"Manchurian Candidate" Movie Sheds Light on Real Mind Control

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Sun Aug 1 09:13:34 EST 2004

"Manchurian Candidate" Movie Sheds Light on Real Mind Control

The remake of the movie "The Manchurian Candidate" which has just come
out has brought some new and much-needed publicity to the topic of
mind control.  A few newspapers have even run columns which, in
varying degrees of accuracy and completeness, describe the real
history of such experiments.  I was tempted to do the usual and post
the articles with commentary, but I won't.  With few exceptions they
contain the usual collection of sub-par information.  They all tend to
quote a few "experts" who apparently know little about mind control.
I don't know how the propaganda machine always manages to dredge up
such so-called experts.  Just because someone is an academic
neuroscientist does not mean he or she knows anything at all about
mind control.  Finding a historian ignorant of the real history of the
area and willing to display that ignorance does not erase the true

Mind control is a real and hideous thing, and there are many
techniques, technologies, and methods.  Any of these can be used, and
they can be made that much more powerful by using them in combination.
The technology today is greatly advanced, but none of the so-called
"experts" has apparently considered how it might play into modern mind
control operations.  In fact, the so-called "experts" don't seem to
have given more than five minutes of thought to the topic.  Mind
control doesn't mean that you can completely control someone.  It is
more an influencing, with various levels of effectiveness.  Even if it
is not successful and/or it is noticed by the victim it is *still* a
form of torture from the victim's perspective.  Such techniques can be
deliberately used in a way that the victim is *supposed* to notice, as
a harassment technique that is deniable via the Soviet-style abuse of
psychiatry.  There are COINTELPRO-style harassment uses of the
methods, MKULTRA-style experimentation to develop and perfect new
methods, and, yes, operational "Manchurian Candidate"-style methods to
manipulate and influence individuals without their conscious

This is a completely serious area.  Five minutes of thinking about it
is not going to produce an "expert."  Psychological operations people
have studied and developed these methods for *decades*.  These
technologies and techniques are *weapons*, literally, which can be
abused like all weapons for things like political harassment,
intimidation, and manipulation.  The methods are still kept secret
for the most part, and even knowledge of the existing technologies
tends to be suppressed or dismissed.  In fact, there are quite
purposeful disinformation efforts designed precisely to keep the area
in the dark and labeled with the "kook" or "nutter" label.  This
includes fake "victims" spouting nonsense, as well as some real
victims and concerned citizens fed whatever discrediting BS they will
fall for.  All of this plays into a culture where this is considered
an appropriate target for ridicule, even though it is documented to be
real and represents the torture of real human beings.

To really understand this cross-disciplinary area you need a solid
background in 1) the history of such developments, including
nonconsensual experimentation 2) the *real* politics of societies,
including societies of torture, where such things can take place and
be denied under cover of psychiatric illness 3) engineering and
physics 4) psychology and physiology 5) basic spy-type "tradecraft"
and the use of secret teams and covert funding 6) actual human nature,
including the ugly aspects.

The press, of course, doesn't get into a fraction of this.  Then
again, the press has played a major role over the years in helping to
keep even the known and documented abuses concealed.  More and more,
people are coming to see the "free press" for what it really is.  In
many cases what it is is a propaganda control system.  With propaganda
"mind control" and other sorts of mind control it is not an either/or
thing; it is both.  They work in concert.  The press won't touch these
abuses just like for years they wouldn't touch the human radiation

The sorts of technologies and methods popularly labeled as "mind
control" constitute a real, legitimate area of human rights concern.
Unfortunately, even the major human rights groups will not openly deal
with these issues.  This sort of abuse tends to be conducted in
advanced societies like the United States, and by powerful groups.
Even groups which claim to be working in the area of the freedom of
thought still tend to come across as naive as schoolboys and arrogant
in their ignorance of the real methods and technologies.

This area is only going to become *more* prominent and undeniable as
time goes on and the openly known technologies improve further.
Before too long every third world dictator will have at his or her
disposal some of these same techniques, pioneered so many years ago by
the CIA et al. (just like they pioneered other "advances" like
biological weapons).  Organized crime groups outside the government
will also obtain such devices and methods.  If the cover of lies is
allowed to stand they will inherit the same impunity to use these
methods of human rights abuse that is currently enjoyed by the groups
which have historically developed and used them -- and which are
currently still using them on nonconsensual citizens.

For a great deal of documented information related to mind control,
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