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Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 31 20:48:29 EST 2002

A deeply-touching example of the phenomenon of behavioral-prejudice and it's sorrowful-impact within Human affairs is the stuff of Jefferson's knowing and believing that slavery was 'inappropriate' but his being 'unable' to separate himself from the instance of it in his own Life.

It's because the stuff of "slavery" was formed within Jefferson's nervous system as 'trunk' stuff - formed early on, long before Jefferson made his life-fundamental passive-active [development/use-of-what's-been-developed] phase shift [AoK, Ap5, 7, 8]. So, when he did transition to primarily active-phase behavior, his 'trunk'-stuff, induced ["inductive learning"; AoK, Ap5] learning, pertaining to "slavery" lingered-on, and because of the 'depth' of it within his early experience, he could not transition to its behavioral opposite be-cause his transition was 'blocked' by the TD E/I(up) he experienced as the transition was 'approached'.

It's 'heart'-breaking, both to experience it in retrospect, and, literally, for Jefferson, because the correlated behavioral transition would have carried Jefferson deep into the "zone of randomness" [AoK, Ap4], and Jefferson, being so Public a figure, hadn't the 'social-ease' in which to achieve the behavioral transition.

I Ache for him, and will while Life remains in-me - a Good Man, Knowing Good, but being unable to 'embrace' it in his behavior because the necessary enduring the necessary TD E/I(up) while he experienced "rendering useless" [AoK, Ap8] of his old, long-familiar "slavery"-correlated 'trunk-memory' stuff was untennable because he hadn't the 'luxury' of his behavior 'not-mattering' because his was so Public a Life. His Agony must've been Great.

The purpose of this example is to give folks insight into how strongly-'dictatorial' are the dynamics of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, and how Consequential they, simultaneously, are.

The other thing is that they are extremely-commonplace.

All manner of 'inappropriate' 'trunk'-stuff dictates behavior, even as folks 'wave' high-'level' 'leaf'-stuff around during their routine interactive dynamics. And, unfortunately, such is forced to an extreme within political dynamics because politicians are subjected to almost-ever-present 'scrutiny', which maintains their TD E/I at relatively-high 'levels', which results in their being 'unable' to transition to more-'appropriate' behavioral dynamics.

And what could be is 'locked-out'.

These are the Costs of behavioral prejudice.

This is the stuff which perpetuates Tragedy within Human interactive dynamics.

NDT's understanding 'opens-the-door' out of this Tragic stuff.

With his towering intellect, I expect Jefferson would've understood, and welcomed it.

k. p. collins
    Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
    The view that's discussed in my previous post constitutes a recurring theme within Biology. For instance the 'durability' of a long-term 'memory' derives in the way neural activation repetitively converges upon TD E/I-relatively-minimized 'states' which includes activation that 'addresses' the 'memory'. Such long-term memory 'durability' reflests the relative-'usefulness' of the memory be-cause it is that relative-'usefulness' that correlates the memory with repetitive TD E/I-minimization that is correlated to it, and TD E/I-minimization reflects the overall energydynamic. [If a 'memory' is 'inappropriate', the nervous system will seldomly achieve TD E/I-minimization which activates the memory, so the memory, receiving relatively-less specifically-correlated neural activation will be relatively-'weak', and 'relatively-pliable - it's 'leaf'-stuff.
    On the other hand, relatively-strong memories are those memories that have been relatively-repetitively strengthened via 'reiteration' of their specifically-correlated neural activation - they are 'trunk' stuff.
    As is discussed in AoK ["Short Paper], the phenomenon of behavioral-prejudice derives in these dynamics, in a way that has no correlate to any absolute experiential environment - simply because stuff [neural-activation-organized structure; 'memories'; etc.] acquired early-on tends to be repetitively-'reinforced because it's, relatively, 'the-only-stuff' in-there. So it tends to become 'trunk' stuff, existing deep [low] in the hierarchy of repetitively-'reinforced' stuff. This's why early-experience is important, and why 'inappropriate' early-experience is relatively-hard to extinguish. [As is discussed in AoK, Ap5, 7 & 8, efforts to exctingish such relatively-old, deep-in-the-hierarchy stuff relatively-strongly 'predipitates' the dynamics of "rendering-useless", which always includes 'movement toward' the "zone of randomness" [AoK, Ap4].
    Because this stuff has not been generally comprehended, folks resort to Killing rather than 'adapting' to more-'appropriate' forms of behavior. [As I've discussed in the past, even Nature has recognized the "Tragic Flaw" inherent in these dynamics, and arrived at its solution: 'aging' and 'death', so that the larger population, as a whole, can continue to 'evolve' without being 'held-back' by folks who cling to old, merely-familiar stuff.
    NDT's understanding fixes this "Tragic Flaw" by allowing neural activation that 'bridges' it to occur within nervous systems.
    I've discussed all this stuff in the past. Just thought it'd be worth-it to discuss it's version of the energydynamic hierarchical stuff - as an example of the "recurring-'theme'" of the one energydynamic, which is, currently, the most-important instance of such with respect to the survival of Humanity.
    [more stuff below, and more examples 'later' [I don't know how much later]]
    K. P. Collins
        Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
        "Gene-Mappers Take New Aim at Diseases", By NICHOLAS WADE
        'When the dust settles', the "HapMap" will yield a 'fuzzy' realization that the genetic material is passed-down, intergenerationally, in a way that 'emulates' the ontogeny of a tree in a forest. It will be realized that the 'haplotypes' 'correspond' to the tree's 'trunk'-stuff - =not= the stuff that determines the establishment of the tree's trunk, but the stuff that is most-crucial to a tree's being an organism that can, in fact, survive, intergenerationally [the stuff that is most-crucial to a Human's being an organism that can, in fact, survive, intergenerationally].
        The researchers will find ['fuzzily'] that there is a hierarchy in this 'trunk' stuff that reflect the single 'energydynamic' that I discussed in the predeeding msg in this thread. In the 'trunk' stuff, the stronger this 'energydynamic', the higher in the hierarchy the correlated 'haplotype' will be.
        When the same-stuff is approached via this 'energydynamic', the 'fuzziness', of the two instances above, will be eliminated and replaced by environmentally-correlated variation - corresponding to 'areas' of the genetic stuff that, to continue the metaphor, corresponds to the "tree's limbs", 'branches', 'twigs', and 'leaves'. All of these will also exhibit the same 'energydynamic', but with increasing correlation ot environmental stuff as one follows it "out to the 'leaves".
        increasing correlation ot environmental stuff as one follows it "out to the 'leaves"? Yeah, as one 'climbs the energydynamic hierarchy, the genetic stuff becomes increasingly 'flexible' [differentiated] with respect to environmental energydynamics [foodstuffs; climate; cultural-pressures], while stuff lower in the hierarchy remains relatively 'unchanged' ["halotypes"]. You know, even a real tree's growth rings reflect the one energydynamic [conceptual-recursion ;-]
        This's all folks'll ever find, and it's quite-distinct from what it is proposed 'is' the thing to be looked-for.
        All folks'll ever find is the one 'energydynamic'.
        That is, it's not 'the genes' that determine anything, but the 'energydynamic' that determines 'the genes', and everything else.
        The Promis[e] in what's here is that the 'energydynamic' will simultaneously map all that we can do with respect to tuning environmental stuff so as to optimize the functionality of the so-called 'genetic' stuff - the further out toward the 'lea[f]'-stuff, the more environmental stuff impacts 'genetic' functionality.
        The important thing is the 'energydynamic' which organizes everything [even itself :-], and since the 'energydynamic' exists 'outside of' what's been referred to as 'the genetic material', invocations of 'the genetic material' are just more instances in which artificially-delimited 'subsets' are arbitrarily, and Erroneously, defined within the one all-encompassing physical reality.
        In other words, the so-called 'genetic' approach "can't see the forrest for the trees" :-]
        Folks who understand what's here will See that, in its stuff [and the stuff of the prec[e]ding msg], the so-called "Nature/Nurture Question" is Resolved in its entirety.
        So, it's the 'energydynamic'-map that needs to be developed, not any so-called 'genetic' map.
        K. P. Collins
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