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Thu Oct 24 11:13:22 EST 2002


Today's great challenges:


Richard B. Alley:


"[...] Our best hope is to educate ourselves and each other on how the Earth works, and to use that knowledge to co-exist with the Earth."

solved. [already discussed online]

David Baltimore:


"[...] Using this information to enhance our health and well-being without allowing political forces to use it for destructive, intrusive, or manipulative purposes will be a monumental challenge."

solved. [already discussed online]

Vint Cerf:


"[..] a most fascinating challenge is to adapt the architecture of the Internet to work in an interplanetary setting [...]"

solved. [already discussed online]

Denise Faustman:


"[...] The question of how life can co-mingle with gravity is a largely unexplored challenge that should be part of the important questions posed in our century.

solved. [already discussed online]

On a more humble level, the biology and control of cancer and the reason cancer exists in mammals might be lofty enough for experts.

solved. [already discussed online]

Howard Gardner:


"[...] we must develop new forms of guardianship [...]"

solved. [already discussed online]

Robert Hazen:


"[...] The most exciting part of the scientific adventure will continue to be the discovery of things we didn't know we didn't know."

solved. [already discussed online]

Michio Kaku


"c. [...] what happened before the Big Bang? Did time suddenly spring into existence, or was there a multiverse of universes?

solved. [already discussed online]

d. How will our universe die? In fire or ice? A Big Crunch or Big Freeze?

solved. [already discussed online]

e. Is there a theory of everything, a single theory which can explain everything from the Big Bang, black holes, to the visible universe? [...]"

solved. [already discussed online]

Arthur Kantrowitz


"[...] Or will science's uncertainties be concealed to serve politicians seeking power by converting mass ignorance into mass fear?"

solved. [already discussed online. Gets my vote for the most-thoughtful, and most-important, statement.]

Leon Lederman:


"[...] Today, the challenge is to defend the progress we are making against the antithesis, the growth of fundamentalism, blind obedience to evil, rigid belief systems [...]"

solved. [already discussed online]

"1. Understanding the foundations of quantum mechanics, and in particular the measurement problem. This may result in a radical modification of our conception of physical reality. 

solved. [already discussed online]

2. The development of a quantum mechanically consistent theory of gravity. The reconciliation of general relativity with quantum theory is absolutely essential for challenge (3) below. 

solved. [already discussed online]

3. The unification of all the fundamental forces in nature. Supersymmetric string theories offer a promising prospect in this regard.

solved. [already discussed online]

4. Related to the above is a determination of the nature of dark matter on the scale of clusters and superclusters of galaxies. [...]

solved. [already discussed online]

5. Again on a different front, an understanding of the operation of the human brain at the fundamental level."

solved. [already discussed online]

Marcia McNutt


"[...] If we understood the complex ways in which genes are expressed in the biochemical reactions that govern the life cycle and behavior of living organisms"

general resolution already discussed online

Tobias Owen


"[...] the rampant growth of the human population. [...]"

solved. [already discussed online]

Stephen H. Schneider


"[...] to find ways to convince a world of highly differentiated people (educationally and economically) with many suspicions to pull together and deal with global commons issues [...]"

solved. [already discussed online]

Michael Soulé


"[...] 'Access' and 'development' are destroying the real, original world."

general resolution already discussed online

"[...] Find the ultimate theory of physics

an instance [surely not "the ultimate', but in-the-ballpark relative to what 'is', already discussed online]

Make computers emulate human thinking"

general resolution already discussed online

[All quotes Copyright 2002, by PBS.]

I Apologize for what must seem like my 'lack-of-humility'.

k, p, collins

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