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Re. brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Jd JDay123 at BellSouth.net
Sun Oct 20 11:57:24 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at polbox.com> wrote: 

>The reason the word "liberal" is always in quotation marks when addressing
>morons like lojbab is that it's an insult to the English language to use
>such a previously good word to describe the STUPIDITY of someone who would
>argue that races don't exist at the same time that they argue that anyone
>who challenges their STUPIDITY is a "racist".
>It's become obvious that such "liberals" use this term as a mere debate
>tactic because they "think" they score some kind of debate points whenever
>they repeat media mantra that they can never hope to fully appreciate or
>If it's got a nice ring or bite to it, then it's good enough for a
>"liberal"--but attempting to get them to clarify their ambidextrous
>"thinking" is like asking a tree to bark.

Yeah, it does making discussions quite frustrating at times.
However the way they keep giving ammo to those that oppose them
never ceases to amaze me.

Why they keep on insisting that men sprang from mud via apes and
simultaneously reject the notion that human evolution isn't subject
to gene dominance rules as are other critters (which would lead
eventually to a new and improved species) is puzzeling.  To them
there simply can never be a higher human form other than the one
which currently occupies the earth.  

The logical conclusion to that argument is that evolution is static
when it comes to humans, which means that the argument of "one race,
forever" contridicts the science of "liberals" themselves.  

If the ToE is in fact true, a new human species will eventually
evolve, which at the onset might appear to "liberals" as beings
claiming "super-race" status (which of course couldn't be

>Jd, lojbab's argument isn't with you or the Holy Bible or God--it's with
>John Knight


Hey, guess what.  I actually learned something knew here in these
discussions (which reinforced my theory that "liberals" stay busy
building weapons for their enemies)  .... there actually is a

Perhaps white people are finally getting fed up with these
"liberals" and their "non-racist" form of racism against good,
honest, hard working white folks.

As a result of that learning exerience, I crused by the
"christianparty.net" website also.  In conclusion, I think it's
highly possible that white folks are preparing to advance themselves
and that "liberals" are more than willing (unknowingly) to hand them
anything they need.

I wonder what would happen if, say 90% of the white population
started wearing tee shirts with "NAAWP" in large letters on the


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