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brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Richard August raugust at ptd.net
Sun Oct 27 15:41:28 EST 2002

Dear John -

One SLIGHT error in your post, sir -

In China, the family name comes FIRST, then the given name.  So, properly
addressed, COL Qiao Liang would be COL Qiao, not COL Liang, as you have

I just thought I'd let you know about that.  :)


Richard C. August

"John Knight" <jwknight at polbox.com> wrote in message
news:RtEm9.97643$S32.6597666 at news2.west.cox.net...
> OR, could this be yet one more cover story put out by the US
> service to conceal their role in 911?
> There's absolutely only ONE person in the entire world who could have told
> NORAD, SAC, AFSC, the FAA, the National Guard, the US Army, the US Navy,
> US Coast Guard, the 6595th ATW, to STAND DOWN and not follow standard
> operating procedures as FOUR hijacked airliners bumbled around for an
> and it AIN'T Col Liang!
> It's Geo. Bush.
> John Knight
> ----- Original Message -----
> Another version of the story. I know that China did indeed support the
> Taliban. Reports actually confirmed Chinese militia fighting with the
> Taliban. It still doesn't change anything though. The WTC was attacked
> because of our absolute support to "Israel."
> Vaporize Israel and the nagging spot is removed form the world tapestry.
> ===================================
> Unrestricted Warfare
> By Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui
> Introduction by Al Santoli
> As incredible as it may be to believe, three years before the Sept. 11
> bombing of the World Trade Center a Chinese military manual titled
> Unrestricted Warfare touted such an attack - suggesting it would be
> difficult for the U.S. military to cope with.
> Here is an excerpt from Unrestricted Warfare:
> "Whether it be the intrusions of hackers, a major explosion at the World
> Trade Center, or a bombing attack by bin Laden, all of these greatly
> the frequency bandwidths understood by the American military..."
> Surprisingly, Osama bin Laden is mentioned frequently in this book.
> Now NewsMax.com is making the CIA translation of this shocking book
> available to all Americans.
> On Sept. 11, 2001, Americans and the world witnessed one of the most
> horrific acts ever to take place on American soil.
> Our media and government were quick to declare the acts of that day as
> simply terrorism by a nationless group known as al-Qaeda.
> In reading China's military manual Unrestricted Warfare, you will learn
> the events of Sept. 11 were not a random act perpetrated by independent
> agents.
> Instead, Chinese military planners believe that terrorism is just one of
> many tools at the hands of nations and their terrorist allies to wage
> war against the United States.
> You will be surprised to learn:
> The two PLA colonels who authored Unrestricted Warfare have been hailed as
> heroes in China since Sept. 11
> The Chinese state-run propaganda machine is cashing in on the terror
> ... producing books, films and video games glorifying the strikes as a
> humbling blow against an arrogant nation.
> Chinese Communist Party officials are saying that President Jiang Zemin
> obsessively and gleefully watched and re-watched pictures of the aircraft
> crashing into the World Trade Center.
> The CIA's own translation agency reported that this book identifies the
> as China's main enemy, and details how a weak nation can destroy America
> using unorthodox attacks - like the 9-11 attacks.
> China is preparing itself and encouraging others to engage the U.S. in
> war. The book is chock full of plans and strategies, from using computers,
> to smuggling illegal immigrants, to manipulating the stock markets, to
> influencing the U.S. media, to using weapons of mass destruction - all to
> destroy America.
> Recent press reports indicate that China has assisted and continues to
> assist militarily and economically the Taliban and al-Qaeda - even after
> Sept. 11.
> The doctrine of total war outlined in Unrestricted Warfare clearly
> demonstrates that the People's Republic of China is preparing to confront
> the United States and our allies by conducting "asymmetrical" or
> multidimensional attacks on almost every aspect of our social, economic
> political life.
> The media and Congress are keeping a lid on this book because of the
> implications of U.S.-China economic and trade relations.
> But now you can bypass them by getting a copy yourself!
> Here's what others say about Unrestricted Warfare:
> "You need to read Unrestricted Warfare because it reveals China's game
> in its coming war with America.. ... China thinks it can destroy America
> using these tactics."
> Adm. Thomas Moorer
> Former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
> "The 9-11 attacks may just be the beginning. Many terrorist nations and
> groups will try to imitate this operation . and China's war book
> Unrestricted Warfare will be their text."
> Maj. Gen. John K. Singlaub
> Former Chief of Staff,
> US Forces Korea
> "Unrestricted Warfare is evidence linking China to 9-11. It is also their
> plan for global operations against America."
> Wilson C. Lucom
> Endwar.com

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