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Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri Oct 25 17:06:44 EST 2002

My internet PC was hacked-into when I was last online [yesterday], so, I repeat, there's nothing of my Science on it, other than the msgs I post, which are available via Deja News! [is that still running?] and other retreival mechanisms, so why hack my machine. There's absolutely nothing 'held-in-secret' in-it.

The hacking is either particularly-stupid or malicious, or both. Please let me live my Life, and please get one of your own.

With respect to my prior post, quoted below:

Of course, other than the "interplanetary internet" proposal [deleted below; see posted RETRACTION in this thread], I've worked-through all of these matters, each in sufficient detail to enable initial implementation. All have self-perfecting methods built-right-in [that's just implementation of TD E/I-minimization analogues that are engineered with specific respect to the particular problem whose solution is being implemented].

I understand this seems "too-much", but it's what I do.

Where others have mortgages, Families [LOVE], and, these days, employment, friends and colleagues to "please" and/or [more typically] "compete" with, vested-intrestes which dictate "loyalties", a lot of "possessions" that just "possess" them, etc., all I've got is the Science I do - 24 x 7. I even routinely "dream" it - work-on-it in my sleep :-]

So, while I do understand the "seeming too-much", I just sort of "smile" at that rx to stuff I post.

An imagined 'comment': "Oh yeah? If you've done any of what you claim, why don't you just discuss it in detail so 'your work' can be evaluated judt like any other work in scienc?"

I do, but it all derives in the union of stuff that remains dis-unified for others. It's like I 'speak' in a 'language' that others comprehend only vaguely. The Physicists don't understand the Biology [or the stuff of the Physics that I've rewritten], the Biologists don't understand the Physics, and the 'specialists' don't understand anything outside of their areas of specialization. I've discussed all of this in the past [ad nauseum].

The other thing is, there are obviously some who do understand, at least 'chunks' of the work I've done. But, rather than acknowledging what's in the work with respect to Humanity's Welfare, they see only ways of 'fostering their careers' as 'Professionals', and just 'borrow' my work, not acknowledgig its worth with respect to the Lives of folks who Suffer.

I've 'whined' about that, the 'result' being that the 'borrowers' have just gotten 'paranoid' with respect to being 'discovered'.

It's 'funny', all of this got its start decades ago, when I was naïve with respect to the way folks routinely work at cross-purposes. When I was Young, I 'thought' that all one has to do is good work, and, "surely, there're folks out there who'll 'do back flips' when they encounter the work". But I was naïve. There're some folks who'd 'do back flips' if it weren't the case that they were 'afraid' of being 'beaten-up' by all the folks who adhere-to-deception as the means to 'fufilling', and sustaining, their 'vaunted-positions'. [And, lest any individuals 'fly-off-the-handle', here, I'm not addressing any particular individuals. I'm addressing the sickening dynamics of the 'majority', and their Merciless Dictating of the perpetuation of the same old cross-purposed stuff. I'm really talking to everyone.

Anyway, if there's anyone who wants to see this or that, they just need to set up an in-person thing. Make it small and 'quiet' [not a 'big-deal' thing], and I'll invite a couple of gentle Fair Witnesses. These days, though, if you want to see stuff you've got to give me room and board. I'm at the end of my personal resources. And "you'll" have to come-into-it ready to 'expand-the-realm' of what you think is necessary for the doing of the Science you do. "You'll have to learn some stuff that's not [yet] in the books - 'interdisciplinary' stuff, rewritten - digested for 'your' learning-convenience. [I know, I know... "you'd" much 'prefer' just working as you were trained to work in Grad school, and as "you've" worked ever since. It's just that the coersed-consensus stuff that was forced-upon "you" in grad school has been 'ancient history' for decades. Don't you want to take a peek at reality?]

Or, you can just work with what's been posted online. Even the means to 'translate' into "your" familiar experience is all out-there. "You" should, of course, give me a footnote, but even this is 'unnecessary' [at least in the cross-purposed 'world' in which 'you' 'live'], because of the prevailing 'conspiracy of silence' which is the 'cage' in which I've 'existed' for decades [my 'reward' for Loving folks :-]

I'm sorry for the 'heat', here, but it's best that I just say-it-plain. [I'm 'enabled' because, unknown to it, Love has found its way into my 'heart', yet I am 'caged'. So I'm 'shaking-the-bars', a bit, because that's all I'm permitted to do. It's a use for 'Love', but what a Wasteful 'use'. Perhaps 'the bars' will give-out? Perhaps not. Still, what's here shall remain.]

All of Science is Corrupt and/or Corrupting, and most folks 'just' follow along, with the result being that the overall dynamic goes right-down-the-tubes.

If it weren't so exceedingly-tragic, it'd be 'hilarious'.

How can anything work if Truth is 'moved away from' - not even considered?

The only result of such is a 'crap shoot', in which Truth determines everything, anyway.

Why not work with Truth instead of 'gambling' with respect to it?

It's what's 'hilarious'. Here is 'science', all 'puffed-up' with it's so-called 'resort to experiment', doing nothing but perpetuating a 'game-of-chance' of its own design.

"Don't acknowledge that! Doing so will undermine our credibility!"

It's just the worst stuff that 'science' has ever disclosed with respect to 'religion', being implemented, and maintained, through coresed-consensus, by 'science' itself.

No wonder 'science' 'moves away from'. It's so extraordinarily-shameful, isn't it?


No Wonder.

'Just' 'science' prejudiced toward that which is long-familiar to itself.

And, yet, such, which itself sustains NDT's position, dictates to Humanity?


It's 'hilarious'.

The volitionally-'blind' leading the 'blind'.

And, all the while, 'everyone' 'groaning' about "how bad things are".

But, "Don't do anything that can possibly change anything!"

Sad Cheers,

K. P. Collins
    Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...

    Today's great challenges:


    Richard B. Alley:


    "[...] Our best hope is to educate ourselves and each other on how the Earth works, and to use that knowledge to co-exist with the Earth."

    solved. [already discussed online]

    David Baltimore:


    "[...] Using this information to enhance our health and well-being without allowing political forces to use it for destructive, intrusive, or manipulative purposes will be a monumental challenge."

    solved. [already discussed online]


    Denise Faustman:


    "[...] The question of how life can co-mingle with gravity is a largely unexplored challenge that should be part of the important questions posed in our century.

    solved. [already discussed online]

    On a more humble level, the biology and control of cancer and the reason cancer exists in mammals might be lofty enough for experts.

    solved. [already discussed online]

    Howard Gardner:


    "[...] we must develop new forms of guardianship [...]"

    solved. [already discussed online]

    Robert Hazen:


    "[...] The most exciting part of the scientific adventure will continue to be the discovery of things we didn't know we didn't know."

    solved. [already discussed online]

    Michio Kaku


    "c. [...] what happened before the Big Bang? Did time suddenly spring into existence, or was there a multiverse of universes?

    solved. [already discussed online]

    d. How will our universe die? In fire or ice? A Big Crunch or Big Freeze?

    solved. [already discussed online]

    e. Is there a theory of everything, a single theory which can explain everything from the Big Bang, black holes, to the visible universe? [...]"

    solved. [already discussed online]

    Arthur Kantrowitz


    "[...] Or will science's uncertainties be concealed to serve politicians seeking power by converting mass ignorance into mass fear?"

    solved. [already discussed online. Gets my vote for the most-thoughtful, and most-important, statement.]

    Leon Lederman:


    "[...] Today, the challenge is to defend the progress we are making against the antithesis, the growth of fundamentalism, blind obedience to evil, rigid belief systems [...]"

    solved. [already discussed online]

    "1. Understanding the foundations of quantum mechanics, and in particular the measurement problem. This may result in a radical modification of our conception of physical reality. 

    solved. [already discussed online]

    2. The development of a quantum mechanically consistent theory of gravity. The reconciliation of general relativity with quantum theory is absolutely essential for challenge (3) below. 

    solved. [already discussed online]

    3. The unification of all the fundamental forces in nature. Supersymmetric string theories offer a promising prospect in this regard.

    solved. [already discussed online]

    4. Related to the above is a determination of the nature of dark matter on the scale of clusters and superclusters of galaxies. [...]

    solved. [already discussed online]

    5. Again on a different front, an understanding of the operation of the human brain at the fundamental level."

    solved. [already discussed online]

    Marcia McNutt


    "[...] If we understood the complex ways in which genes are expressed in the biochemical reactions that govern the life cycle and behavior of living organisms"

    general resolution already discussed online

    Tobias Owen


    "[...] the rampant growth of the human population. [...]"

    solved. [already discussed online]

    Stephen H. Schneider


    "[...] to find ways to convince a world of highly differentiated people (educationally and economically) with many suspicions to pull together and deal with global commons issues [...]"

    solved. [already discussed online]

    Michael Soulé


    "[...] 'Access' and 'development' are destroying the real, original world."

    general resolution already discussed online

    "[...] Find the ultimate theory of physics

    an instance [surely not "the ultimate', but in-the-ballpark relative to what 'is', already discussed online]

    Make computers emulate human thinking"

    general resolution already discussed online

    [All quotes Copyright 2002, by PBS.]

    I Apologize for what must seem like my 'lack-of-humility'.

    k, p, collins

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