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Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Oct 28 00:16:04 EST 2002

Earlier this day, I read a column, "U.S.  must learn that trust's not
enough in world jungle", by Charles Krauthammer.

Basically, it 'trashed' 'paper agreements'.

I found its premise largely without merit because, after all, all
that America was intended to be by its Founders derives in thoughtful
discourse, among folks who considered it their Sacred-Duty to enter
into such discourse, set down on paper.

The 'fault' is not in striving in this manner. Ideas, and ideals, are
set down on paper for the sole purpose of allowing their compositions
to receive careful consideration over the course of 'time', which
enables the gradual formation of enduring consensus.

The Fault is, rather, that, in our 'modern' times,  'paper
agreements' have been deprived of the sorts of bred-in-the-'heart'
Diplomacy that was exemplified by John Adams, back when the United
States of America was transitioning from an Idea, and an Ideal, set
down on paper, to its Nationhood. [Read David McCullough's excellent
biography, _John Adams._, ISBN 0-7432-2313-6, © 2001 by David
McCullough [there's an relatively-inexpensive paperback edition that
came out this past summer.]]

Nowadays, folks 'charged' with such 'diplomacy' just don't carry into
it anything resembling Adams' dedication, determination, and 'just'
plain Honor. Nowadays, 'diplomatic' missions occur as episodic
'inconveniences', in which, as far as the leadership of 'the u.s.' is
concerned, everything's decided apriori, "and if they don't like it,
that's tough".

That's not Diplomacy.

What's actually going on is that 'u.s. diplomats' bring to this or
that 'diplomatic' mission  their overbearing familiarity with how
things are done in the well-oiled halls of 'american power'. They
cannot 'bridge' between their familiar experience and the experience
of the folks of the other Nations with which they meet.

And that's why 'modern' "paper agreements" entered into by 'the u.s.'
routinely fail. [It doesn't help when long-standing agreements are
abroggated by 'the u.s.']

The "paper agreements" fail because the leadership of 'the u.s.' has
drifted away from all that was Cherished in the 'hearts' of folks
like Adams, fought for, argued, reached-out-for, determinedly,
patiently, with the same hope that 'modern u.s. diplomats' do not
recognize in the 'hearts' of folks in other Nations.

In all of this, it is the TD E/I-minimization dynamics that are
discussed in AoK that determine everything, =not= the contents of the
"paper agreements".

So, having lost sight of the Light in the Founders' 'hearts' - the
Light that made The United States of America possible, saw it through
to its Birth as a Nation, and guided it to Victory in two great World
Wars, 'modern u.s. leadership' gives such 'heart'-stuff short shrift,
and refuses to acknowledge the Same-Stuff in the 'hearts' of the
Citizenries of other Nations around the globe.

Instead, the 'modern u.s. leadership' resorts to international
'arm-twisting', as is exemplified in the sanctions that have endured
for 40 years against the Citizenry of Cuba, and in many other, if not
so overt, cases around the globe.

That's why the "paper agreements" entered into by 'the u.s.' are
'unrelaible', and, when I read the Author's comments, earlier this
day, I 'groaned', inwardly, at his short-sightedness - his hopping
onto the 'we are powerful' bandwagon, for I know, with certainty,
that such forsakes all that's made The United States of America a
Light to all people, everywhere.

When 'modern u.s. leadership' behaves in ways that virtually 'deny'
such Light, how, then, can the Light penetrate the 'heart' of
Darkness which ranges-wide around the globe.

What's necessary is not a disdain for writing down and signing "paper
agreements" containing ideas and ideals.

What's necessary is a return to the sense of Duty exemplified by the
Founders - their determination, patience, and insistence upon Honor
and Freedom among all people, everywhere, and the willingness to
hang-in-there until things have been gotten-right - as Teachers, ans
well as Public Servants of the Citizenry of The United States of

Check-out John Adams, doing exactly this, over a long course of years
spent in patient, persistent interaction with folks of other Nations.
Check out his Peers among the Founders, and in Lincoln's dedication
to, not only preserving This Union, but the way he carried =all= of
The Union in his 'heart' [as exemplified by his instructions to Grant
at Appomatox, and his invocation of "the better angels of our nature"
in his Second Inagural Address.]

In our 'modern times', all of this stuff has been 'forgotten'
[way-laied, scorned as 'beneath our stature, when it is the sum-total
of our Stature], and replaced, 'unbelievably', with 'strategies' that
can only elevate TD E/I within the 'hearts' [nervous systems] of
peoples of other Nations.

When such happens, the underlying Thermodynamic takes over, Dictating
that which will be. ["Familiarize yourselves with the chains of
bondage and you are preparing your own limbs to wear them. Accustomed
to trample on the rights of those around you, you have lost the
genius of your own independence... (Abraham Lincoln, 11 September,

Where the Diplomacy of the Founders shed Light, modern 'diplomacy'
induces TD E/I(up).

What's necessary is to develop a corps of Diplomats who carry the
Spirit of the Founders to the Citizenries of other Nations - but,
first, the 'u.s. leadership' must become the Leadership of The United
States of America, by themselves, becoming familiar with all upon
which This Nation was founded, and to go forward in that Light,
proven so effective in America's becomming, through long and patient
enabling of folks in other Nations to see-it-plainly in these days
during which the Privlidge of carrying-that-Light falls to us.

Enough of these everything's decided beforehand, snap-your-fingers
'diplomatic' missions.

Freedom gains its Life through the breathing of Life into it,
day-by-day, month-by-month, year-by-year, never giving-up, never
losing sight of the Light, seeking to protect and defend itself
through lifting-up other folks into that Light.

This happens through the conveying of understanding which shows
others the way to their own Greatness, not through the throwing of
Life-Destroying 'we are powerful' temper tantrums.

This 'modern' way only communicates its own Unworthiness [in terms of
the TD E/I(up) that it 'blindly' and automatically always generates].

'the u.s.' has lost its way, but the way is not lost.

All we have to do is pick-up-the-Light, with renewed resolve to carry
it in our 'hearts'.

It's a 'time' to, once again, invoke the Better Angels of our nature.

Let Our Leaders learn, once again, to Lead in That-Light, Tested and
Proven in all the best that America has been, and which it can still
Be, but, sadly, presently is not..

Let us Show-the-way.

Let us Teach Freedom.

Let us Breath-Life into such for all people, everywhere.

K. P. Collins

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