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brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at lojban.org
Wed Oct 2 19:56:51 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at polbox.com> wrote:
>> It is in fact exactly a theory, as the word is used in science: an
>> hypothesis for which so much evidence has accumulated and which
>> has been so successful in explaining phonemena across the entire
>> field that it has been elevated to the status of the default
>> mode of interpretation of new data.
>Except that half of American "scientists",


>91% of the American public, and
>the vast majority of REAL scientists in the rest of the world [read: those
>who weren't hired under affirmative action], don't believe it has EVER been
>"verified to some degree".

False and false.  Outside the US, there is almost no one that DOESN'T
accept evolution.

>"Evolution" CANNOT be observed, to any degree.

Evolution HAS BEEN observed, to the degree necessary to establish that
it occurs.

>The *speculation* that a
>human "evolved" from some other form of life has NEVER been observed, to ANY

But evidence that matches predictions of the theory of evolution HAS
been observed which is what science requires.

>It is *not* a "theory" to presume that humans "evolved" from
>monkeys just because their skulls have a similar shape

Correct, though it does make it more plausible.

>> Tell ya what, John.  When you wake up one morning with extremely painful
>> lumps in your lymph nodes, fever, chills, bad headaches and a crippling
>> maliase, why don't you submit your symptoms to Usenet and we'll take
>> the most frequent guess to be the correct diagnosis.  Then we'll all
>> vote on the correct treatment -- which most likely will be garlic,
>> vinnegar, and prayer.  Then we'll see how well you fare under
>> science-by-democracy.
>You don't seem to appreciate that our "scientists" and "doctors" have been
>so dumbed down by affirmative action that the Usenet IS a more reliable
>source of information than they are.  It was American jew "doctors" who
>spearheaded the world's most EXPENSIVE "health care" system, yet countries
>like Japan and Australia who spend HALF as much as us (as a percent of GDP)
>live FOUR years longer.
>Do YOU trust these jew doctors?

Do you eschew all doctors and all medications?

>> Care to bet your life on your revisionist theories?
>Most Christians do, all the time, cary.  That's why Christians live longer
>than atheists, why prayer is a more effective prescription for health than
>your jew "doctors", why Japanese and Australian men will live an average of
>10 years longer than you and your fellow jews and niggers, and 4 years
>longer than American men.

And you think that Japanese are "white Christian Israelites", right?

>Prayer had the
>greatest health benefits, surpassing such alternatives added to standard
>heart care as guided imagery, stress relaxation, and healing touch

So prayer is better than New Age "alternative medicine".  So what?


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