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Re. brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Jd JDay123 at BellSouth.com
Wed Oct 2 14:24:18 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at polbox.com> wrote: 

>"Bob LeChevalier" <lojbab at lojban.org> wrote in message
>news:etdipucfc5v6ostcnjsoqacuvc8ro6q15c at 4ax.com...
>> JDay123 at BellSouth.com (Jd) wrote:
>> >Relayer <relayer at dreamtheater.zzn.com> wrote:
>> >>>John Knight wrote:
>> >>> How come there were half a million MORE jews after WWII than there
>> >>> were before, but 48 million FEWER Christians?
>> >
>> >>You, sir, are a moron. I'll repeat what I said. The Nazis do not have a
>> >>monopoly on holocausts. It still happens today. Ever heard of the
>> >>Armenian genocide; Bosnia-Herzegovina; Burma; Cambodia; East Timor;
>> >>Rwanda & Burundi?
>> >
>> >Can you disprove John's pre/post WWII numbers?
>> What do you mean by "disprove"?  Can someone disprove that the World
>> Almanac had certain numbers in it?  No, because the numbers were in
>> the Almanac.  But Almanacs are not primary sources - they get their
>> numbers from other sources.
>And if those other sources were FLAWED, then what reason do you have to
>believe their MODIFIED figures?
>If you don't believe ONE set of figures from a FLAWED source, then why do
>you automatically believe the second, far less credible figures which don't
>even make sense?
>> As for the whole question of Holocaust denial:  We are not the
>> researchers and have to turn to people who have spent their lives
>> researching the issues.  The bottom line is that all of the Holocaust
>> denial stuff has been refuted multiple times and in multiple ways:
>> http://www.nizkor.org/
>They have refuted NOTHING.  They have DENIED what the historical
>revisionists have discovered, but they have refuted NOTHING.
>> and has even undergone a successful court trial per the British libel
>> trial involving David Irving:
>> http://www.holocaustdenialontrial.org/nsindex.html
>The trial was a show trial for jews, and not about FACTS.  The court never
>proved Irving's FACTS to be in error, because it didn't even address the
>> The nincompoop's almanac numbers are rather mediocre basis for
>> questioning the Holocaust compared to more sophisticated Holocaust
>> deniers, who have been thoroughly discredited.
>NO "holocaust denier" can be "thoroughly discredited" any more than your
>holocaust LIES can be proven.  What we do have is COMMON SENSE, and COMMON
>SENSE tells us that the population of jews in the world could NOT have
>doubled from 9 million to 18 million in less than 40 years when NO other
>race in Europe accomplished such an amazing feat, and when jews are so
>STUPID and UNPOPULAR that the natural DECREASE in their population cost them
>far more than "6 million jews".
>> Can we establish what the correct numbers for before and after World
>> War II were?  Not exactly, but we can get pretty close.
>> http://www.us-israel.org/jsource/Holocaust/36quest1.html#5"
>Slimey Wiesenthal has been discredited a thousand different ways, and now
>you want us to believe HIS figures, and IGNORE multiple copies of world
>almanacs, religious publications, encyclopedias, which all agree on the same
>jewish population?
>> A major piece of evidence is the Nazi documents themselves, most
>> importantly the Wannsee Protocols:
>> http://www.nizkor.org/hweb/places/germany/wannsee/wannsee-english.html
>This document never, ever talks about *exterminating* jews--it talks about
>*expelling* them.
>"State Secretary Dr. Bühler stated that the General Government would welcome
>it if the final solution of this problem could be begun in the General
>Government, since on the one hand transportation does not play such a large
>role here nor would problems of labor supply hamper this action. Jews must
>be removed from the territory of the General Government as quickly as
>possible, since it is especially here that the Jew as an epidemic carrier
>represents an extreme danger and on the other hand he is causing permanent
>chaos in the economic structure of the country through continued black
>market dealings. Moreover, of the approximately 2 1/2 million Jews
>concerned, the majority is unfit for work."
>"a) to make all necessary arrangements for the preparation for an increased
>emigration of the Jews,
>b) to direct the flow of emigration,
>c) to speed the procedure of emigration in each individual case.
>The aim of all this was to cleanse German living space of Jews in a legal
>You are even worse than a jew LIAR to use a document which PROVES that the
>Germans wanted to EXPEL the jews "in a legal manner" as "evidence" that they
>Furthermore, this document itself shows that the TOTAL number of jews in
>Germany was only 132 thousand, NOT "six million".  Even if you added up all
>the jews in all the countries where Germany established hegemony, you're
>STILL only at 496,000 jews under their control.
>Germany had no control over the alleged 5 million in the USSR, nor the 3
>million in Ukraine, nor the half a million in White Russia, nor the 700,000
>in unoccupied France, nor the 330,000 in England, nor the 342,000 in
>Rumania, nor the 55,500 in Turkey, so to PRESUME they were all killed by the
>Germans is what SHOULD be a crime.
>> One of several places where one can find the breakdown of
>> approximately 6 million deaths:
>> http://www.nizkor.org/faqs/leuchter/leuchter-faq-20.html
>> lojbab
>Right.  This JEW estimates that 195,000 jews in Germany were "exterminated"
>by the Germans, but when the war reparations were being handed out, the jew
>population suddenly mushroomed by 3 MILLION.  Why?  To get to 6 million
>(actually 5.7 million), he threw in 3.3 million jews in Poland who were
>NEVER even in Poland, a million in the USSR who he has ZERO evidence were
>"exterminated" by anybody, much less by the the Germans, 530,000 in Rumania
>(which never had a large jew population, much less this one that was ever
>5.3% of its population).
>And by the way, the Nazi document you used as "proof" of a "holocaust"
>stated there were only 132,000 jews in Germany, yet this JEW document claims
>that 195,000 jews in Germany were KILLED--which is 147% of the jews in
>Germany.  Would you mind explaining to us how it's even possible,
>particularly when there are still 100,000 jews in Germany to this very day?
>You would think if 147% of your population was killed by the jew Nazis, that
>it would have a rather difficult time growing to 100,000 in only half a
>century, eh?
>AT the SAME time, the population of jews in the "North Ameria" MORE THAN
>DOUBLED, from 4 million to 8 million, which is why the jews are tripping all
>over themselves to try to hide their numbers, demanding that the US Census
>Bureau quit counting jews as a separate entity and instead including them as
>This entire web site is a LIE.  It makes the most absurd and easily
>refutable claims about the data from it's OWN references.  It quotes a Nazi
>document which says NOTHING about extermination and everything about
>EXPULSION, only because the jews who wrote it know that IDIOTS like you will
>accept it as "proof" that the jews were *exterminated*.
>John Knight

Not only that, but apparently 48 million Christians dying doesn't
seem to register in Bob's conscience.  


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