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Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 31 19:13:47 EST 2002

On the importance of early experience:

The 'Trunk' stuff that forms early-on has some particular qualities that derive in the fact that there's been relatively-little environmentally-driven neural activation.

This's why, for instance, external-driving via, say, the 'language' interface do not drive the Young nervous system in a specifically-information-containing fashion. The conveyance of high-'level' information-content cannot occur because, although the substrate for it is, 'normally' in-there,  the Young nervous system's 'language' interface, itself, has not yet formed. It needs to be driven by external 'mature' 'language'-interface stimulation. And, early-on, what that stimulation does is drive the structural organization of the Young nervous system's 'language' interface. It's only subsequent to this early neural-structural organizational-refinement that high-'level' externally-derived information-content can, itself, drive the continuing neural-structural-refinement of the still-Young, but a little bit 'experienced' nervous system.

I just saw a report on BBC that discussed research done here in America, which research contends that "infants under age two remember nothing".

That's Erroneous. Rather, it's as above. It's just that folks in 'neuroscience' haven't comprehended that 'memory' is enormously-more than the stuff of high-'level'-information-content recallable stuff.

Through early experience, each of us 'normally' forms a 'memory' of 'how-to-speak'. That is the structural-organization-refinement, as above, is, itself, 'memory'-stuff.

This's why, for instance, one cannot 'remember' how to speak in a 'language' that one has never experienced.

What's here constitutes a lucid example of the importance of early learning, and guidance to Parents of Young Children. Since high'level'-information-content cannot be successfully 'communicated' during the early 'phase' of development in which 'memory' constituting the Young nervous system's 'language' interface is forming, Parents need to, nevertheless, talk to their Infants, because it's through doing so that the Infants' 'language'-interface 'memory' is formed.

But there's stuff that's even more fundamental that's going on in the Infant's nervous system, and this stuff is 'addressed' by relative 'moving toward' and 'moving away from' behaviors on the parts of Parents. The most-important thing, here, is that the Parent's 'move toward' the Infant in ways that convey gentle, but strongly-consistent, affect - not 'pampering', but Joyful, tender holding of the infant, including attention to relative-rapidity of motions that act-upon the Infant's body - it's best to scale the speed of such motions to the scope of the problem that the infant's nervous system is solving. Early-on, this problem is huge because there's relatively little experientially-driven stuff in-there. So, during this earliest 'period', it's best to imbue this movement with 'slowness', even down to the movements, and gentleness of the fingers. What this is is a sort of making all interaction a 'hug' that 'moves toward' the Infant by optimizing the Infant's TD E/I-minimization.

Conversely, other than this induces TD E/I(up) within the Infant's nervous system.

What's here constitutes just a brief glimpse into the Learning that occurs early-on, and which forms the 'trunk'-stuff of the preceding msgs. It's the 'period' in which, as I've discussed before, the Infant's nervous system constitutes the most Intelligent stuff on the face of the planet. The rate of Learning is explosive, and to give short-shrift to such, as the "American" research reported-on by the BBC this evening, is Ignorance-run-rampant [the BBC did refer to anti-correlated British research, and I hope to see this important stuff in the News as much as it deserves to be].

Anyway, if folks look back through all of my efforts to communicate NDT's understanding, folks'll see that all of the above has always been applied. Read the msg again from that perspective. I've been working at the 'level' of 'trunk'-stuff, carrying through an awareness that I was 'speaking' in a 'language' with which others had no prior experience. It's why I 'jump-up-and-down' a lot, and why I don't, typically, 'worry' much about high-'level' information-content. I've been, and remain, working at a fundamental 'level', focusing upon Correcting ancient Errors that've been carried-forward intergenerationally.

If folks look, they'll See the 'gentleness' in-there in the form of my 'self-depricating' way of going about doing what I do. [The problem facing me is harder than that which faces Parents of Young Infants, though, be-cause I've got to 'penetrate' the long-since-formed 'tree'-stuff of active-phase [AoK, Ap5, 7, 8] Adults. It's why, in my discussions, 'gentleness' takes a different form. But it's always been in-there. Just more 'grabbing TSEOTS, and doing the Loving thing that needs to be done.]

Anyway, work to gain a feel for the 'memory' hierarchy. TD E/I that's experienced reflects the 'level', in this hierarchy, at which external stuff 'impacts', and it's very worthwhile to understand such in fullness.

K. P. Collins
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