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brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at lojban.org
Mon Oct 28 23:48:12 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at polbox.com> wrote:
>You believe any jew LIE that's written, don't you, cary?

"Walter Sullivan" sounds like a nice "white Christian Israelite" name
to me.

>All anyone needs to do to convince you something is a "fact" is to have a
>jew write it, eh?

All anyone needs to do to convince me that something is a LIE is to
point out that YOU wrote it.

>For almost a century now, jews have been trying to explain how a yoyo who
>flunked algebra

He didn't.

>and couldn't even get into a mediocre college,

He did.

>with no formal education,

He had one.

>with no lab,

Not needed for theoretical research.

>no research expertise,

I daresay that you couldn't even start to explain any of his research
results.  Thus if he is a moron, it shows how much an idiot you are.

>no colleagues to discuss his "theory" with,

He had plenty of those.

>no funding,

Not needed for theoretical work.

>from a race of morons that our own INS characterized as "feeble minded ... morons"

The INS is hardly qualified to judge that.

>suddenly "invented" a "theory of evolution".

Wrong theory, loser

>Problem:  what he wrote was DOCUMENTED in Europe a full decade or more
>before he "discovered" it.


>By failing to CITE the original authors, Einstein is guilty of PLAGIARISM,

They weren't "the original authors" and indeed they never accused him
of plagiarism, so obviously THEY did not think he did something wrong.

>and that makes him a LIAR

No, it makes YOU a LIAR.

>--but you want to hang your hat on a known LIAR?

No.  I won't do anything but laugh at you.


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