-
sent understanding of how and
why nervous systems process in-
formation via 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization, Teachers
remained unable to give Students
the stuff of self-control-in-the-
midst-of "exploring-everything".]

Anyway, here's another list:

Unfmiliar and familiar.

Unknown and known.

Information-processing and job.

Information-processing.and wealth.

Information-processing and Marriage.

Information-processing and Children.

Information-processing and etc.

Information-processing and normal.

Alone and together.

The only difference, in this 2nd list,
is that the stuff on the right side of
the list has pre-existing groupwise
"biological mass" constructed with
respect to it.

You know -- everyone's been stuffed
into little 'boxes'. This occurs at Great
Cost in Humanity-wide-absence-of-

Continuing with the 2nd list:

This-work-done and that-work-done.

Now, put your "thinking cap" on.

Peace and War.

ken [k. p. collins]

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