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brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Cary Kittrell cary at afone.as.arizona.edu
Wed Oct 9 12:11:30 EST 2002

In article <h8Yo9.125160$S32.8962287 at news2.west.cox.net> "John Knight" <jwknight at polbox.com> writes:
<"Cary Kittrell" <cary at afone.as.arizona.edu> wrote in message
<news:anv10e$7g7$1 at oasis.ccit.arizona.edu...
<> In article <2d75qu880dgl6eh8abc8eifvl4qtcoos0b at 4ax.com> Bob LeChevalier
<<lojbab at lojban.org> writes:
<> <cary at afone.as.arizona.edu (Cary Kittrell) wrote:
<> <><Just because biologists are able to combine species and create a "new"
<> <><form [often misnamed "species"]
<> <>
<> <>Whatever in the world are you babbling about here?
<> <
<> <The nincompoop persists (despite years of explanations) in believing
<> <that speciation comes from interbreeding between other species to make
<> <hybrids.
<> <
<> <lojbab
<> Oh.
<> He thinks we're all ligers, eh?
<> Amazing.  Flat stark staring amazing.
<> -- cary

<Here's Webster's New World Dictionary definition of "speciation":
<"the process of developing new species through evolution".

Here's Webster's definition of "Jew":
        1:b) Israelite  

<Note the word "evolution":
<"the theory ... that all plants and animals developed from earlier forms by
<hereditary transmission of slight variations in successive generations".


Here's what the DICTIONARY REQUIRES for "adultery":

    voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man
    and someone other than his wife or between a married
    woman and someone other than her husband; 

<that one species TRANSITION into
<***another*** species "by hereditary transmission of slight variations in
<successive generations".  There's no getting around that FACT (unless you're
<a "liberal" for whom dictionary definitions are mere intellectual challenges
<to get around).

Here's an intellectual challenge for you to get around, from Webster's:


    Albert 1879-1955 American (German-born) physicist; enunciated theory
    of relativity; discovered equivalence of mass and energy (E=mc2), etc.;
    awarded 1921 Nobel prize for physics for contributing to theoretical
    physics and his photoelectric law

<Unless you claim that "evolution" caused EACH species to "evolve" into
<precisely the same form originally that EACH species is in now, then you
<MUST claim that one species "evolved" into another species.  The first
<option is called "creation", which leaves you with only ONE other option,
<which is "speciation".
<There is nothing else.

Yo, lojbab!  Would you be so kind as to do your magic thing again,
and explain to me what the fuck John's on about?  I think all
those extra brain cells are cutting off the circulation to
his Wernicke's -- he's babbling again.

Thanks in advance.

-- cary

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