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Justifying "Hibernation" as more than a neuropsychobiological metaphor for repressed feelings caused by traumatic situations.

Peter F fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au
Tue Feb 25 04:02:02 EST 2003

This is a cleaned up version :->

"Kenneth Collins" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net_NOSPAM> wrote in
> I agree, but see the "automation" occurring as a function of learning
> defficiencies,

The way I understand "learning deficiencies", and perceive the explanatory
context in
which you just used this expression, the only _normal_ learning
defficiencies of relevance here would be "deficiencies" in the sense of
'less-than-ideal' brain functional responses and mental/behavioural outcomes
(in either case characterizable as "AEVASIVE"), and more or less uncertain
outcomes as far as our future evolutionary success (or failure) goes.

Our capacity to "selectively Hibernate" (repress) and automatically 'learn
from' (and forthwith AEVASIVEly handle being stored as CURSES in the
"Actention Selection System") the SHITS that we end up in, is a capacity
that is deeply 'locked-in' to our phenotype by the inevitably to have
happened (and to me nowadays
obvious so) naturally selective situations in our phylogeny. Hence, much of
the SHITS come CURSES that we've been in and learnt is generally VERY HARD,
though not in every case
impossible, to 'shake'.

At the same time, our capacity and inbuilt inclination to be AEVASIVE does
provide us with both strenghts and weaknesses" [or, as I can only
assume you would agree to alternatively put it: ditto "adaptational
surpluses and _deficiencies_"].

[By the way, the last expression NOT within brackets does better (IMO)
express -- by
virtue of the concept AEVASIVE being 'intrinsically' more informative and
indicative of deep, clear (theoretically transparent), broad, and balanced
(evenly intellectually integrated) insight --
'essentially' the same thing as is expressed by a statement such as: "Our
capacity to become _neurotic_ is both a curse and a blessing" [as far as I
remember (so not to be taken as a letter perfect quotation), words to that
effect was written by Arthur Janov].

(Also, by the way, I associate your words, "learning deficiencies", with
Selye's expression "disease of adaptation".)

Some of the brain functional responses and behavioural, social, and
cultural, outcomes "flowing" (also in a literal neurological sense) from
incidences of SHITS and from the fact that SHITS _normally_ get
"conditioned-in" as (what I like to call) CURSES (type memories) -- to
fester insidiously (as if the original environmental SHITS is/are
"chronically Hibernated, hence unconsciously reverberating") even though the
environmental-situational attributes of a specific SHITS have long since
ceased to exist -- are easily characterized as "blessings", others (or other
aspects thereof) are best characterized as "curses".

The fact that SHITS type challenges of living organisms are so frequently
'fabricated' (by our oh so indifferent 'Mother Nature' ;) -- i.e., of course
not 'fabricated' throughout our phylogeny --- not exclusively but alternated
with and [very significantly
as far as an "'Evolutionarily Profound' Thinking" and philosophically
ultimate understanding of ourselves partly in term of "AEVASIVE" is
concerned] often in spatio-temporal _'overlap'_ with non-SHITS Adverse
[type] evolutionary and/or motivational pressures AND with Opportune
[type] such --- is something that you (like almost
everybody else) might need to remain ignorant about if you are to stay as
happy (or not get any less unhappy) than you are.

Compared with me (by me), you still take the (what I for my once concEPT
contriving purpose still refer to as) "ambi-advantageously evolved" aspect
of our 'genophenotype' [including our cultures, personalities, behaviours,
and our (only marginally unique) human psychophysioanatomy] _too lightly_ to
(through my filter) and 'qualify' as a fully fledged
EPT (or fully EPT-aligned) "overviewer" of (and, in a sense, also as an
'effective philosophy terminator' within)  "What Is going on".

*Would* you eventually pass/qualify, then I promise to immediately reward
you by registering you as an 'associate underling agent' of my own EAIMC
Internetional Ptd. Lty. All sloppy writes copied and righted deservedly.


> I'm =finally= coming to understand the stuff you've been discussing,
> all these years, Peter - the 'bridge' has been building itself, in
> the background as a result of the interaction we've shared, and I'm
> Grateful for the experience I've had as a result of the work you've
> done, Peter.

That was nice to hear!

All the best!


P.S. Apropos your adaptively optimistic (and my EPTly realistic) opinion
about our inbuilt capacity to self-regulate, I suggest you try to thoroughly
check-out the info at www.primaltherapy.com .

Note the title of the new, yet to be released, book by Janov. The title fits
very well in with my 'self-Edutained, Primal Theory aligned, attitude.

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