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Mockingbird & Rose Bushes

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 24 09:40:29 EST 2002

"TODAY/PC  V1.0 (c) 1986 by Patrick Kincaid

Good morning!  It's 9:50am on Thursday October 24, 2002

On this day...
   In 1945 United Nations Charter goes into effect.
   United Nations Day"

Ironic in'it?"

Yesterday was "United States Day".

Anyway, I had the most-Wonderful 'dream' just before I was awakened
by the vibrating steam-roller a while ago. [Thery're putting on a
third coat of asphault. The debrie on the side of the road was
frozen, so the sweeper didn't pick it up. I had to get out a square
shovel and shovel caked sand off the street, there're fallen leaves
strewn across the surface that's to receive the asphault, and they're
vibrating while putting on what's, apparently, a 'finish-coat'.
They're on the next street over just now. 'Curious' :-]

The 'dream' - I was actually able to read a whole [thick] section [a
special report] of a newspaper!

How the heck can that much cogent detail come in a 'dream' -
especially when it was all formatted Professionally, and written in
the usual 'formal' style of the Press? [I mean, everyone knows that,
while I've got insights running over, I don't 'write' worth a darn,
so how could all this 'beautiful' writing derive in the stuff of =my=
'dream' physiology?]

"Anyone, anyone, anyone... anyone?" :-]

Also, in the 'dream', I'd traveled, on a spur f the moment 'impulse',
to an out-of-state city. That's where I purchased the newspaper - in
the campus center of an Academic Institution I was visiting.

I won't disclose the whole of it [which, because I was awakened by
the vibrating behemoth on the other street, I still recall vividly],
but I've got to describe one aspect of the 'dream'. The campus
Library was being renovated to contain NDT's archives, and there was
a special place in the Lib where where the entirety of my work was
indexed :-]

It was 'strange'. Even though it was my work, no one recognized me.
And, when I got hoe later in the day, after having traveled to a
third state to 'commissurate' with a Childhood Friend, wanting to
save-it-special, I purchased another copy of the same newspaper. The
special section was not in the local 'edition' of the newspaper :-]

None of these 'details' are all that extraordinary, in comparison to
the Detail of the special section of the first newspaper I purchased
and read. I mean, I routinely have 'dreams' that're analogous to the
stuff of this 'dream' that I've shared above. ["I love it when that
happens", and it happens routinely :-] It was that section of the
newspaper that was extraordinary because there's nothing in my
experience that can have been the derivation of the details of that
section of the "dream's" 'newspaper' [with respect to it's
obviously-Professional writing].

It's all so interesting.

There was Big-Falseness in-there, but only superficially, again,
stuff that couldnt've derived in my experience.

How can stuff, so detailed, that doesn't derive in one's experience,
but which is, nevertheless so cogent, 'pop-into-awareness' within
one's sleep consciousness?

True-Wonder stuff, no?

Something I've not yet figured-out.

"I love it when that happens"  :-]

Always leaves me feeling 'at-Peace' - something to work-on while I
'wait' for folks to get-it, with respect to NDT's simple-stuff.


k. p. collins

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