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Re. brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John Knight jwknight at polbox.com
Sun Oct 13 12:27:37 EST 2002

"Cary Kittrell" <cary at afone.as.arizona.edu> wrote in message
news:ao7331$ksl$1 at oasis.ccit.arizona.edu...
> In article <NwDp9.133422$S32.9657289 at news2.west.cox.net>  "John Knight"
<jwknight at polbox.com> writes:
> <
> <"Bob LeChevalier" <lojbab at lojban.org> wrote in message
> <news:h0mbquou4k34o16fk5q1pkose7gkqksfc3 at 4ax.com...
> <> JDay123 at BellSouth.com (Jd) wrote:
> <> >Bob LeChevalier <lojbab at lojban.org> wrote:
> <> >>>Men are sinners according to the LAW of God and need God's help in
> <> >>>solving the equation, not the help of maddened wizards.
> <> >>
> <> >>If I am worried about some equation involving sin, I turn to God.  If
> <> >>on the other hand it is a differential equation, the Bible won't help
> <> >>in the least, and I haven't a prayer to solve it without knowing some
> <> >>math.
> <> >>
> <> >>Science doesn't claim to deal with anything regarding "sin" which is
> <> >>not subject to scientific analysis.
> <> >
> <> >Right, with pure science.  Law is supposed to protect you from the
> <> >sins of others to a great degree.  If you "sin" against your
> <> >neighbor by stealing from him, by law you can be fined and/or
> <> >imprisoned or both as a result of your behavior.
> <> >
> <> >Your spiritual behavior makes me want to puke because like in the
> <> >above "differential equation" example, you make a mockery out of
> <> >things concerning the LAW of God.
> <>
> <> I render unto God the things that are of God, and unto Caesar the
> <> things that are of Caesar.  The laws of man have little to do with the
> <> laws of God, except when something is offensive to both.
> <>
> <> lojbab
> <
> <You benefit from living in a CHRISTIAN nation whose laws are BASED on
> <Christianity.
> <
> <If you lived in Israel, you wouldn't be so lucky, because under their
> <LAW, it's ok to murder Christians and Muslims, just as Israel's chief
> <who gave religious backing to assassinations:
> <
> <+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> <Israel's much-criticised practice of assassinating Palestinian activists
> <the full backing of Jewish religious law, according to a statement
> <from Israeli Chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau. Quoting ancient sages and
> <passages, Lau explains that Israel is now fighting a "war of commandment"
> <mandated by God. He said that those engaged in the war are exempt from
> <commandments. Lau refers to an often-quoted Jewish precept, "He who comes
> <kill you, rise up and kill him first."  The Jordan Times [Jordan], 27
> <2001
> <+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> <
> <If you didn't benefit from CHRISTIAN laws, Jd could merely claim that
> <now fighting a "war of commandment mandated by God" and justify the
> <assassination of your parents.
> <
> A bit odd, isn't it, how you regard it as self-defense -- racial
> self-defense -- when it's Indians and European invaders, but
> as murder when it's Palestinians and Jewish invaders.
> -- cary

What's "a bit odd" is that you'd think it's odd that members of the White
Christian Israelite Race would want to defend their race from miscegenation
with muds.

You've never been able to point out one single benefit this Christian nation
will receive from mingling and mixing with niggers and jews, other than
nigger music, which most Christians would LOVE to see just disappear from
the face of the Earth--along with the niggers and jews and other muds.

But you are reading the situation in Palestine wrong.  It IS self-defense
when the Palestinians blow up some STUPID jew who is trying to steal his
land from him under the guise of the "law of return".  Less than 2% of all
the jews in the world can even claim any genetic ancestry from that region,
other than Ashkenaz, who wasn't even from that region in the first place.
And the 2% of jews who can claim to have such ancestry are so remotely
removed from Abraham that it's less than one part per quadrillion.  And not
even they are in power in Israel.

But, compared to what's happening WITHIN the US, what's happening in
Palestine is MINUTE.  Just in the last 6 weeks:

2,077 AMERICANS were murdered!
4,846 AMERICANS died in traffic accidents!!
3,566 AMERICANS committed suicide!!!
2,890 AMERICANS died of cirrhosis.
3,592 AMERICANS died of AIDS.
7,127 AMERICANS died of diabetes.
9,661 AMERICANS died of the flu and pneumonia.
62,254 AMERICANS died of cancer.
84,691 AMERICANS died of heart disease.

Why should you care so much about 2 suicide bombers allegedly killing
themselves every six weeks in Israel when the above is happening right in

Where's the perspective?  Why do you think it's so easy to distract
Americans with this BULLSHI. "news" from the jews?

John Knight

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