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brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Jd JDay123 at BellSouth.com
Wed Oct 9 21:25:24 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at polbox.com> wrote: 

>"Jd" <JDay123 at BellSouth.com> wrote in message
>news:3da377d1.3559198 at news1.lig.bellsouth.net...
>> Bob LeChevalier <lojbab at lojban.org> wrote:
>> >JDay123 at BellSouth.com (Jd) wrote:
>> >>Bob LeChevalier <lojbab at lojban.org> wrote:
>> >>>>>There is no "white race".  There are people with low melanin content
>> >>>>>in their skin.
>> >>>>
>> >>>>Then why did all those forms I filled out have a race _____ spot for
>> >>>>me to fill out?
>> >>>
>> >>>And you could have checked anything you wanted on those forms, and no
>> >>>one would have any way to contest your claim.  On the census, you are
>> >>>whatever race you say that you are.
>> >>
>> >>So you're admitting that there is indeed a "white race".
>> >
>> >Where in the above do I "admit" that.  I said that people define races
>> >however they want, and record on the census whatever they want.
>> >Someone saying that they are part of the "white race" does not mean
>> >that in fact that there is a "white race".
>> >
>> >>>>From there, using my abilities to reason, I
>> >>>>deduce that you will eventually tell me my bible is also wrong.
>> >>>
>> >>>I leave that for religious authorities.  The Catholics claim the
>> >>>Protestant Bible is wrong and vice versa.
>> >>
>> >>What?  I thought you claimed to be a Christian.  Did you not know
>> >>that all real Christians are religious authorities?
>> >
>> >Nope.
>> >
>> >>We have the legal right to introduce pagans to God Himself.
>> >
>> >Whoopie doo!  Non-Christians also have that legal right.
>> >
>> >Furthermore the all-powerful God is as capable of inspiring someone to
>> >His Truth via the telephone directory as through the Bible.  Do you
>> >deny His power to so inspire?
>> >
>> >So why does He need anyone to introduce pagans to Himself?
>> Cut the crap Bob.  You're already in enough trouble as it is.  You
>> had better quite pretending to be of the same faith I am if your
>> going to let those demons party in your mind.
>> >(And having rights does not make you an authority in my mind.)
>> >
>> >lojbab
>> As you can see, I'm not messing around with what's in your mind.
>> Jd
>There is no mind.  What niggers, jews, feminazis, sodomites, and other
>"liberals" and muds claim to be a "mind" is actually something more like
>playing back a tape recording of the biased jew-controlled evening news.
>Have you EVER seen a single glint of understanding from these "minds", ever,
>in all the posts you've read from them on the internet, or in the
>"newspaper" or "TV news"?  I surely haven't.  It's a waste of brain cells
>(which may be why God shorted so many of them by 3 1/2 billion brain cells).
>The real anamoly here is that nigger men have more brain cells than White
>women, but score lower on all the standardized tests, earn much less per
>capita, obviously have a much higher propensity to commit crime.
>The big question is:  Is this because of special privileges given to White
>women, or systemic discrimination against nigger men?
>John Knight

Here's one for ya... and I ain't kiddin'.  This friend of mine was
having a discussion with this black dude today about how blacks are
oppressed.  The black dude said "Bill Gates has more money than all
the blacks in America" (as if it were a crime or something).  I was
also told that Sen. Kennedy is on the record as stating that some of
Bills money should be sent to people in third world countries to
help improve their living standards.

There just might be evidence afterall that some did evolve from mud.
Problem is, there is no way in my view to deal with these folks in a
rational manner.  I do however have a far greater appreciation for
the words found in the Declaration of Independence and in the Boston
Tea Party concept having come in contact with such folks.

As far as brain cell counts and test scores, I'll have to take your
word for it since I'm not statistically minded.  I often marvel when
I see all those statisitcs (along with interprative comments) fly
across my screen, perhaps because I lack the ability to compile
things in such a manner. 



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