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Re. brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John Knight jwknight at polbox.com
Tue Oct 1 11:18:46 EST 2002

"Bob LeChevalier" <lojbab at lojban.org> wrote in message
news:etdipucfc5v6ostcnjsoqacuvc8ro6q15c at 4ax.com...
> JDay123 at BellSouth.com (Jd) wrote:
> >Relayer <relayer at dreamtheater.zzn.com> wrote:
> >>>John Knight wrote:
> >>> How come there were half a million MORE jews after WWII than there
> >>> were before, but 48 million FEWER Christians?
> >
> >>You, sir, are a moron. I'll repeat what I said. The Nazis do not have a
> >>monopoly on holocausts. It still happens today. Ever heard of the
> >>Armenian genocide; Bosnia-Herzegovina; Burma; Cambodia; East Timor;
> >>Rwanda & Burundi?
> >
> >Can you disprove John's pre/post WWII numbers?
> What do you mean by "disprove"?  Can someone disprove that the World
> Almanac had certain numbers in it?  No, because the numbers were in
> the Almanac.  But Almanacs are not primary sources - they get their
> numbers from other sources.

And if those other sources were FLAWED, then what reason do you have to
believe their MODIFIED figures?

If you don't believe ONE set of figures from a FLAWED source, then why do
you automatically believe the second, far less credible figures which don't
even make sense?

> As for the whole question of Holocaust denial:  We are not the
> researchers and have to turn to people who have spent their lives
> researching the issues.  The bottom line is that all of the Holocaust
> denial stuff has been refuted multiple times and in multiple ways:
> http://www.nizkor.org/

They have refuted NOTHING.  They have DENIED what the historical
revisionists have discovered, but they have refuted NOTHING.

> and has even undergone a successful court trial per the British libel
> trial involving David Irving:
> http://www.holocaustdenialontrial.org/nsindex.html

The trial was a show trial for jews, and not about FACTS.  The court never
proved Irving's FACTS to be in error, because it didn't even address the

> The nincompoop's almanac numbers are rather mediocre basis for
> questioning the Holocaust compared to more sophisticated Holocaust
> deniers, who have been thoroughly discredited.

NO "holocaust denier" can be "thoroughly discredited" any more than your
holocaust LIES can be proven.  What we do have is COMMON SENSE, and COMMON
SENSE tells us that the population of jews in the world could NOT have
doubled from 9 million to 18 million in less than 40 years when NO other
race in Europe accomplished such an amazing feat, and when jews are so
STUPID and UNPOPULAR that the natural DECREASE in their population cost them
far more than "6 million jews".

> Can we establish what the correct numbers for before and after World
> War II were?  Not exactly, but we can get pretty close.
> http://www.us-israel.org/jsource/Holocaust/36quest1.html#5"

Slimey Wiesenthal has been discredited a thousand different ways, and now
you want us to believe HIS figures, and IGNORE multiple copies of world
almanacs, religious publications, encyclopedias, which all agree on the same
jewish population?


> A major piece of evidence is the Nazi documents themselves, most
> importantly the Wannsee Protocols:
> http://www.nizkor.org/hweb/places/germany/wannsee/wannsee-english.html

This document never, ever talks about *exterminating* jews--it talks about
*expelling* them.

"State Secretary Dr. Bühler stated that the General Government would welcome
it if the final solution of this problem could be begun in the General
Government, since on the one hand transportation does not play such a large
role here nor would problems of labor supply hamper this action. Jews must
be removed from the territory of the General Government as quickly as
possible, since it is especially here that the Jew as an epidemic carrier
represents an extreme danger and on the other hand he is causing permanent
chaos in the economic structure of the country through continued black
market dealings. Moreover, of the approximately 2 1/2 million Jews
concerned, the majority is unfit for work."

"a) to make all necessary arrangements for the preparation for an increased
emigration of the Jews,

b) to direct the flow of emigration,

c) to speed the procedure of emigration in each individual case.

The aim of all this was to cleanse German living space of Jews in a legal

You are even worse than a jew LIAR to use a document which PROVES that the
Germans wanted to EXPEL the jews "in a legal manner" as "evidence" that they

Furthermore, this document itself shows that the TOTAL number of jews in
Germany was only 132 thousand, NOT "six million".  Even if you added up all
the jews in all the countries where Germany established hegemony, you're
STILL only at 496,000 jews under their control.

Germany had no control over the alleged 5 million in the USSR, nor the 3
million in Ukraine, nor the half a million in White Russia, nor the 700,000
in unoccupied France, nor the 330,000 in England, nor the 342,000 in
Rumania, nor the 55,500 in Turkey, so to PRESUME they were all killed by the
Germans is what SHOULD be a crime.

> One of several places where one can find the breakdown of
> approximately 6 million deaths:
> http://www.nizkor.org/faqs/leuchter/leuchter-faq-20.html
> lojbab

Right.  This JEW estimates that 195,000 jews in Germany were "exterminated"
by the Germans, but when the war reparations were being handed out, the jew
population suddenly mushroomed by 3 MILLION.  Why?  To get to 6 million
(actually 5.7 million), he threw in 3.3 million jews in Poland who were
NEVER even in Poland, a million in the USSR who he has ZERO evidence were
"exterminated" by anybody, much less by the the Germans, 530,000 in Rumania
(which never had a large jew population, much less this one that was ever
5.3% of its population).

And by the way, the Nazi document you used as "proof" of a "holocaust"
stated there were only 132,000 jews in Germany, yet this JEW document claims
that 195,000 jews in Germany were KILLED--which is 147% of the jews in
Germany.  Would you mind explaining to us how it's even possible,
particularly when there are still 100,000 jews in Germany to this very day?

You would think if 147% of your population was killed by the jew Nazis, that
it would have a rather difficult time growing to 100,000 in only half a
century, eh?

AT the SAME time, the population of jews in the "North Ameria" MORE THAN
DOUBLED, from 4 million to 8 million, which is why the jews are tripping all
over themselves to try to hide their numbers, demanding that the US Census
Bureau quit counting jews as a separate entity and instead including them as

This entire web site is a LIE.  It makes the most absurd and easily
refutable claims about the data from it's OWN references.  It quotes a Nazi
document which says NOTHING about extermination and everything about
EXPULSION, only because the jews who wrote it know that IDIOTS like you will
accept it as "proof" that the jews were *exterminated*.


John Knight

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