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brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John Knight jwknight at polbox.com
Wed Oct 2 13:34:24 EST 2002

"Cary Kittrell" <cary at afone.as.arizona.edu> wrote in message
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> In article <_jEm9.97635$S32.6596105 at news2.west.cox.net> "John Knight"
<jwknight at polbox.com> writes:
> <
> <"Dan Holzman" <holzman at panix.com> wrote in message
> <news:anelme$jpj$1 at panix1.panix.com...
> <> In article <jAtm9.95572$S32.6452079 at news2.west.cox.net>,
> <> John Knight <jwknight at polbox.com> wrote:
> <> >
> <> >How a STUPID jew like Holzman could live in this Christian nation,
> <> >surrounded by different races, witnessing tens of thousands of laws
> <on
> <> >these racial differences, benefitting as a jew minority from these
> <and
> <> >pretend that he actually believes that "Race is not biological", is
> <one
> <> >of 10,000 reasons that jews CAN NEVER fit into normal societies.
> <>
> <> No law addressing the topic of race uses any scientific definition of
> <> race.  In each case, who is of what race is a matter of arbitrary
> <> legal distinction and nothing else.
> <>
> <> I wonder what laws John thinks I benefitted from by being Jewish.
> <>
> <
> <When a jew says "science", he's talking about something he knows nothing
> <about, something which jews have perverted into exactly the opposite of
> <normal people consider to be science.
> <
> <The "theory of evolution" isn't science.  It's not even a "theory", by
> <scientific definition of "theory".  Yet half of our "scientists" think it
> <is.
> <
> It is in fact exactly a theory, as the word is used in science: an
> hypothesis for which so much evidence has accumulated and which
> has been so successful in explaining phonemena across the entire
> field that it has been elevated to the status of the default
> mode of interpretation of new data.

Except that half of American "scientists", 91% of the American public, and
the vast majority of REAL scientists in the rest of the world [read: those
who weren't hired under affirmative action], don't believe it has EVER been
"verified to some degree".

And "verified to some degree" is precisely what's required to be considered
a "theory" which is missing from the "theory of evolution".

Here's Webster's ORIGNIAL [not the "new and improved"] definition of
"theory":  "formulation of apparent relationships or underlying principles
of certain observed
phenomena which has been verified to some degree".

"Evolution" CANNOT be observed, to any degree.  The *speculation* that a
human "evolved" from some other form of life has NEVER been observed, to ANY
degree.  It is *not* a "theory" to presume that humans "evolved" from
monkeys just because their skulls have a similar shape any more than it
would be a "theory" to speculate that dump trucks "evolved" from Ferrarris
just because they both have 8 cylinder engines.

> <Fortunately, 91% of Americans disagree with them and believe that God
> <created life.
> <
> <So who defines "science" here?
> The people who have spent their lives becoming familiar with the field.

American 12th grade girls who scored LOWER on TIMSS physics than if they'd
just GUESSED could spend a million lifetimes "becoming familiar with the
field", and NEVER stumble across a scientific truth.  Your presumption that
they might eventually do that does not even qualify as a "theory"--because
it has NEVER been observed http://christianparty.net/timssphysics.htm
> <The 91% of Americans who disagree with half
> <of our "scientists", or the small minority of
> <affirmative-action-trained, and affirmative-action-hired "scientists" who
> <can't even read a dictionary?
> <
> Tell ya what, John.  When you wake up one morning with extremely painful
> lumps in your lymph nodes, fever, chills, bad headaches and a crippling
> maliase, why don't you submit your symptoms to Usenet and we'll take
> the most frequent guess to be the correct diagnosis.  Then we'll all
> vote on the correct treatment -- which most likely will be garlic,
> vinnegar, and prayer.  Then we'll see how well you fare under
> science-by-democracy.

You don't seem to appreciate that our "scientists" and "doctors" have been
so dumbed down by affirmative action that the Usenet IS a more reliable
source of information than they are.  It was American jew "doctors" who
spearheaded the world's most EXPENSIVE "health care" system, yet countries
like Japan and Australia who spend HALF as much as us (as a percent of GDP)
live FOUR years longer.

Do YOU trust these jew doctors?  http://christianparty.net/healthcare.htm

> And you will die in less than a week.  Me, I'll go to some guy who's
> spent his life studying the field, not unlikely a Jewish doctor, have
> him confirm my guess of bubonic plage (endemic down here), take
> my streptomycin -- which was developed by scientists using
> methods and insights about which 91% of Americans are totally
> clueless -- and I'll get well in a few days.
> Care to bet your life on your revisionist theories?
> -- cary

Most Christians do, all the time, cary.  That's why Christians live longer
than atheists, why prayer is a more effective prescription for health than
your jew "doctors", why Japanese and Australian men will live an average of
10 years longer than you and your fellow jews and niggers, and 4 years
longer than American men.

"As The Federalist has reported previously, science is finally catching on
that prayer works! A study at North Carolina's Duke University Medical
Center found that patients with heart problems who received alternative
therapy after angioplasty were 25 to 30 percent less likely to suffer
complications, while those who were subjects of 'intercessory prayer' on
their behalf had the greatest successful recovery rate. The study of 150
patients, conducted between April 1997 and April 1998, involved random
assignment of patients to study groups, and neither the patients nor the
physician researchers were aware of the group assignments. Prayer had the
greatest health benefits, surpassing such alternatives added to standard
heart care as guided imagery, stress relaxation, and healing touch
therapies". - The Federalists

John Knight

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