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Re. brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at lojban.org
Fri Oct 11 13:13:48 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at polbox.com> wrote:
>> Now if you want us to believe that the difference between races is
>> supernatural in nature, then indeed science has nothing to say.  But
>> if there is a supposedly natural basis for race, then science should
>> be able to detect it.  But of course it cannot.
>The Holy Bible IS "science", by every definition of the word, and it DOES
>*scientifically* describe the differences between the races, in GREAT

Learn how to use a dictionary.
(You are wrong.)

>It is an extreme minority "opinion" that science can't determine race.

Probably 100% among the scientists.
(You are wrong.)

>the STUPID jews in Israel use *science* to determine if jews are jewish
>enough to qualify for the "law of return".

You've said it a lot, but no one believes things that you say.
(You are wrong.)

>DNA studies PROVE that the
>genetic differences between niggers and Asians are just about as big as the
>genetic differences between niggers and apes.

You've said it a lot, but no one believes things that you say.
(You are wrong.)

>> Science is quite relevant to race - it says that there are no races
>> other than the human race.  And race would not be an issue at all, if
>> racists like you did not make it an issue.  It certainly is not one of
>> the most important issues of today.
>If it's not THE most important issue of the day, you jews and "liberals"
>wouldn't go postal every time a "White Man" stood up for his RACE, would

You call this "going postal"???  I do this for FUN.  You are a JOKE!

>You can't even WAIT to insult a WHITE MAN, can you?

Just nutcases like you, who would be a nincompoop no matter what color
you were painted.

>You IDIOT "liberals"
>and jews and feminazis have used every word and trick in the book to attempt
>to CURTAIL this simple discussion about RACE, haven't you?

Over a thousand posts in this thread and you think we are trying to
"curtail" it?  It won't be curtailed, until the "cur" wanders off with
its "tail" between its legs.  That's YOUR decision, buddy-boy!

>> Where is science used to pass laws dealing with race in the following?
>> That a law mentions "race" does not mean anything about how race is
>> determined.  And as I've said, in practice, race is generally based on
>> self-identification - you are whatever race you say you are.
>If a nigger has 1/16th nigger ancestry and says he's "White", he's a LIAR,
>because the law will not permit him to simply claim that he's "White".

The law permits him to say whatever the hell he wants.

>Many state laws prohibit niggers with 1/64th nigger ancestry from simply
>proclaiming that they're "White".

Prove it.
(You are wrong.)

>BUT, more important than that, it's impossible in the age of the internet
>for a nigger to hide his nigger ancestry from the public, which means that
>he cannot continue to spread his miscegenation without lots of people being
>aware of it.  And this gives White parents the opportunity to preserve their
>White RACE.

Except that you have no information about most of the hundred
generations before you, any one of which could have involved a black
person because nobody gave a damn more than a few hundred years ago.
EVERYONE is a mongrel by default, and cannot prove otherwise.
(You are wrong.)


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