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brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John Knight jwknight at polbox.com
Mon Oct 7 02:09:05 EST 2002

"Dan Holzman" <holzman at panix.com> wrote in message
news:anq0t4$rdv$1 at panix2.panix.com...
> In article <EeQn9.6465$sB3.455714 at news20.bellglobal.com>,
> Parse Tree <parsetree at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >> The definition of "Black" is "anyone with a Black ancestor."  Someone
> >> with seven German great grandparents and one African great grandparent
> >> is most likely going to be of the phenotype I described above, but
> >> their passport until very recently would have read "Black" and their
> >> birth certificate would have said "Octaroon."    Alternately, someone
> >> with two Black parents, each of whom have White ancestors, has a
> >> non-zero chance of manifesting this phenotype.
> >
> >I'm pretty sure Canadian passports don't list race in that respect.  They
> >certainly don't have a question about it on the census.  It's just
> >ethnicity.
> Since it was American law which defined who was "white" and "Black,"
> I'm not surprised that Canadian law would have paid much heed to it.
> >> Along similar lines, there is a maximum number of generations back one
> >> can trace an American Indian ancestor to be considered one by the
> >> government.  I think it's one's great grandparent, but I'm uncertain.
> >> That means that the child of an American Indian would be classified as
> >> not an American Indian by the BIA.
> >>
> >> Around the turn of the century, Syrians were of the "Arabic" race, and
> >> therefore not permitted to immigrate to the US.  Some Syrians
> >> challenged this in court and over the course of several years, Syrians
> >> went back and forth between being "White" and "Arabic."
> >>
> >> In each case, what race one is a member of is defined by legislation
> >> or court ruling.  There's no actual science behind any of this.
> >
> >Except they have no power to do this.  They have no ability to define
what a
> >race is any more than they have to define an operating system.
> That's where you're wrong.  Legislation and court ruling are the only
> things that have ever meaningfully defined races.
> >> These things are categorized all the time.  There's simply no
> >> scientific basis for the categories.  Scientists tried for years to
> >> categorize these things.  Everything they've thought of to use to
> >> categorize these things has turned out not to work.
> >
> >They should try harder.  The fact that they haven't in no way indicates
> >it is not possible.  Our sense indicate that people are physically
> >different, in fact.
> We weren't addressing what's possible.  We were addressing what has
> been done.  It is possible that gravitation will be refuted tomorrow,
> and about as likely as "race" being validated.

You jews MUST be stupider than niggers, much stupider!  How could you live
in this "multi-cultural" country and still claim that "Scientists tried for
years to categorize these things" at the SAME time that you claim that
"Legislation and court ruling are the only things that have ever
meaningfully defined races"?

Both statements are so STUPID and so dead wrong that it's hard to believe
you're serious.

The LAST institution in the world with the ability, knowledge, or authority
to define "race" are our jew run courts.  The Holy Bible defines numerous
races to such finite detail that it gives the complete genealogy of the
Twelve Races [read: Tribes] of Israel, of jews, of Edomites, Hittites,
Canaanites, Ashkenaz, on and on, all of which go back thousands of years.
The etymology of the English word "race" precedes the founding of the nation
by several centuries, which wouldn't have been necessary if they had to wait
for our courts to define it.

You jews even have nicknames for talk all the RACES, for Arabs, and Whites,
and "Blacks", even fellow jews, then in the same post deny that scientists
can't even "categorize these things".  If you jews can do it, certainly some
affirmative action American "scientist" can, too.  There are many criteria
by which scientists can determine and define different races, most of which
you jews can't ever hope to comprehend, yet you STILL are able to detect the
differences between Koreans and Japs and niggers and jews and Caucasians,
aren't you?

Do you jews really think you need a court to describe to you what the
difference is between Benny Hill and Louis Armstrong?

John Knight

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