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Mockingbird & Rose Bushes - RETRACTION

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 24 19:36:56 EST 2002


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Vint Cerf:


"[..] a most fascinating challenge is to adapt the architecture of the Internet to work in an interplanetary setting [...]"

I've not worked on 'interplanetary internet' stuff. In my prior response, I was addressing the earth-bound problem of actualy using the internet to achieve international understanding. My work, here, entails the use of an 'intermediate layer' in which the stuff of folks of various nations is 'interpretated' or 'interpolated' with respect to the TD E/I that their comments, etc. will evoke within other populations. This would occur via a graphical interface, and would [will?] be a great boon to international understanding. It would, of course, require supercomputers in the intermediate step, but the interface can be as simple as a mechanized facial-expression algorithm. It'll work because TD E/I is a universal 'language', in which, although directionalities are widely-divergent, interpretation is universally-consistent when TD E/I is 'plugged-into' a graphical interface that emulates 'body-language'.

The 'scope' of such interpretations can be 'scaled' from small populations to the whole international population, but there is a hierarchy involved - Initially, the larger the interpretive population, the more 'fundamental' the inputs will have to be to register anything beyond a 'blank expression'. This circumstance will, however, gain finnesse over 'time' as folks use this mechanism.

This is the same stuff, BTW, that I've been working to accomplish, sans graphical interface, via all of my work on the internet. Give folks the means to understand their own-stuff within the 'big picture', via simple 'language'.

I've given no thought to 'interplanetary applications of an internet', and expect I won't have 'time' to do so.

[All quotes Copyright 2002, by PBS.]

I Apologize for what must seem like my 'lack-of-humility'.

k, p, collins

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