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On Truth and 'secrecy'

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun May 19 09:29:48 EST 2002

since i cannot 'register' at any web site, anywhere on the WWW, i presume,
rightly or wrongly, that all my activities on the Internet are being handled
by 'clone-servers', and that nothing i post, anywhere, is Publicly viewable.
this sort of thing has its advantages. i can say the 'hard' stuff that needs
to be said, and, perhaps, saying it, plain, will give the 'monitors' reason
to consider everything anew.

first, i'll update folks a bit. since i left bionet.neuroscience back in
1999, after declaring that it was my Analysis that we had "about a year"
left before disaster would strike [which it did ~18 months later], i've not
been idle. i just worked as devotedly as ever, but offline.

i was also caring for my elderly Father. saved his life three times in the
intervening years, only to be unable to save it, April, 22-24 because i'd
been jailed under a complaint filed by folks who know what i'm working to
accomplish. i'd gotten him through the winter, and was filled with Joy that
i'd been 'able' to give Dad one last summer. but it was not to be. There's a
huge 'hole' where he used to be. and i ache. he was a good Man, and didn't
deserve to die as he did.

i write for him, and for my Mother, who passed from me under analogous
circumstances, 30 September, 1985. what i'll do, here, is in their Memory.

why say 'hard' Truth?

why, when the culture of This Nation is all back-room-'secret'-negotiations,
run amok, which makes it plain-as-day that saying 'hard' stuff, right in the
'open' [presently, as noted above] is considered to be a 'mortal sin',
punishable by agonizingly-slow Death via 'solitary confinement'?

it's Simple.

Truth =is=.

'secrecy' is =not=.

how's that?

well, for one thing, when one goes around everywhere, only to experience
folks, whereever, obviously knowing what's entailed, but, nevertheless,
'rebuffing' one's efforts, one sees, plain-as-day, that there's 'secrecy'
being invoked. everywhere i go, folks know who i am and what i'm working to
accomplish. so, when the 'rebuff' comes, i'm able to see, plain-as-day, that
there's this let's-handle-this-behind-closed-doors mentality operating.

it's 'hilarious'. there're are all these folks, 'thinking' that this or that
in their modus operandi, somehow, 'cloaks' everything from view. Truth is,
it fully discloses everything, including the modus operandi.

why the 'legal'-speak?

be-cause a big part of the culture of 'secrecy' stems from the way folks in
This Nation have gone law-suit bonkers. this leaves folks spending the
better part of their beings 'guarding' against anything that can haul them
into court.

so everyone says [and does] only 'safe' trivialities out in the open.

the Tragic result follows that This Nation is reduced to being a Triviality,
be-cause folks become what they do, and nations become what their
citizenries become.

trivially-focussed citizenry --> trivially-focussed nation.

how could it be otherwise?\


how can =anything= come to Exist if that which Necessarily underpins it has
Existence withheld from it?

without the latter, the former is 'Impossible', no?


there's another sad progenitor of 'secrecy' in This Nation. it is the
mindset of the unellected 'government, that, ever since WWII's supposedly
'covert' 'successes, like the Manhattan Project [real 'secret'... yeah
sure], and the Cold War's "our spies, and the things they do, are good, your
spies, and the things they do, are bad" aculturation [experience], has
operated in a do-anything-as-long-as-it's-kept-'secret' way.

there's a Tragic Falsehood at the heart of such.

it's definitely =not= alright to do anything, and the more not-alright it
is, the more doing anything is, inherently self-disclosing.

'secrecy' is Impossible because anything that's not just a bunch of hot-air
has ramifications within any environment itno which it's loosed that
disclose that which is, supposedly, 'secret.

[for those who saved former discussions, the =verified= Physical reality of
this stuff is what i discussed in long-former posts regarding Truth's One
Map, and how it can be followed, deterministically.]

so, you see, i'm not the 'bad-guy'.

'bad-guys' do not act in others' best interests.

but, here i am, Sacrificing myself, in an effort to lift folks up out of
that which will lead them to Tragedy.

all that 'secrecy' actually accomplishes is the 'Blinding' of folks to
reality, which leads them into the morass of doing stuff that's based solely
upon the group-'think' that goes on behind 'closed' doors.

the futility of such becomes apparent, immediately, when one realizes the
self-disclosing nature of that which is supposedly 'secret'.

the Tragedy results from the fact that the ramifications of 'secrecy'
acted-upon, which disclose the existence 'secrect' stuff tap right into
Abstract Ignorance [the absence of understanding of how and why nervous
systems process information via 'blind' TD E/I-minimization within nervous
systems that, nevertheless, process information via 'blind' TD
E/I-minimization, otherwise referred to as 'the beast' [because it lives
right in the flesh of folks' nervous systems, like a malevolent parasite,
that steals folks 'vision' [and everything else that's innate within their
nervous systems, except for 'blind'-automation] and dictates folks'
'blindly'-automated behavior toward ends that interminably ravage Humanity.

all 'secrecy' actually accomplishes is a forced-provocation of 'the beast'
be-cause 'secrecy' taps-right-into the dynamics of Abstract Ignorance ['the
beast']. 'secrecy' is like a-pebble-in-the-nervous-system's-'shoe'. it
grates, causes friction, and, so, draws attention [how and why are explained
in AoK, Ap5].

so 'you' see? 'secrecy' not only discloses itself, it "sows the seeds of
it's own wearing of chains" [paraphrase A. Lincoln].

look around a bit, and "you' can't miss the fact that This Nation has
descended into such a 'wearing of chains', can 'you'?


everything This Nation could be, and, in Light of that upon which it was
Founded,  should be, accomplishing is going left-undone, which the National
resources are diverted into efforts to drag all the ramifications of
'secrecy', run amok, back 'into the bag'.

if it weren't so exceedingly-Tragic with respect to the prospects of the
Survival of Humanity, it'd be knee-slapping hilarious.

all these high-minded behind-closed-door meetings, with all their puffed-up
'experts', whispering, or shouting [after all, it's all 'secret'] with
respect to 'what needs to be done', and, absent any Honoring of Truth, the
only result being that things 'move away from' Truth, which only exacerbates
everything... only augments the quantity of 'chain'-stuff that's imposed
upon This Nation to be worn by all, each his share, of the Citizenry.

what makes it all even more 'hilarious' [if it weren't so Tragic] is that
Honoring Truth would resolve everything completely, and that Truth is so
Simple, yet Truth is 'moved away from'.

"We can't allow that. We'd lose control of all the 'technology' involved. We
can't allow that 'technology' to be developed by others. Think about our
high-tech industrial leadership!"

"We have to bury this. Otherwise, folks'll know all about the way we've
manipulated things."

"I can see the point, now, but we've got to play dumb, or the press will
have a field day, at our expense."

yep. they're 'playing'-Dumb, alright.


and they're the folks upon whom Leadership depends for advice, so where's
the Hope of Leadership's wrestling things back into line with Truth?

all Hope exists in Honoring Truth.

the first Truth that needs to be Honored is that NDT lays it all out, plain.
that NDT has been out-there for more than two decades. that it's Science.
That Scientists have Obligation with respect to Science. that Censorship of
work in Science constitutes 'moving away from' Truth. etc.

please note that, although i could, i've not 'trashed' anyone. it's not my
purpose to do so. it's still the case that folks do not know what they're
doing, and so i join Jesus: "Father, forgive them for they know not what
they do." I can't 'explain' how it could be, but it's obvious that Jesus
Knew all about 'the beast' [Abstract Ignorance; as above], and that He 'held
open the door' to all folks, everywhere, because He was Aware how 'the
beast' was dictating folks' blindly-automated behavior.

can't 'trash' folks who're so Victimized.

all one can do is work to give them "Truth", that, if they receive it,
"shall set [them] free".

that's what i'm [still] doing, and what i'll do while there's Life in-me.

meanwhile, i'm left wondering if any other Scientists Exist on the face of
the planet. i see a lot of folks doing stuff, but i see no one doing

such Seeing is fight-there, in the ramifications of 'secrecy', isn't it?


decades of folks', 'moving away from' Truth.

no Science anywhere in sight.

"and they wonder what else they can do to make the impossibility of
[Truth's] escape more complete than it is" [paraphease A. Lincoln's "lock of
one hundred keys" metaphor]

they can do nothing. everything they do-do only thrusts Truth out-there,
despite their adherence to the Illusion of things being otherwise.

"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."


but will 'they' Honor Truth [become Truly-Human] prior 'their' following the
dictates of 'the beast' to the demise of Humanity?

they will.

but will it've been 'two'-late?

with respect to such 'timing' considerations, i bit everyone to foster
Forgiveness, so that 'their' Truly-Adruosu decisions will be facilitated,

on behalf of the Children.

on behalf of Humanity.

on behalf of each member of our species.

on behalf of yourself.

if 'you' need to 'beat anyone up', i Volunteer.

from my 'heart', K. P. Collins [ken]

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