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On Weltanschauung-'proving'

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Dec 1 10:55:02 EST 2004

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in 
news:4s4rd.1005406$Gx4.224236 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| [...]
| There are Wonders-enough to
| ponder -- like the way that, first
| Jackson, then Lincoln, each passed
| from us, =immediately= their Work
| on our behalf was Finished :-]
| I like to thing that, in such, God was
| "winking" for us to See.
| Surely, within the constraints of
| Science, one Cannot say. But one
| Can look-in-wonder at the white-
| heated-Perfectness-in-the-flow,
| and its so, twice-Ceasing, so that
| 'hearts', thus bid, "Pause", might Grasp
| what was, by these two Men, yoked-
| together, Won at such Great Cost.

It happened as just a "lucky break"
within my own experience, but, since
a Child, whenever I've 'discovered'
something that was new to me, I'd
always "Pause" to say a Prayer of

I smiled when, while studying nervous
system dynamics 'decades' ago, I real-
ized that such "pausing" resulted in
powerful "consolidation" within "mem-
ory" which left the "discovered" stuff
=in-there=, permanently.

"Prayers", answered-immediately,
right in the True-Wonder stuff that
exists between your ears, and mine :-]

Anyway, ever since that realization,
I Pray-Joyfully, understanding the

Which is why I shared the Jackson-
Lincoln "Pause" stuff, and why I'm
posting this follow-up -- to Share a
Joy that can be had by all.

Just "pause", and =Think= about this
or that that's newly-discovered in
your experience, rather than just
"blowing-past" it.

Sounds like "a lot of needless work",
but Honoring Truth Necessitates it.
You know -- as in "following Truth's
One-Map". The "following" has to
be physically-real, not "imagined",
else 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization 'just' 'substitutes' it-
self for Truth.

Get it? In the "pausing", one makes
little "side-trips" within the stuff that
one is experiencing, and the "side-
trips" fill-in the "Mapping" of Truth
within one's experience.

Anyway, your thoughts, when you
"pause" are literally as a "Prayer",
same-old, same-old, and my view
is that "God" Receives them as such,
and Honors one right back -- I like
to imagine, with a Smile.

You know?

Don't be 'afraid' of looking-with-
Wonder at That-Which-Is-Infinite.

In other words, don't allow 'blind-
ly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
to 'substitute' itself for Truth.

Seek Truth, not the whispy-stuff
that exists only within your Self.

I like to say it like this:

Seek Truth, Find God.

And I've Zero reason to imagine
that's not exactly what happens.

Forgive me, please. I understand
that I've crossed some folks "lines".

But I'm Obliged to share the "Pause"-
stuff, and Trust that folks can handle
my Confession of my Belief.

ken [k. p. collins] 

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