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Mockingbird & Rose Bushes

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 29 03:26:18 EST 2002

I watched Ken Burns' "Thomas Jefferson Part 1" on PBS last night.


It stimmed some thoughts that're applicable to 'current events'.

Jefferson was a slave 'owner' who abhored slavery.

Why did he continue on in that 'practice'?

His source of income derived in the labors of 'his' slaves.

It was so 'interesting' to view this account of the man who'd penned
the immortal works, "We hold these truths to be self evident. That
all men are created equal...", nevertheless, denying the validity of
those immortal words in his own living.

It's much the same, today, within 'america' as a whole.

On the matter of the use of chemical weapons, the course taken
becomes a matter, not of the the use of such weapons, but of the
larger basis of 'vested interests'... of the overall 'bargain'.

It's the same way in all of Human affairs, which, when one looks, one
sees that the determining stuff is not this or that which is
'codified', but nothing other than the dynamics of TD
E/I-minimization that've been outlined in AoK all along.

'Interesting', isn't it?


And, here is my Nation, holding me as 'slave', because it cannot find
its way, in exactly the same way that Jefferson could not find his
way without the labors of those he enslaved.

It's the Same-Stuff within the rest of my Life, currently with only
one exception.

I go, in person, to this place or that, to ask that I be allowed to
give a presentation, or publish an article, work with Young
offenders, teach, as a substitute in this or that school, etc., and
all that's ever arisen is this Jeffersonian 'quandry'... "We cannot
allow that [because the derivation of our 'wealth' would be put into

And there follows all manner of 'squirming' while this lie is
connected with that, until there's a 'final', "See? That's why you
can't do it here."

It 'hurts' so much to go forth, bearing Gifts, to only be reacted to
as if I'm 'the enemy'.

There's an 'enemy' out-there, but it isn't 'me', nor is it the Gifts
I bring and lay at 'your' feet.

It's the old, long-familiar, haphazardly-accumulated way of
'behind-the-scenes', "let's make a 'deal' " 'contrivance' that 'just'
goes right on 'kicking Humanity in the butt', nevertheless, being

So, it was interesting, last night, to view this account of the
savage burden that Jefferson carried through his Life, and to think
about how his personal Agony so closely reflects that of This Nation
as a whole.

My viewing also put my own 'prospects' into perspective.

My own Agony is that, even though it's becoming apparent that I am
'doomed' to an exceedingly-hard continuing 'ostracization, I'm
obliged, nevertheless, to continue reaching-out to folks. To 'refuse'
such Obligation, because it is, in fact, exceedingly-hard, would be
to 'deny' that which I've Seen through my own eyes.

So, 'sealed' within a 'fate' that's exactly analogous to that of
Gallileo, all that's left for me to do is to say-it-plain, ever more
softly as the Life goes out of me, "Still, it moves." [Still, it is
'blindly'-autoated TD E/I-minimization that dictates Killing,
Destruction, and Devastation amongst people, around the globe.]

It's 'funny'. long ago, when I went to a place, 'asking', the
reaction took the form of an 'accusation' with respect to "what's in
it for me". I replied that there would be nothing in it for e, thet,
in the end, I'd be with the downtrodden folks on whose behalves I'd

I viewed the prospect, back then, as constituting a simple Life, in
which I'd have a room somehere in the 'lower' spectrum of folks'
living, in which I'd work a small job in order to maintain whatever
was left of the Life within me.

Never did I imagine that I'd 'descend' all the way to the
circumstances of those to whom Jefferson denied Freedom, and that
it'd be This Nation that I Love that would play the role of

In the whole 'nation' there is nowhere I can go to just share Truth?

Then, with what's left of my Being, I'll state-plainly that such is
not America.

K. P. Collins

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