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brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John Knight jwknight at polbox.com
Thu Oct 31 00:24:54 EST 2002

"Cary Kittrell" <cary at afone.as.arizona.edu> wrote in message
news:app354$13a$1 at oasis.ccit.arizona.edu...
> In article <3DBF2B8E.9060205 at btopenworld.com>
testaccount2002 at btopenworld.com writes:
> <Cary Kittrell wrote:
> <> In article <Vbnv9.45836$C53.1979516 at news2.west.cox.net> "John Knight"
<jwknight at polbox.com> writes:
> <> <
> <> <
> <> <You believe any jew LIE that's written, don't you, cary?
> <> <
> <> <All anyone needs to do to convince you something is a "fact" is to
have a
> <> <jew write it, eh?
> <> <
> <> <For almost a century now, jews have been trying to explain how a yoyo
> <> <flunked algebra and couldn't even get into a mediocre college, with no
> <> <formal education, with no lab, no research expertise, no colleagues to
> <> <discuss his "theory" with, no funding, from a race of morons that our
> <> <INS characterized as "feeble minded ... morons"
> <> <http://christianparty.net/race.htm , suddenly "invented" a "theory of
> <> <evolution".
> <>
> <>
> <> Shit.  When you're right, you're right.  Einstein in fact did not
> <> "invent" the theory of evolution.
> <>
> <>
> <> Happy now?
> <>
> <>
> <>
> <>
> <> -- cary
> <>
> <
> <Hey - maybe he's right, and the American media is involved *right now*
> <in a huge conspiracy to credit Einstein with developing the theory of
> <evolution as well as relativity. Maybe we're seeing a myth in the making.
> <After the black helicopters swoop in for their mind-wiping and all the
> <science books get rewritten, maybe we'll all beleive it. Of course, by
> <then this conversation will have been wiped, and all dangerous people
> <will have been eliminated.
> <Gotta go now, I think there's someone knocking on my front door, but
> <with that damned chopper hovering overhead, I can't be sure. :-)
> <
> <Dave W.
> <
> This conversation never happened...
> -- cary

Aren't "liberals" so cuuuute when they try to reason?

It's really neat to see the smoke whooshing out of your ears when you
"liberals" try to "think" (for a change)

Lemme guess, Dave W.  No, dont' tell us!

You're from, ummm, New Jersey, right!

Isn't New Jersey the state that spends almost THREE TIMES as much per
"student" for "public" "education", but manages to remain in the lowest
tenth percentile on almost every standardized test? Isn't that the same
geography where the thieving jews have been trying for a decade now to
collect the insurance on the WTC without you black helicopter critics ever
figuring it out?  Aren't you buddies with that Brokaw fella who, when Osama
said "the Israeli regime is behind it", replied with a straight face "look,
Osama admitted he did it"?

"Black helicopters" make a lot more sense than you "liberals" ever will.

If you ever wonder why the world always laughs at you jew Yorkers and jew
Jerseyites whenever that smoke pours out, look in the mirror?

John Knight

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